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  1. I don't think Garuda prime comes for another several years at least, iirc. You might want to just go ahead. At the very least, she's the only frame I have with an umbral forma. Also, you don't need/want to build hp on Garuda since her 3 will cut it in half no matter what anyways. You get more ehp from armor, adaptation, quick thinking and primed flow because of your healing. Then again, that's just nit-picking and optimizing, you do you.
  2. Maybe it is just me, because there's always a bombard or a napalm or some corpus with a shotgun i missed that shoots me in the booty and staggers me unless I'm huddling behind my mirror with a wall. Or I'm farming at alert lvl 4 in Fortuna, and there's just no cover whatsoever. And the most dangerous enemies there are of course immune to her 4. Point being here if I'm not healing then I'm dead, quick thinking is just so I live a little longer to operator or blood altar away. Her real tankiness comes from all the damage reduction and armor applied to both her healing AND her energy pool. I 'could' just constantly play it safe in a corner and stay at 2 hp with her shield, but that's not fun. I don't think I am. She's not as good at healing as any other healer who can heal from massively far away and on the move (Trin, Oberon, Wisp). Shes about equal at killing the enemies people normally fight already (any decent damage frame kills enemies at lvl 80-150 pretty easily). She's about as tanky as Oberon when she's healing herself (staying near her blood altars). She has a near unrivaled ability to match the scaling of normal enemies at an extreme level, like Octavia. The one thing she's extremely good at, is rarely useful because we don't fight enemies at that level on a regular basis. I've never denied Garuda's efficiency in murdering high level enemies, but the highest level enemies we fight somewhat regularly come from veil, max alert fortuna, and arbitration. If you're fighting enemies above that level, then you're just doing an endurance run for pride and accomplishment (Hostile Mergers was great and I want more of that DE plz). My suggestion is to buff/change her 2 so she's as useful as the other healers, buff her 1 and augment so her playstyle is more fun and lets her keep healing while jumping around all over the place like she should, and for the love of all that is good; please let her 4 actually work on the extremely high health enemies like liches and demolishers so her scaling damage is useful compared to other frames outside of endurance runs. 3 words: Gas. Akarius. Satisfaction.
  3. I run Quick Thinking, Adaptation, Primed Flow, and Pain Threshold for tankiness. Sometimes Umbral Fiber too to pair with my Umbral Intensify. At roughly > lvl 80 enemies, you're going to drop like a fly if you're not actively dodging and healing through it. EDIT: Put simply, if you're staying at 2 hp then your energy is your healthbar and everytime you get looked at, you get staggered and dropped. PT is just to get back up quickly so you can operator or blood altar away to safety/healing. There's no good way or reason to safely stay at 2hp unless you're fighting enemies at starchart level. Yeah, that's why I wanted to stick the healing reduction on the augment, as the idea would be to let people go all in on the no-hp + instakill anything while invincible playstyle. Right now the augment says you can't be killed after a deathblow for a few seconds, but if you're healing fully, then you can't use her passive as much since you can't stay at or near 2 hp. Cut healing to 'almost' nothing, and you can maintain your passive. Or if people aren't interested in the high life, then they don't have to use the augment like the plebs they are.
  4. For the most part her passive is kinda irrelevant, as you don't really want to stay at low hp for any real length of time. Its fun to go to 100% bonus damage and kill stuff with just 4 at around lvl 50 and under, but that's... ok i guess. As to bloodletting, drain 50% hp to restore 35% energy. At 175% efficiency, you restore 140%? of your energy. So all of for half hp. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. Hold up, I'ma need a source on that one. You telling me you're surrounded and you 1 someone, bullet jump into the air, and just aimglide down, you're invincible during that? That sounds suspect. I'm definitely going to try that soon™, though if true, that sounds more like a bug than a feature. One I'll happily use more often with yet another reason Zephyr isn't getting used in my arsenal XD
  5. If you think going long in any game mode is an accomplishment that proves your point alone then you're wrong and need better arguments. "Trust me she's amazing," is not saying anything. I don't trust you. "l2p" just implies to me that you didn't read anything except maybe the title and the bold words and just decided my opinions were irrelevant. This definitely implies to me that you didn't actually read anything and just dropped in to say whatever hot-take came into your head like this was twitter or a youtube comment section or something. Everyone is free to their own opinions, and if you think I'm a baddie because I want my favorite frame to be more useful in more situations than just really long missions, like I've already talked about in the original post, then it's my opinion that you're either drunk or a child who doesn't want to or know how to read and can't make a reasonable statement if your life depended on it. Have a nice night.
