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  1. I remember my first encounter with the infested. Me and my friends were spawned in this dark ship, few tiles and nothing. Going up this elevator and BAM 100s of infested just waiting, we melee'd through all of them and the coolest moment I had was when I went back in the elevator three ancients followed me in (I thought I could escape: one friend downed the other peeing himself on a box) so I had the rest of the aggro with me. Damn, the battle we had was intense as a new player. First time I wall ran I used it to dodge it and land on the ancient to the slam attack him with my dual heat swo
  2. Yep, it feels weird thinking about it now. However maybe this is the way DE wants the game to go? I mean I would love the older darker tilesets, back when the infested literary came out of the dark at you. Also in terms of frames I think DE is/at least should go back and forth, introducing new crazy designs and then push out an "ancient" one for variety. The rest that I'd say is implied by everyone in this thread, the game has lost that depth to its atmosphere in some missions :/
  3. Yes the splintered people around was slightly influenced by the breeding grounds but whole post had a great influence from Aliens and Alien vs Predator (the decent one in weird pyramid thing). I'm happy people like the idea, I just hope DE does something cool with him cause he has a lot of potential to be dynamic without ridiculous phases and damage reduction :O
  4. Yeah, it broke my heart when I went to high level Phorid and managed to kill him with a couple of arrows from my Paris Prime as he just stood there. I want to be scared to even go in the mission :P Darn, should've quoted this before. Anywho, the evolution feature works perfectly for this boss and changes up the game dynamically making him a not so easy kill :)
  5. To be honest even some current bosses that have been reworked need to be looked at >.> Some should follow this instead:https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/316508-how-to-farm-a-warframe-boss-part-farming-feedback/ Not all, I mean the Jackal can be a repeated fight and so can the Hyenas but something as vital as Vay Hek..well :/
  6. I very much like your ideas. I thought they would fight for him rather than alongside him simply out of fear of being eaten. Thanks for feedback, I'll edit the thread later :)
  7. That should tie into nightmare mode selection tbh. DE got nightmare mode from UT where they had "mutators" which could change the game by small or very large amounts. So maybe a secondary system there could be implemented. Maybe these difficulty options would only become available once beating the game on the easier level, thus creating a mini ranking system. So players can't simply jump to their desired difficulty :/
  8. No weapon should stop you completely and heavy weapons should just decrease movement (unless some wombo combo stuff happens). Otherwise in a fast paced game like this melee is just too overwhelming at higher levels and even annoying :/ (eg. charge attacks did not limit your movement until the actual attack initiated)
  9. I see that, right now any commands would be nice :S
  10. Maybe they should be unlocked in a different order depending on breed. So say defending objective is first thing for Raksa and last thing for Sunika. With an XP based unlock system your Kubrow will learn some things faster than other breeds, sounds better than your suggestion which in my opinion would limit the Kubrows a little too much :/
  11. Yeah it looks funny with the animation, seen the Kubrow run around super fast but not moving a muscle? Now that is maximum efficiency XD
  12. Due to terrain, enemy positioning and the way we strategize when a teammate is down (at least for me) I think that would cause more problems than it should, could get them stuck in some places and not to mention lag would also be a pain :/
  13. I certainly hope so! Yep, maybe a stance system for the mods can be given before hand or something :S
  14. noveltyhero


    It is a bug where prosecutors/eximus enemies do not take any damage, I think it may have to do with using slash based weapons...not sure entirely, this is one of the trickier issues<-Unless I am completely wrong :)
  15. Aha, I see. Thanks for clearance! :D
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