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  1. Monday, September 25: This week in Warframe (PC)!

    I have a technical question: @[DE]Steve Will we be able to make the Resolution Scaling go past 100% so it can act as Super Sampling Anti Aliasing?
  2. Warframe Builder

    Hey Stoi, Thanks for this amazing FREE tool! I have a quick bug report: The Hema is missing its innate V polarity! Cheers!
  3. The video currently has over 240k views iirc.
  4. I think this can be contributed to multiple factors. 1. People aren't liking what they saw from the Destiny 2 Beta streams or even the gameplay they experienced. 2. Old players that took a break or quit are coming back to re-try the more polished game as anticipation for the PoE release. 3. New people saw the PoE trailer and are gearing up for its release. 4. SkillUp made a REALLY good, semi-long Warframe review that included MOST of the key elements and strengths of Warframe in a well-versed manner. He previously had top-tier Division and Destiny content, games with similar audiences, which might be drawing people in. 5. The Steam version has some benefits, such as the Steam environment (Steam Link, Controller Mode), TennoGen, Market skins (Rubedo & Phased) and people just enjoy having all their games in one place. All of this combined, I think it's safe to say that the Warframe playerbase is on the rise again, as is usual around big releases.
  5. Wukong Defy not working

    Hey guys, So recently I've noticed that whenever I play Wukong with my Zarr (Viral Build) my defy will not save me when I hit myself. However, when I play my Zarr with a CORROSIVE build, it does consistently safe me. Therefore, I think that proccing Viral on yourself makes defy not work. Nowhere on Wukong's abilities page, nor on the wikia, does it say that his ability interacts with any proc whatsoever like this, therefore I submit it as a bug.
  6. When Quick Thinking first got introduced, it had no stagger etc. People could almost become Gods with this mod and it threw away the challenge to end-game content. This mod is not supposed to make you invincible, it's to give you an extra buffer, for which you have to take the risk of becoming staggered to death. The mod is in a balanced spot right now, it saves you from a sniper shot, but it won't allow you to face-tank a Heavy Gunner or such. A small grace period would be nice to have, but I'm afraid it would actually make this mod too strong once again, thus ruining the levels that are challenging enough that make people run this mod. TL;DR - Mod is working as intended, buffing this will likely lead to it becoming OP again.
  7. As of U21.X I have encountered an odd bug with the Kuva Siphons. Sometimes, the Kuva Siphon will start sucking, but the audio cue won't play - In turn, instead of a trail of Kuva, an Eximus Scavenger Drone will spawn in its place. When the drone is killed, the machine will start to vacuum again and will more often than not attract a real Kuva trail.
  8. I had this issue yesterday, double jumping just before it hits seemed to fix my "broken hitbox" for one of the pillars.
  9. Coming June 16: Devstream #94!

    Questions: 1. Why does Vacuum still not have a drop location? 2. Is Vote-Kicking a thing that's being considered? 3. Will we see more Augment mods get the Exilus treatment, or maybe even an entire slot for them?
  10. Warframe Builder

    Hi Stoi! I recently saw the update to the Opticor where you can select a % charge, thanks a ton for that, it rocks! I would like to note that that mechanic can also be applied to the Tenora alt-fire, if you're interested in doing so :) Another bug I found was that a Lvl30 Nidus doesn't get the +15% passive Power Strength bonus that it has. Thanks for keeping this site up-to-date and putting the effort in!
  11. Coming Soon: Devstream #93!

    Question: Is the Dev team aware that Vacuum has no current drop location from mobs? It is a transmute only mod.
  12. Warframe Builder

    Hey man, I appreciate the work and upkeep on this website you do! I'm just wondering if you have any ETA on when the new stuff will be added? If there's anything I could do to help (I can't code or anything of the sorts, though) please let me know.
  13. Warframe Builder

    Bug - The Telos Boltace lacks the innate dash (-) polarity that it has in-game.
  14. Vacuum: Discussions Post Devstream #80

    Either make Vacuum innate to Warframes, or make the mod available for all COMPANIONS, not just sentinels. If you guys DO want to pursue the 3 types thing, make it so that equipping such a mod (to your companion) will give bonuses, do not make it a requirement to suck up all types of loot, as this will make the burden of "mandatory mods" too great (which you guys are already combating with Serration).
  15. Hotfix 18.4.9