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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Missing defense target and enemies I started the defense mission on neptune (this was the first unlocked mission there, arva vector) from orbiter but aborted right to dojo after because i was using the wrong set of RJ mod. Restarted the mission from dojo and start doing the loot dungeon/resource vault mission on ice mine, killed all enemies there and move on to the main objective and entered after doing all the necessary thing. When i entered, i noticed that the defense target is missing and can't really return to RJ either due to the nature of the mission
  2. I have reached mastery rank 30 some time back but never really notice this bug because I don't use the mastery sigil on most of my warframes. One of the frames I did use it on however is wukong. I noticed that the mastery sigil on his front is reverted after doing a quick mission for invasion but it does revert back to normal when I go the the arsenal. After knowing this, I experimented with the bug to see how the bug works. So far, selecting the warframe with the sigil on the arsenal wouldn't have any issue but after selecting: logging out and back in to the game would revert the s
  3. Not sure how this happened and I am unable to replicate it even under the same circumstances. It started with me logging in to the game and directly pressing esc button to select menu to go to equipment trying to check on my inventory but I misclicked and accidentally go to helminth instead. After getting up from the chair and going out of the room, I noticed that the fog on my orbiter's bottom deck turn green. Tried checking other rooms and this fog only exist in the bottom deck of the orbiter. After going past the wall between relic and incubator segment towards the upper deck returns the fo
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