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  1. It should not sure how long you had to claim it though
  2. You have to unlink your warframe account from twitch then relink it to get Loki to drop there was a bug and this got most of us our Loki
  3. Unless you want the cosmetics then no. War is a okay melee weapon but so many do it better.
  4. Well it works well for quick leveling...I only use them to level fast. But its all personal taste and skill levels. Now I rarely go near the low level planets unless chasing relics etc.
  5. When I used Mercury it was about 2014 to 2015 and was easy to solo play as to my bad internet kept me from better groups. Probably the best overall fast level spot is Hydron on Sedna same small map as Helene but higher level enemies so faster exp gains from Tenno affinity.
  6. A trick I used to use when I was first starting was to level up a new frame use the survival mission on Mercury, Just carry a strong weapon and you can easily kill the enemies there for about 20mins or so even solo. You can also use Helene on Saturn a defense mission that almost always has players running it to level frames and weapons easily since the map is small you have full Tenno affinity the entire match.
  7. I farmed over 3,000 Ducats Saturday and Sunday to get Primed Chamber. I used quick run missions like rescue and exterminate and went with randoms picking the highest paying reward. Averaged about 300 Ducats per 4-5 runs.
  8. There seems to be a bug with the accounts. If you log out of the game then unlink your accounts (Warframe and Twitch) then relink them. After log in should have a mail receiving it.
  9. It said I had until 7-18-21 at 10pm to claim it UTC time
  10. There seems to be a bug and to get around it log out of the game then unlink and relink your Warframe account back to twitch seems to fix it when you log in.
  11. Log out of Warframe...then unlink your game account from twitch and relink it...that fixed it for several of us might help you.
  12. Had this problem earlier. I logged out and then unlinked and relinked my account to my twitch account that fixed it. I logged in to my Loki Prime.
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