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  1. They're all cool suggestions, 2 happened before, 5 is likely, the rest of them are really wishful thinking.
  2. Funny you mentioned this, because apparently there was some sort of exchange program. Destiny 2 players are announcing they're coming to Warframe and vice versa.
  3. You got something against MMO minigames? That seems to be the only talking point you have.
  4. A lot of quests, if not all, in Warframe are solo, so your point?
  5. Waiting for Steve to go live on Twitch..
  6. Bro how bout you chill, Deimos update is in 3 days, go play it, mess around with the Helminth system using Revenant then come back and write more about your little passion project
  7. Anytime an 'Initiate' comes to the forums with this sort of behaviour it always got me like
  8. I want you to think over what you said for a second
  9. Anything that doesn't have a foundry visual defaults to the Mire sword iirc
  10. You know that's almost impossible.
  11. This is Bay. 1st ability: Rock 2nd ability: Transform 3rd ability: Kamikaze 4th ability: Armageddon
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