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  1. These skins are cool, but players shouldn't have to use the anti-consumer store for them. Please do not partner with them any more.
  2. From the way the presented it and and them telling players to experiment. You can't really do that if you constantly have to be expending resources. We didn't need a resource sink. And this doesn't do that job well. As the system is poorly designed, as seen by what abilities are being used the most. It's mostly a forgone conclusion that instead of wasting time and resources trying stuff out, to just slap on a damage power.
  3. The system does not reflect what it's supposed to do. And that's allow players to FREELY experiment. Once a power is unlocked for a frame it should be able to be swapped out at will. Forcing players to constantly waste resources to try stuff out is extremely bad design.
  4. These really should be alerts for those that either live in other time zones or who can't sit at home with a stream on.
  5. It's dumb and annoying bull, what's worse is all the extra weapons they added stagger to for no reason than to annoying players. Self damage as fine as it was.
  6. This is why we can't have nice things, there's always that one person. Now let's face it, no matter what DE did in regards to MR30 someone would be complaining about the rewards. What's silly, is that no one is prevented from getting to 30, sure some weapons have stupid availability but that's a different topic. MR30 has always been the 'endpoint' for ranks, and should be worth reaching with useful rewards.
  7. I have rivens for the following weapons; Akarius Akstiletto Ankyros Arca Titron Ballistica Burst Laser Dehtat Dokrahm Dual Toxocyst Kronsh Kunai Marelok Masseter Miter Multron Nagantaka Okina Plasma Sword Quanta Rattleguts Seer Sicarus Skana Stradavar Stubba DM to discuss.
  8. They are trying to prove that no fun is allowed. They have always done this kind of "balancing".
  9. It would be nice, the tileset is EXTREMELY annoying now, to the point that it's avoided. They could have had parkour stuff and still have actual pathways. Besides there's no logic behind the Corpus leaving busted walk ways everywhere. How would they ever move around and get things done themselves?
  10. I've encountered 2 bugs and they seem to be tired to transitioning between outside and inside plus switching from operator to warframe. I either end up with a black screen when entering interior spaces which force me to use the railjack recall, which allows me to get into archwing and at least do something. The second bug has happened after trying to go back and forth several times. And the camera gets stuck on the entry portal and I can see that space and control my frame and powers. Leaving again works and I'm only able to help the mission outside of the ship. Also got to play with [DE]Rebec
  11. The frames that have these awful rotation grind drops can get to be frustrating. My advice, whenever you hope on the game to play, do one run to try and get a part. That way you don't get burned out on whichever ever mode/item you are doing.
  12. Wouldn't it be better for it to be a 'Remember me on this device" option instead?
  13. It is annoying and needs to go away. I too wait to forma things because it's a waste to do it when you know this "challenge" is coming. Just like the gild "challenge", which they have now removed.
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