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  1. The worst part about this is that at the speed the game is currently played there isn't a single reward they could add that wouldn't be completely worthless in a month.
  2. There is either no threat or no reward.
  3. Enjoying the speed is different. I see a large amount of complaints that the content is too easy then complaints that things take too long. There were also significantly more viable builds back then too.
  4. The main complaint right now is that is all the game is, when it didn't used to be that way... but they shouldn't change it?
  5. No not really the game used to require thought before you went into a mission. CC used to be king. We used to press the lasers on the void missions.
  6. That is what I would consider farming warframe. Not playing warframe. Basically wanting to be at the end of the mission instead of in it for the fun.
  7. Most games have the same mechanics despite the gamemode just like warframe. The thing about most games other than warframe is you can't finish a mission in 90 seconds so you actually feel like you are playing the content.
  8. Thats still better than most games on the market that maybe have 5
  9. I wouldn't consider you the norm in my experience.
  10. I've been playing since stamina was a thing originally. But watching the community boil this game down to nothing is incredibly frustrating to watch. This game has 21 different mission types, one of the best movement systems. And hundreds of weapons.
  11. I am fine. I slowed down started playing solo and I actually feel like I am playing warframe again. I use the weapons I want and everything. It takes me longer to finish missions but the whole game gets used, abilities and everything.
  12. The game has become a rush to get to the end. As a long time player the game needs to slow back down. I wouldn't even consider what the current playerbase does, playing the game. They just rush to the end.
  13. I believe that most the burnout comes from the speed at which the game is played now. Nobody is "playing" the missions anymore. The whole game has devolved into rush through as fast as possible. I slowed down and started playing solo in most cases and I have enjoyed the game more than I have in a long time.
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