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  1. The dumbass who paid 300k for it is legendary in my book lmao, big S T O N K S moment it was when you see the warframe.market statistic
  2. I can smell the tears of the plat mafia here
  3. You're looking at a legendary mod here, THE Primed Chamber, was extremely exclusive to a few hundred players , highly sought after (someone sold it for hundred thousands of plat). Now it's back and veterans are pissed about it
  4. To be honest there are wayyyyyy MANY things to throw a fit about in Warframe, but this is not really it chief
  5. This thread is the funniest thing I've watched since people complained about Excal Prime being exclusive
  6. You're in a forum. And I'm adding that a big/reputable company like CD PROJEKT RED will have a bigger chance to do collabs with Japanese companies, Namco Bandai already did Soulcalibur VI before
  7. Mr flaming cheese wheel ur honor the Railjack is ur own, everyone in the clan can help build the dry dock tho
  8. Might as well get to MR8 and get a Fulmin
  9. You mean, sell the whole cat? That's not really possible, you can sell its imprints tho: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Genetic_Code_Template Also, wrong place.
  10. Keep the Arcanes anyway, they're very valuable
  11. Like the above, Ash and Wukong, I'd add Chroma/Equinox for damage and Ivara for the sneaky. The real question is are you willing to grind for some of them?
  12. Witcher 3 sold millions of units, won GOTY awards and recently had a Netflix show, also Geralt is literally a monster hunter
  13. They reworked Ember already what more do you want That's what you get for getting involved in the riven mafia 😎 Loyalty? But your title says wHy cAn't THey leAve Us aLOne!!! loL You a DE simp? You think Railjack is for new players wtf are you on about. The boring grind is real tho.
  14. Damn, the mental gymnastics of this thread
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