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  1. Where in the menus does it indicate your total crew slots?
  2. And it should have been in the introduction of K-Drives, along with using powers.
  3. This is the same problem I got, but I relinked my accounts when they changed it.
  4. Just getting an error on the Twitch inventory page when clicking on the Claim Now button. - Error occurred Drop was not claimed. Very helpful and informative as to why. Just get rid of drops and make them alerts so all players can get these things.
  5. Initially, players were able to earn enough intrinsics to max/save enough for Command. But since they changed it and screwed over players who didn't hardcore farm the mode.
  6. Considering how many annoying knockdown effects are in this game, yes Prime Sure Footed is quite useful and pretty much an auto include. Should it be locked away in log ins, probably not.
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