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  1. "If I heard every time someone said X..." Yes It is dismissive. Try saying that in real life and be quick to learn how rude the other person would interpret you to be. It's obvious to make that conclusion that you don't see him being dismissive because you replied to me in the first place with a defensive tone. You also left out that first bit which is pretty important to the point. " Way to over-analyze things bud. He's simply saying that this issue existed for a long time and there's no action from DE about it, so the "best" way to avoid it is:" Last thing here , Whether or not DE has attempted to fix the issue or will fix the issue , saying to not keep pressing them is something that CAN be criticized. If the original intent was just to provide a workaround then that's fine but that was not done in this case, and you trying to re-sum his point in a friendlier tone is exactly to my point. ""A lot already complained about this issue but there's still no fix, here's what you can possibly do to avoid it"" Is how his post should have been in the first place. I won't be replying to any response because I have provided proof to all my claims and have used non-biased reason in all my points.
  2. This happened on an earth capture lith fissure , we all got 9/10 reactant but no more enemies spawned in , we did capture the target already not sure if that's whats causing the spawning issues
  3. Let me say a few things because it seems you don't know the mechanics for matchmaking. First of all, you cannot enter a party that isn't on the same bounty as you. That means If you enter POE without accepting a bounty you will be matched with people who didn't enter with a bounty. Second, anyone can leave the party and keep all their progress as far as fishing and mining affinity etc. and now Third which is you saying for exceptions 1. This game is Rated M , why is a 10 year old playing it?(10 year old fishing / mining really?) That's besides the tos saying you need to be age 13 minimum and with a parents consent at that. 2. Purposefully mining / fishing after entering with a bounty active isn't new player ignorance it's intentional. Translating New players = Kid that doesn't know anything is a downplay to humans in general. 3. Again if the person is mining or fishing intentionally while in a bounty it's not ignorance. I understand your trying to be positive but in actuality this is just giving excuses to peoples bad experiences in open world bounties , your points are anomalies as in , they are rare for it to be the case , there is a in game chat there is in game voice chat people can communicate . What is usually the case is someone leeches free rep and rewards while mining or fishing , you try to contact them , they ignore you. Last thing , It's not childish for people to complain about what people feel like are problems in the game , If you know anything about DE you should know that feedback is what created their success and saying lets just let the toxic leeches get away with it , you can speak for yourself if you want to carry people that's your decision but we shouldn't be forced to put up with it. Nothing is exaggerated "bud". It is easy to see the intent based on what was said and the tone it was said in. "I understand your frustration but these issues aren't exactly new. I could list every thread I see when Google searching "Warframe Bounty Leeching", but that's unnecessary. " These words are clearly dismissive. It is not my fault if you cannot see that.
  4. And trying to shut down discussion is harmful, regardless of intent , so what's your point? Don't complain because it's already been said? People shouldn't have to go around the matchmaking system because others are not participating in a bounty they signed up for. There should be consequences and saying "Been said before shut up" Isn't a response worth making.
  5. bump because this bug is still relevant and has not been fixed
  6. A lot of these people are just trying to find reasons to complain , they dont understand that this is an intermission not a new season , designed for the newer people / mid range
  7. Was in high index with a group , host migration happened and got pushed to a solo instance with no AI respawning whatsoever , timer ran down to 0 and I remained in game . I lost my 50k investment and was at 98 points ,I have video proof if requested ,and hoping I get 500k reimbursement bc i had a credit booster on
  8. This is completely random and doesn't have a clear reproduce effect but I will invite people in for trades and they will load in but we cannot see each other . I have also went to their clan dojos and had the same effect but can see anyone else in their dojo and vice versa. This is costing me a lot of trades and should be added to the bug list.
