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  1. This is almost like a meme hahahahaha Almost.
  2. Really? So we still need context from OP. But my point still stands, right?
  3. And a pentagram isn't necessarily a religious symbol, the Sigil of Baphomet would be.
  4. What a story, Mark @(XB1)TwiStedInSaneII, haha
  5. Mamma mia... Real answer: Non è così che funziona, fare avvisi o stavi parlando dei coupon in platino?
  6. Revolutionary. Consoles are now obsolete
  7. There's a lot of dismemberment in the game especially when you use melee, gore is still gore
  8. Too complicated, what's stopping people from leaving your clan for another?
  9. Nice intentionally misdirected argument on a fellow tenno. Strawman much? Amazing.
  10. I get it, you build Volt so you can rush missions. Guess what's more useful than that? Make a build around spamming his 4 across the galaxy for ESO
  11. Could be a bug, I got the Vor and Stalker sigil as well
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