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  1. Apparently people are not capable of reading here.
  2. No because Clem Prime isn't a "big" meme in the first place. And nobody will take the game seriously if it's all memes and pandering and fanservice (coughs beach episode).
  3. How about "they lied about RJ and SS sucked balls so we hated on the game for months and it scared them into only showing content that was actually in game also they still have no idea how to proceed with the New War, let alone Duviri Paradox?"
  4. Almost any weapon is pretty doable in Warframe but don't act surprised when someone questions your "noob gear"
  5. Says the snowflake who made a thread because he got suspended for saying something offensive and actually comparing DE to communism
  6. In cases too many, an individual in society receives hate for just having certain biological/cultural traits.
  7. First person mode is cool, giving Warframe an identity crisis is not
  8. They literally designed Xaku, what are you smoking?
  9. It's a very, very, extremely, undoubtedly, expectedly, redundant mechanic.
  10. It's tedious, but it's definitely not the worst farm buddy
  11. What if people are tricked by the idea of a handcannon? It's a powerful auto pistol with spray alt, but it's not the Brakk. And most people think it's similar to a Brakk. How is "get a free item" equate to you're not being tricked? Where's the T&C? You are implying people they should be grateful using some very risky talking points like "don't like it, don't buy it then" and "if you hate it then play something else", and "if you don't like this country then get out" to other people. The whole thread is about Athodai is not, by definition, a 'handcannon' and you're just giving yourself a false sense of superiority by confusing people's legitimate complaints with entitlement. Tame your ego.
  12. This, I'm not gonna rush anything because there's always expected issues when the update launches
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