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  1. One thing that really annoys me with interceptions is the spawns are sometimes really lopsided. And the majority of the enemies seem to spawn from just a few points.
  2. Additional loadout options would be cool to change things up. Having two primary weapons or two secondary weapons would be cool. Something else that might be interesting; could be giving up all the standard weapon slots for a single archwing weapon.
  3. I much would rather see them add some more load out options at higher ranks, such as taking two primaries or two secondaries into a mission.
  4. All of them, frankly calling them challenges is largely silly. Nightwave has no real point to it, and I much preferred alerts.
  5. Wouldn't it be better for it to be a 'Remember me on this device" option instead?
  6. If they do, I hope they change the pump mechanic to just a regular reload.
  7. Yep, it's quite annoying. What's worse is the people encouraging afk leeching because of this event. I would love to see these people receive a ban and have their items removed.
  8. Because Nightwave is a poorly designed inferior substitute to alerts that annoys veterans and screws new players.
  9. Nitrate used to be more plentiful with alerts, they nerfed that and increased the timegate and grind. I don't it's going to change to be any better, if anything it will get worse, which is the standard trend.
  10. Ran into the problem myself today. Only seemed to be able to move on one tileset and that was the Earth one.
  11. It is annoying and needs to go away. I too wait to forma things because it's a waste to do it when you know this "challenge" is coming. Just like the gild "challenge", which they have now removed.
  12. Yea, you're right. I misunderstood. In that case, it seems like this might invalidate the negatives of the Corrupted mods if they could be slotted on an ability that wouldn't care about the sacrifice you normally give up.
  13. Abilities used to have their own slots, and players did mostly build for the best/most efficient setups. We they changed it, we got more mod space on our frames.
  14. Was just about to suggest this, seems like a good way to help out players. After wall we have a sentinel that helps with fishing, so why not scanning plants, especially when Helios already is the one for scanning.
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