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  1. Needs a rework: Hydroid I want a minor rework: Garuda. She's my favorite frame aesthetically, but she's not very useful practically. I can't even take her into steel path. The corpus enemies ignore her shield and she just dies.
  2. I've reproduced this several times. I, select the node Acheron on Pluto on Steel Path. -> Press 1 on a Moa or Crewmate. -> Back up a little to make sure that the enemy's gun isn't physically through your shield. -> Let the Moa or Crewmate shoot your shield. -> Die as the shots go straight through my shield. -> Repeat multiple times at different distances with different mod set ups just to see if there were some weird interactions there. The shield is supposed to protect you, AT LEAST from the front. If it doesn't even do that then what good is it?
  3. Some of the complaints I've noticed: 1)I understand the notion that having all your mods and gear off for a mission kinda hurts and can feel like an invalidation of previous effort. Frankly I think it's also fairly lazy design on DE's part. 2)I can somewhat understand that turning operator off messes with a lot of people's play styles. 3)I can also somewhat understand that if you're doing these missions solo, they're expensive on vitus and can be very difficult. I do not understand how any of these reasons mean that the missions themselves are outright bad. 1)W
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