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  1. Loadout: Ice and Fire Tenno Warframe
  2. Any fundamental changes to Kubrows? A tree system for them would work brilliantly
  3. DE will announce the current Prime Access going away with a week's notice. The very week after that (or second, rarely) is safe to assume a new Prime Access is available.
  4. How long does it take to make a cinematic quest? Will we get at least 4 this year?
  5. I hope this doesn't fire off the next train of hatred... Congrats DE :D
  6. I want the Loki Knave skin :D
  7. Prime tier winners have been announced! Happy new year guys :D
  8. I will draw the winners for Prime Tier tomorrow. I also want to let everyone know that if the winners don't claim their prizes by Saturday, I will list the next winners in line.
  9. Tier E and F released :D
  10. Closed buddy :/
  11. Winners will be displayed over the next couple of days in the new tier lists, some are tagged as "coming soon" others have the winners' names in them. All winners are usually PM'ed here or in-game as well any way though.
  12. That was a sneak peak, in between the first screen and last there were several names not shown because the list was scrolled down.
  13. You were there... If people are going to post stuff like this, I will just disqualify them. You didn't win because RNG buddy...
  14. Tier A and B has been drawn