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  1. LOL, I actually had a Messa on my Railjack complaining about the fact that she/he can't see a floor, walls etc.
  2. Fluctus is the worst, it simply can not keep up with fighters speed, making you unable to kill a thing while in railjack mission. Other than that, I don't have a problem with all weapons being projectile based.
  3. Image speaks for itself: Edit: Shoulder Plates are broken as well.
  4. The game is overflowing with syandanas and armor pieces that are unusable because of terrible placement (clipping, offset, bad angle, sticking out)... why do we get more of the same issue?
  5. It is important to note that ciphers can not be used in Sorties and Nightmare mode, if I am not wrong.
  6. No fix for Atlas prime syandanas?
  7. Syandanas on Atlas Prime are still broken! Please fix. 😞
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