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  1. They should, but that would require some work and it would likely be half assed. So probably won't happen, especially since scammers would be up in arms about it.
  2. Don't worry they will. After all when something is worth using and popular that is not ok.
  3. The only way for Nightwave to be good is to go away and bring back alerts.
  4. I have rivens for the following weapons I would like to sell/trade Amprex ankyros Argonak Bolto Convectrix Dakra Prime Dehtat x2 Dual Toxocyst Embolist Ether Daggers Gazal Machete Harpak Kesheg Kronsh Kunai Nagantaka Paris x2 Phage Phantasma Quanta Scourge Stubba Synapse Zakti Zylok Looking for rivens for Boltor, Braton, Dera, Grakata, Karak, Tetra, Supra, Latron, Tiberon, Fulmin, Zenith, Acceltra, Sobek, Arca Plasmor, Lanka, Marelok, Seer, Brakk, Detron, Pyrana, Akstiletto, Twin Gremlins, Dark Dagger, Paracesis, Larkspur, Imperator, Artax, Sweeper, Vulklok, Deconsctuctor.
  5. They always nerf what is popular, along with every other company. We can't be having fun in games, it's not allowed.
  6. Let's be real here, DE sees RNG and long term content. That's why we are going further down this slippery slope of RNGception.
  7. Don't worry they always nerf what players are using the most,because reasons. They don't care why or about players time.
  8. Except there is a real problem here, unless I missed something. You can't scrap unrepaired drops, and having only so many slots, you are going to run into a problem with them.
  9. They are pretty much DOA with all the issues the have.
  10. How does one extract on the freeroam space? There was nothing, no enemies, few asteroids to destroy, no way points of any kind.
  11. The whole thing is rather half assed, from the intentional wrong polarity to excluding so many unused mods that would have been good choices for the slot to no extra capacity.
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