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  1. Lol they changed health, not level
  2. Well aint that a kick in the teeth. What happens to those of us that completed the 40 waves after it rolled out but started before the change? Do we get the 5k points or was it all pointless? Was in a defence mission for the challenge, then got the redtext for the update and stayed the last 10 waves to hit 40 while it was telling us to restart when we could.
  3. YEah I have the same issue. Really don't want to have to hunt them down again.
  4. Where's the MVP with the red text?
  5. Any new info on Shield Gating? I remember it was mentioned at the start of the year
  6. You do know that's been the trend basically every year... Warframe has never had a stable playerbase
  7. Remind me where they stated that it'd definitely be out today? They kept saying they're aiming to but there's still a chance it won't be. They didn't promise today.
  8. Props to anyone that gets thje joke
  9. Me, for Tyl Daddy and his hammer time
  10. Strata Instance 1 for us OCE loosers
  11. Not denying that, just saying that in the case of defence vs ranged, Frost is superior. I main them both since they both fit my play style. Yes I know iit's off topic but I dont think any of us have much better to do at this point XD
  12. Maybe vs Infested... Her CC can't stop bullets unlike Frost Well, time to go be a filthy weeb and play some Azur Lane
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