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  1. Yeah, I know. I just wanted to try and give some more use for Dessication more focused on buffing the shadows. It's all just a rather sudden idea I got while still in bed in the morning. So I haven't really thought everything through. But that's what this forum section is for, to brainstorm ideas and add to the whole thing. So don't be afraid to add opinions and criticism. I don't expect this to get much attention honestly. I just felt like adding my ideas. Like I mentioned, I don't really think much of these sort of things. So I thought 'Heck, why not'. ^^
  2. Greetings. I'm not one who think much about these things, but these ideas struck me this morning and I thought I'd just share them. Dessication: add something like "Restores health/timer for Sand Shadows hit". Devour: Maybe rename it into something like "Quicksand" and change the ability into an AoE and not channeling ability, with either a drain or a set energy cost which traps enemies within in quicksand. Enemies who dies from this creates Sand Shadows. The ability will steal a % of dmg as health. Sandstorm: Change it so that the longer enemies are effected by
  3. This is something I'm quite surprised is still a thing. The middle finger on the left hand moves sideways and clips into the ring finger. This is something that has been a thing since, forever I think. It's a minor thing, but I can not unsee it nor stop thinking about it, 💀
  4. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, as I haven't read everything.. If you take out the hunting rifle and aim down sight with it, you can hear an indication if any hunt-animals are within detection range. And they will appear on screen glowing with each "blip" (you will have to find where they are though). You don't need to activate any tracks or use lure or anything for this. So I've been flying around with the hunting rifle, then tranq'd them from up high. I get Perfect or Good catches every time. Unless they were in a fight with some random Mob, lowering the grade of the catch.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. Looking at the Infested Kubrow concept I first thought it was a Kavat, and vice versa for the Infested Kavat concept.
  6. Yes yes, good for you. But I am a Founder of this game. So I'm literally part of the very foundation of this game. Without me and my Founder brothers and sisters this game might've not been here. So... Bow down before me, peasant!
  7. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I recall them mentioning that each frame only have 1 skill (predetermined) that can be picked off a frame that you sacrifice. So it's not like you can choose which skill you want to get from a frame. And Ultimate skills aren't them. As they are iconic to each frame and they want to keep each frame unique in a way. If I'm not mistaken, like I mentioned.
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