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  1. At this point I can't honestly say I'm having 'fun' with warframe most of the time. I still play it because some part of me does find some satisfaction in getting new frames or weapons and occasionally filling up my nightwave. Legit, without nightwave I'd have little to no reason to keep doing stuff. The most fun I have in this game interestingly often comes from me just taking an hour or 2 in Simulcrum and just trying to optimize a weapon as much as I can, because I do enjoy min maxing. to a degree. I also keep playing warframe because it is, to me, indisputably, the best looking free game in existence right now and still better graphically than a lot of AAA releases. So for the purposes of just doing something that looks pretty while I have videos running on a second monitor, warframe is great for that. Sometimes I feel like WF is a glorified tech demo, but I guess that comes with the territory when your creative director is/was also a techie (I forget the exact term). The disruption game mode event was the most 'fun' I've had in the game in years and my clan got 3rd. But that's ok. Monster Hunter World was on sale for half off a week or 2 ago and I've been loving it, so for a grinding loot-based game that's still fun I have my fix.
  2. If I wanted to go that route, I'd replace adaptation with umbral vitality, but I'd only use it for the bonus to umbral intensify. Adaptation is a better mod for actually staying alive, especially since having more hp doesn't matter when it gets cut in half every time you press 3. I also can't play Garuda without Natural Talent. She feels way too slow for how I want to play her otherwise. I am looking to stick an umbral forma on her tho as soon as I get to the night wave lvl.
  3. Title. Was bored and playing around with Patagium, Proton Snap, and Proton Jet, but the camera while wall latching sometimes makes it un-useable to aim. Can we get a QoL fix please?
  4. To share my appreciation, here's my Garuda build. Gotta nail that 200% strength
  5. That's not a joke. Fashion frame and visual quality is a third to a half of why I'm still playing this game
  6. Rewards definitely still need to be a factor. The disruption event was the most 'fun' I've had in the game in years and my clan got top 3 in the event. The disruption game mode itself I find actually fun, but useless since the rewards are irrelevant for me after spending hours on it during the event, except for the odd hexanon.
  7. My hypest wetdream for Warframe would definitely be a holistic damage and scaling rebalance. The game does not feel like its not made off of any real semblance of balance as opposed to the rule of cool. That's fine and all and got warframe to where it is today, but unless they truly make content that's interesting, challenging, replayable, and rewarding, DE will constantly be stuck making huge updates like plains, fortuna, new war etc instead of actually bringing up the base game to a higher standard. I've always given DE an S+ for community management and a B- for actual game design. They just keep adding new stuff instead of making what they have amazing instead of good.
  8. Synergy with squad? Wukong's 1 makes him his own squad, what more do you need?
  9. "Fixed some Companions not appearing in the Codex until they have been Lubricated Incubated. " That was an awkward misread
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