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  1. The only real problem with this weapon and the stream rewards is down to timezones. They have players around the world and asking them to be available at odd times for their location is an issue.
  2. What about Steel Essence and drop boosters? Why has this not been addressed?
  3. They really need to go to a different setup, there are always issues like this with these kind of rewards.
  4. I didn't see the email popup either.
  5. This did scam players out of ducats and credits and DE has done things in the past that were middle fingers to players.
  6. So nothing new about punishing afk jerks that infested this last year? Really? Nice to see it back and with reduced prices is cool.
  7. I remember this test being annoying because the canisters had a tendency to fall through the floor. I think it took me 2 or 3 tries because of that, but otherwise was not an a difficult test.
  8. It would be nice, the tileset is EXTREMELY annoying now, to the point that it's avoided. They could have had parkour stuff and still have actual pathways. Besides there's no logic behind the Corpus leaving busted walk ways everywhere. How would they ever move around and get things done themselves?
  9. Yep it was removed some time ago. It should never have been an act in the first place. And it needs to be removed.
  10. That's why it was changed to an individual score last year and it was better to play alone.
  11. I thought that players had made it quite clear that this was not wanted in Nightwave, and that this was removed. Why is it back again? Also any recommendations for Primary Kitguns?
  12. There should be several things changed for the event. Assists or the whole team getting a shared reward amount instead of individual. How about Corpus shows up this time or another map? And it should happen twice a year as well.
  13. Hell no. Remove the unwanted game mode and get rid of the chore that is nightwave as well.
  14. It's one of the most annoying things in the game. And why since I got Primed Sure Footed have put it on almost every frame. Though I have seen it not work on the Railjack Anomaly Sentients.
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