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  1. I think some players are missing the point of this. the migration wasn't really targeted to those that play on PC and planned on stay playing on PC, it was more for those that were planning on ditching the PC for the switch. Now they have the option of having an advanced account while playing in one of the two instead of having just 1 account and having to start over on the other. I'm liking the option, I missed the PS4 migration thinking the same thing "why would I if no sync" or "why would I play on both" then I downloaded the PS4 and saw myself spending a lot of time just catching up, this made me just switch back to PC even though I have friends playing on the console. This time I won't make that mistake, I'll copy my account and if I want to start over I would just make a new frame and play the planets like everyone else, but at least I'll have the option of just jumping into a leveled frame and enjoying some advance play as well. Then if I get bored of the switch, I can just jump in to PC. Getting my switch to where my PS4 and PC accounts are would probably cost more than buying a new PC.. so this works perfectly for me.
  2. so any deadline for the migration? I didn't see an end-date on the official announcement
  3. I mean. at least this beats the original option which was full blown account transfer (so losing the pc account). now its just an account copy so its just a headstart for those that want to move to the switch (so we have the option of keeping the pc account as well). I was prepared to lose my pc account all together so this makes me happy as heck lol  better that the ps4 migration mess imo
  4. im expecting a switch for Christmas, hopefully this migration window will stay for around a month at least
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