  6. doominator10


    Should get it's reload speed bonus when an enemy dies from a headshot AND a headshot slash proc. At a certain level, that will be the only way this weapon ever kills an enemy anyways.
  7. I want Garuda to not just be usable if you like her aesthetic, but actually good. Not just good in a vacuum, but good compared to the other frames with actual reasons to pick her. Right now there's little to no reason to pick her over other frames unless you just like the way she plays or looks. I like both. So here's what I would want out of Garuda: Dread Mirror: +Shield goes from a front facing == shield, to a front facing /\ shield (with Garuda in the center of the /\). It’s less versatile than the other invincible shield (Volt) and it can’t be spammed to completely cover you, so that should mean it has room to be stronger overall. Let it cover ‘almost’ all angles forward. --Lower the duration on the mirror just a tad from 20s to ~10s. The way I want to play, I want to be constantly using my abilities to reap their reward, not standing in a corner with my shield up because I’d just die otherwise without really tanky mods. This will make more sense with the other abilities. Dread Mirror Augment: Dread Ward +Slight buff from 5 to 6 seconds un-killability (not invincibility) after a kill. +HEALING IS REDUCED BY 90% WHILE WARD IS UP. Idea is to stay at near 2hp to make use of the 100% dmg on her passive, but also constantly heal 'just' a bit so she can still 3. +Execute threshold is increased from 40% to 50%. Not sure if I should leave this on the augment or just have this as a base buff. +Amount of damage stored on execute increased to 20% of target’s max hp. Blood Altar: +Healing radius is shortened, but the altar itself now shows on minimap. Instead of tethered healing, allies who touch the altar’s radius get the blood offering buff. They get the same healing regen that it gives to Garuda (so 25% hp/s at base, scaling with strength). Think of a wisp vitality mote, but without the bonus hp. +The duration of the buff is increased by .2 second every time an enemy is killed. So each player, can in theory, have infinite regen so long as they keep killing stuff. So long as at least 1 player is killing stuff quickly (ideally Garuda), the team is healing ~35% hp/s at 140% power strength. ++If Garuda executes an enemy, the buff time is increased by 1 seconds and personal healing is increased by X% (whatever % you want) --The duration of the blood altar itself is shared between all players, and the base duration is reduced to 5 seconds. Meaning, EVERYONE contributes to the duration of the blood altar so long as the murder continues. The BONUS time scales with +Duration%, so +200% duration at 1 blood altar makes 1 kill give .4 seconds total time. The base time does not scale. ++Starting a new blood altar ADDS to the current duration, and ADDS to the buff increase. So at 3 blood altars on the map, 1 kill adds .6 seconds to the total duration. =Enemies still die at the end of the blood altar if they've taken enough damage. You can still stall out a defense to let the target regen if you leave the altar alive for a while after you kill everything. Bloodletting: =Exactly the same. Seeking Talons: +Can work on Kuva Liches and Demolysts, but with slightly reduced slash strength. +Charge up time decreased *slightly*. I’d just like it to be just a little bit faster with Natural Talent. +The animation speed of her 1 is increased by 1.25x on an enemy afflicted with the debuff. Overall: With this, Garuda fills 2 main role and 1 niche role. She's a teamwide healer, joining the ranks of Wisp, Oberon, and Trinity for actually useful healing. She's an AOE slash damage debuffer, which surprisingly isn't as useful for the most part as you'd like. It really shines at higher levels, where you and your team can actually make use of the millions of bonus damage, instead of level 40-80 where everything dies instantly to everything we do anyways. Now she can jump in, and not worry AS MUCH about being shot from literally every direction and dying. Lastly, she has another niche role as an endgame invincible solo-frame killer. At max %passive bonus, her 4 should bring high level enemies close to 50%, where you can constantly 1 enemies for the invincibility with her augment. Just think about instagibbing lvl 150 bombards and gunners at half hp, or veil exo enemies. Do that a bunch of times, then use charged 1 on a group to instagib a whole room. Repeat. Thoughts?
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