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  1. BUMP! STILL AN ISSUE! It seems like skins are the main problem. They cause holster styles to overlap. This also break the ability to adjust the position while the weapon is not in use.
  2. It didn't help. 😞 Edit: Ok, I think that "main hand" (position / angle) is an issue here. It seems like reset to default button is not working - this whole function doesn't actually do anything. Edit 2: Ok, it looks like holster style is different when you use a skin on the zaw. I had to take off the skin first and then select the actual holster style. Edit 3: The S#&$ is still broken after changing the loadout... Edit 4: Ok, it is fixable by selecting holster style twice. When you have a skin you get to pick 2 options which is odd af. It breaks again after changing the weapon.
  3. Didn't expect an update this early! 😄 Thanks!
  4. Thanks but why is this still not fixed?:
  5. Medallion can not be picked up. Here is a ss:
  6. Image (I am holding Miter and Zaw at the same time):
  7. The only good thing is the Ivara Graxx, which I will definitely buy. Syandanas are disappointing and by the looks of armor (chest) pieces I can already tell that they are going to stick out miles away from the warframe's chest, which am I not a fan of.
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