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  1. So, Wukong is getting a rework! We should say "Hooray!"... right? Well, not so quick. There is plenty of stuff that came to mind when seeing and hearing what the devstream showed. 1. Defy - His bread and butter ability, the only thing that has kept him going for all these years, Defy, is being flat-out REMOVED and replaced with something that is not even a vague remnant of its former self. Reworking a frame does not have to mean making a nearly new Warframe. Expanding on what made them good in the first place is what made other reworks so succesful, but this luxury is not bestowed onto the Monkey King. Instead, we get a "Timed invulnerability" which will deflect damage. Nothing was shown, of course, as DE knew this was the most controversial move of the entire rework. 2. And yet, his (arguably) most useless ability, Cloud Walker, is barely being touched upon. The main gripe was that it was quite useless in combat, but now it moves faster (How much faster? We don't exactly know.) and gives a Crit Buff (How much of a buff? We also don't know. For how long? Oh, we also don't know). No fundamental changes to how it synergizes with other abilities, just a tweak of numbers. Great. 3. His Iron Jab is being replaced, rightfully so, but the clone we're getting in its place is incredibly counter-intuitive. When I'm shooting at enemies that are 15-20m away, it won't help me shoot the enemies, no, on the contrary: It will wave its melee about! If thise clone does not have reviving us when we're down as his "mirroring" mindset, you've missed the goal. We also don't know how it's going to work. Does it have HP? Duration-based? (I heard "Duration", but nothing concrete afterwards.) Constant drain? No information. A clone that would "Watch your flank", as Rebecca put it, would not be locked to mirroring you. Please reconsider this. 4. His Iron Staff is being buffed (REJOICE), but is supposedly being gated by an arbitrary "Baruuk" meter that does not fit the character of Wukong whatsoever. Wukong is a mischievous and impulsive monkey, not someone to show restraint or a lot of tact. A "meter" à la Baruuk does not fit him character-wise nor playstyle-wise. 5. With the introduction of the new Melee System SoonTM, and the fact that his entire kit is being looked over, one could argue that it would be time for a new passive as well. Sadly, there was nothing mentioned about this, so all we can do is wait, and hope for the best. 6. This is not something new, we have seen this a couple of times before. A lack of acknowledgement as to WHY a Warframe was played in the first place, or an intense desire to change their playstyle altogether, has proven to be the wrong way to go about a rework. Both times Ember was "reworked", they changed her more powerful and "core" abilities. Overheat (Damage Reduction) got removed and replaced with a stun, and a weak and situational buff. World on Fire just got absolutely demolished and turned into something that was counter-intuitive to what it was used for before: large AoE low-level grinding, or large AoE knockdowns with its augment. Neither of which are as viable as they should be anymore. Nyx her initial "rework"/nerf demolished her Chaos, which was her bread and butter ability. Mag's rework changed her Magnetize to be nowhere near as powerful as it was before, instead making her rely on her 2+3 (and sometimes 4) synergy. Again, changing the "core" ability in favor of a completely different playstyle. 7. Which reworks did bode very well? NeZha, Excalibur, Saryn, and Limbo. Why? None of these changed their core ability drastically (or even removed it). NeZha's Ring was altered, but ended up giving him more tanking potential. His speed stayed intact, as well. Excalibur's core ability, Radial Javelin, was turned into his 3rd ability, Slash Dash got Melee Combo added, and he got an all-new ultimate that suited his general theme and playstyle incredibly well. Saryn was a typical "Press 4 to win" frame, but Saryn her Spores got changed (multiple times, sure) to synergize better with her other abilities, and her 4 is STILL a powerhouse, but requires a bit more lead-up. Combined with greater usability of her 3, she has become, once again, one of the top-tier frames. Limbo's "Rift" and being untouchable was not infringed upon, it was actually EXPANDED upon. It became his passive instead of an ability. He got a proper Statis that synergizes extremely well with his Cataclysm, as well as making his Banish an AoE instead of single-target. His strengths were kept and improved upon. 8. Moral of the story: Do not change the core aspects that made people stick with the frame in the first place. Defy required a specific build of duration, tankiness, and efficiency to pan out properly. It was not "Press Button To Win" ability, as it offered nothing but survivability. It was, quite literally, THE reason people still bothered with Wukong. The WIP rework, as shown in Dev Stream 128, has (IMO) completely missed what Wukong was supposed to be: A rampant annoyance on the battlefield. He cannot be as he is depicted in his origins as that would break the game, and that's okay, really, but it seems like we're swapping the old mismatched and lacking abilities for, presumably, new abilities with more of the same issues. Please, reconsider what you are doing to him. You initially said that you want the rework to come out with his Deluxe Skin, but if we're following the MM/FF Prime Access schedule, as well as the chronological releases we've come to uphold and maintain, the next primed frames are going to be Atlas, and then Wukong. Releasing the rework alongside Wukong Prime is a very acceptable (and maybe even desirable) alternative if time is the constraining issue here.
  2. #1724197 - Missing Textures / Holes in Inspiration Halls.
  3. Since you're removing the Dragon Mod Packs, what about these?
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