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  1. Steam Workshop Warframe TennoGen Tool ======================================== This thread contains information regarding known issues, workarounds, and update notes for the Warframe TennoGen tool. The Warframe TennoGen tool is located in the Steam tools library. You may access the Steam tools library by hovering over LIBRARY near the top of the Steam client, then selecting TOOLS. ============================== Installation: Under the tools category in your Steam library, double click the Warframe TennoGen tool to install it. Alternatively, copy and paste this Steam url into your browser: steam://install/396050 ============================== Known Issues and Workarounds: 1. Grey screen and non-responsive buttons when opening the Warframe TennoGen tool. The tool uses an embedded Chromium browser to drive the viewer and uploader UI. Your system may not support the level of WebGL that is required to display the viewer content. Ensure you have the latest video card drivers installed for your system. The requirements for webgl in our application are listed on this page in the Chrome section: https://www.khronos.org/webgl/wiki/BlacklistsAndWhitelists If updating video card drivers does not work, a possible solution is to add --ignore-gpu-blacklist to the command line arguments of the tool in Steam. 2. The poly counts in the bottom left corner of the viewer are not accurate. This will be patched in the next release. Fixed in build id 844894. 3. Error 15 or error 2 when uploading items. If you run into this error, it can most likely be resolved by reinstalling the TennoGen tool. If that does not solve the error, make a post here and we'll try to assist you. ============================== Updates and Release Notes: 8/10/2019 - Build Id 4362277 Uploader: - Added Grendel to submission check list. 8/10/2019 - Build Id 4268105 Uploader: - Added Gauss to submission check list. 2/10/2019 - Build Id 4251179 Uploader: - Unified metals shading with the game (proper roughness mapping + reflections intensity normalization) - Added support for two-channel emissive maps (will replace old RGB emissive maps) 16/08/2019 - Build Id 4112307 Uploader: - Added Whip & Chest Armor to the submission tag list. 11/07/2019 - Build Id 4003149 Uploader: - Added Two-Handed Nikana to the submission tag list. 27/05/2019 - Build Id 3862446 Uploader: - Added Wisp to the submission tag list. 01/04/2019 - Build Id 3693475 Viewer: - Removed "Emissive Intensity" slider from UI and locked to the default value of 3. 11/03/2019 - Build Id 3634889 Uploader: - Added Hildryn to the submission tag list. 14/01/2019 - Build Id 3467349 Uploader: - Added operator customizations to the export dialog. 20/12/2018 - Build Id 3418569 Uploader: - Added Baruuk to the submission tag list. 20/12/2018 - Build Id 3418550 Uploader: - Added Garuda to the submission tag list. 12/11/2018 - Build Id 3300640 Uploader: - Added Revenant to the submission tag list. 16/08/2018 - Build Id 3038756 Uploader: - Added Operator Ear Accessory, Operator Eye Accessory, and Operator Facial Accessory to the submission tag list. 25/07/2018 - Build Id 2976958 Uploader: - Added Axe to the submission tag list. 23/07/2018 - Build Id 2970151 Uploader: - Added Dagger, Rapier, Fists, Stave, Katana, Opticor, and Arca Plasmor to the submission tag list. 04/06/2018 - Build Id 2832729 Uploader: - Modifications to item tags: - Added Polearm - Skana -> Sword - Jat Kittag -> Hammer - Galatine -> Heavy Blade - Kronen -> Tonfa 26/04/2018 - Build Id 2724178 Viewer: - Fixed an issue with the previous build where normal map y components were being flipped. 24/04/2018 - Build Id 2717216 Uploader: - Added Khora to the submission tag list. 10/04/2018 - Build Id 2549303 Viewer: - Added emissive alpha uv panning and scaling. 12/02/2018 - Build Id 2519680 Uploader: - Added Gara to the submission tag list. 25/10/2017 - Build Id 2229574 Uploader: - Added Harrow, Octavia, Orthos, Galatine, Jat Kittag, Kronen, and Skana to the submission tag list. 23/02/2017 - Build Id 1652106 Viewer: - Fixed some cases of failed .obj loading. 21/02/2017 - Build Id 1646632 Uploader: - Added Equinox, Nidus, and Titania to the submission tag list. Viewer: - Fixed sample .obj models not loading in some cases. (Previously, this fix was in the test branch) - Fixed saving/exporting sometimes hanging the program with larger content file sizes. 25/07/2016 - Build Id 1244028 Uploader: - Added Ash, Atlas, Banshee, Ember, Hydroid, Inaros, Ivara, Limbo, Nezha, Oberon, Saryn, Trinity, and Wukong to the submission tag list. 08/07/2016 - Build Id 1218882 Viewer: - Fixed cases of item exporting failing. - Disallowed exporting without any meshes selected. 05/07/2016 - Build Id 1212877 Uploader: - Added the requirement that item content updates must include change notes. If you have updated your submission since the last round of selections, please ensure you have change notes attached. You may edit change notes by clicking on the "Change Notes" tab on your workshop item page. Viewer: - Modified the viewer export process. On export, users will now be prompted to classify their submission as one of the 4 types: Warframe (body/helm), Weapon, Syandana, or Landing Craft. This is to make the item integration process easier on our end. 15/04/2016 - Build Id 1076841 Uploader: - Added submission tags for Loki, Mirage, Nyx, Rhino, Valkyr, and Vauban. Viewer: - Added hex value input/display box to colour picker. 21/12/2015 - Build Id 908910 Uploader: - Added submission tags for Chroma, Frost, Mesa, Nekros, Nova, and Zephyr. 09/12/2015 - Build Id 892149 Uploader: - Removed Polycount Contest submission tag. - Added info box before selecting the content path about how the content path works. 24/11/2015 - Build Id 872191 Uploader: - Improved error messages. Viewer: - When loading an OBJ, fixed recalculating vertex normals from face normals if they already exist. 20/11/2015 - Build Id 867447 Uploader: - Reduced the workshop items list refresh delay from 3.5 to 2 seconds after uploading an item. - Fixed a case where item tags were replaced by "False" when uploading. Viewer: - Fixed an error when loading an OBJ without normal or uv indices. 13/11/2015 - Build Id 858027 Uploader: - The workshop items list now refreshes after uploading an item. - Added additional error handling for item uploads. - Fixed the description box not respecting multiple line descriptions. Viewer: - Fixed 'Emissive Colour', 'Use Opacity', 'Spec Map Is Metal Map' not being exported in TennoGenExport.zip. 4/11/2015 - Build Id 844894 Uploader: - Fixed a possible crash when uploading items. - Improved error messages for general uploader usage. - Set the default workshop item visibility to private. - Increased the clickable area for opening preview image and content path dialogues. - Added the ability to see and modify previously uploaded items. - Added new tags: "Polycount Warframe Contest", "Alt Helm", "Model Swap". Viewer: - Fixed incorrect vertex counts. - Added opacity setting per material. - Added support for obj faces formatted with relative indices. 23/10/2015 - Build Id 828758 - Initial Release
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