  9. "But regardless, let's find out how magnificent your reading comprehension is:" Making attacks on my character is a sign that you cant respond properly 1. "Has it really never occurred to you guys to lock 'endgamey' cosmetics behind something that ISN'T a paywall? The sick looking Prime cosmetic armors, syandanas, and even certain sigils locked behind the whole "Buy this if you want it!" is one thing. I've played for years and I can swallow that pill." ... "But everything I have in this game I have earned. I was not carried. I was not taxi'd. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I'm saying by golly I actually worked my way through this game by myself (with help, constructive criticism, and feedback from the community of course). If I didn't want to grind for this thing, I grinded that thing for plat for buy this thing. I grinded and grinded and grinded and grinded for it all." You say it's a concern but as you can see above its more like a complaint , you say it's fine but why bother to type a paragraph on it in the first place? Exactly. 2. "You're supposed to earn things. You're supposed to be not able to earn certain things if you can't clear the appropriate content or get the corresponding achievement. " "I was hoping beyond hope that you would do right by us players for once that want to earn exclusive cosmetics so that people know we're badasses and skilled. I was hoping there would be some sort of, "HA! I have the achievement and you don't!" moment, finally, when the Eidolon Ephemera was talked about and leaked. " "And now I will see people that have less than 10 Hydrolyst caps sporting the same Eidolon Ephemera as someone with 800+ Hydrolyst captures. Should those with less than 10 Harry caps not be entitled to have the same ephemera earned by those with 400, 500, 600+ Harry caps? In my humble opinion... you're damn right they shouldn't! " It is a contradiction, you want exclusivity backed by your second paragraph and don't backed by your first paragraph, cosmetics behind paywall is a part of exclusivity and just in the way "hes done X things he has X item" the same logic applies for " he has spent x money he has x item" and you can't go back an say "Oh I meant by farming" because you literally said You're supposed to be not able to earn certain things if you can't clear the appropriate content or get the corresponding achievement. (which also contradicts what you just said about the ephemera. earn=farm it's the same thing. everything that is farmable is earnable.) 3. Who are the people that actually believe this type of reward system is good for the longevity of the game? This is not what is going to have players coming back for more, and it's not going to keep players around longer. This is one of the major factors that are keeping them or driving them away: For being as dedicated as they are/have been to this game, the only rewards a person can actually earn and flaunt in-game requires your wallet, not your skill or perseverance; every single in-game reward you can earn is grindable (anyone can get it with little effort, just a varying amount of repetitive actions) not earnable (you can only earn the thing if you meet the requirements, have completed an arduous or grueling task). This is either backwards thinking, or thinking with your grofit. Did you even read what you wrote? Don't think so. ^ is a clear criticism of nightwave. If you attempted to make the point of the ephemera then you failed it does not come off as that and that's your problem. 4. Fashion frame is not end game(you will say you were being sarcastic) and I find your values in wanting to show off to others disgusting. I've debunked your responses even harder then your original response and there definitely is a difference between criticism and just complaining. No white knight here , you don't know my stance on anything. All you know is that I believe your opinion is not helpful and just flaming.(because it is)
  10. Bud obviously you don't understand the intent of the intermission, It's not a big event, its something to hold the people who need their nitain and provides little bonuses to anyone who wants to participate 1. It's not an issue if they want to paywall certain cosmetics . It's a cosmetic . It doesn't affect gameplay. And it gives a reason to actually buy prime access etc. 2.You are literally contradicting your first paragraph about exclusivity by crying that people can get the eidolon ephemera through the intermission "We want to be able to earn prime exclusive gear but nobody gets to have the Eidolon Ephemera because I said so" get real. 3. Nigthwave is a step in the right direction whether you see that or not is your problem, I'm not saying that the rewards are god tier but they are a starting step and especially this as an INTERMISSION . 4. anyone can flaunt whatever they want so non point and also your entire argument summed up is "Give me stuff so that I can think im better then anyone who doesn't have it" There is a difference between a White Knight defending DE and common sense people debunking your post FYI. Lots of things DE can work on and "making prime exclusives available to everyone" isn't a thing to focus on.
  11. When is nightwave season 2 coming out , that's what the game needs right now not skins , appreciate the updates but I see lots of new players asking where to get nitain extract and when they find out that there's not a good way to get it and that its primary from a source thats not in place they get discouraged from playing @[DE]Megan
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