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  1. Just pointing this out here for everyone who feels entitled to all the glyphs. It is a game with content you simply cannot always do/complete. Please don't be the person who drives others away for your enjoyment. Be nice and respectful of each community whom has a glyph and you are more likely to actually not be pushed away.
  2. I think it is fine as details of how to get a glyph as a content creator is more of a content creator concern after they will be in the 'new program' that isn't fully detailed out yet. My glyph was designed and put in the game with both DE's and my permission. This more about representing my community and brand, and less about being a piece of completely optional artwork in a game. It is a two way street that I am glad that DE respects as much as I respect their decision to still allows us to have our glyphs.
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