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  1. This is Corvidius. The clutch of the damned deny absolution. [Google fantasy plague doctor and add a signature flamethrower primary for rough-ish image] Lore: Contracted by the early Orokin predecessors of Grineer to cleanse experimental colonies of cloned beings when they inevitably demonstrated degrading and toxic physical abnormalities... or ideological ones. The mental state of Corvidius steadily declined until, at last, the only way to retain some semblance of sanity was to fully embrace his role as the facilitator of genocide, and beg the poor souls for forgiveness afterwards.
  2. I remember that first wall you hit, when you NEED to go look up guides for how to properly build when all of a sudden your weapons weren't cutting it anymore and you still did most missions solo because that's just the recommended way to go through the starchart the first time. Then the Second Dream came out. Those were some real good times. I did a good chunk of Protea's quest just sitting still letting the Wisp shock mote kill the lvl 17 enemies with the dialogue playing in the bg. I stopped playing for about a month after that and started playing Doom E: and MHW ins
  3. Garuda. Her theme and looks are great. Her actual usefulness is subpar.
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