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  1. Questions: 1. Why does Vacuum still not have a drop location? 2. Is Vote-Kicking a thing that's being considered? 3. Will we see more Augment mods get the Exilus treatment, or maybe even an entire slot for them?
  2. Hi Stoi! I recently saw the update to the Opticor where you can select a % charge, thanks a ton for that, it rocks! I would like to note that that mechanic can also be applied to the Tenora alt-fire, if you're interested in doing so :) Another bug I found was that a Lvl30 Nidus doesn't get the +15% passive Power Strength bonus that it has. Thanks for keeping this site up-to-date and putting the effort in!
  3. Question: Is the Dev team aware that Vacuum has no current drop location from mobs? It is a transmute only mod.
  4. As you will see below, the ranking of mods based on their rank breaks when you sort by name. Never saw this before the 20.2.2 update.
  5. Hey man, I appreciate the work and upkeep on this website you do! I'm just wondering if you have any ETA on when the new stuff will be added? If there's anything I could do to help (I can't code or anything of the sorts, though) please let me know.
  6. First of all, like mentioned numerous times above, we cannot post in the DC part of the forums, only reply. Second, being a Founder has entitled us (in the past, at least) to design features of the game, design warframes and even name the warframes designed by DE (as mentioned in my post above). Master and GM founders have permanent access to the Design Council. DE shifting away from this kind of defies the purpose of the Design Council, which the master and GM founders have paid for to have permanent access to.
  7. I understand where you're coming from, but this is the information I've been given and I'm basing the post off of that :)
  8. They preferred if I didn't mention their name, but they were an intern working on related stuff.
  9. No, it was confirmed by a Warframe Twitch Mod (And employee) that the name has already been picked.
  10. We can't post in the DC, we have to put our DC related discussions in the regular forums :/
  11. Hello, I am a Founder for Warframe and I have access to the Design Council (DC). Normally, people in the DC were able to suggest names, then DE would pick their favourites and post a poll in the DC for the Founders to vote for their favourite. However, recently DE has skipped the last step, the one where the DC gets to decide the final name. For Nidus this was due to time constraints, however, with "Bard-frame" they have chosen not to do a poll but have given no insight as to why. (This information was supplied to me by a Warframe Twitch Moderator) This trend is worrying me as a Founder, since this breaks away from the process that has been in place and it seems to lessen the (little) impact the Founders have through the council. What are you guys' opinion on this? Maybe we can get a response from a staff member, since no information has been given yet.
  12. Bug - The Telos Boltace lacks the innate dash (-) polarity that it has in-game.
  13. Either make Vacuum innate to Warframes, or make the mod available for all COMPANIONS, not just sentinels. If you guys DO want to pursue the 3 types thing, make it so that equipping such a mod (to your companion) will give bonuses, do not make it a requirement to suck up all types of loot, as this will make the burden of "mandatory mods" too great (which you guys are already combating with Serration).
  14. TYDE
  15. I know that this is supposed to improve the easiness of the handling of the UI. But has it come up to you that it might not? I still stand by the point that the new UI is worse than the one we had before it, especially since we have to walk through our ship or go through multiple paths instead of just clicking one single button for most of the items. That being said; give us an option. Keep it as it was, or give us the new one. I know it might be hard to implement, but it is the better choice in the end. People who don't like/want change can keep the system they're confident with, everyone gets what they want. You already gave us this option with the colours, it's time you do the same with the UI and (soon to come) mods.