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  1. On rare occasions where you enter an assassination mission late in the game right when the cinematic of the boss fight is playing, you would be stuck and unable to move, use ability or even access the esc menu. When that happen, The only option would be to either close the game or wait until everyone got to the extraction and the countdown goes to 0.
  2. Clan Name : Stormlock Clan Tier : Shadow Clan Platform : PC Clan Role : Thunderstorm (General, with architect permission) The idea behind the decoration is a small forgotten orokin colony base that have been takenover by nature which later repurposed into a tenno base. Currently the dojo is almost hitting the room limit (already 99 rooms) with only half of those are decorated. I will be showing some of the rooms 😊 3rd Floor The 3rd floor is the main floor of the dojo where all research and many other facilities are located. Main Hall / Spawn Point Temple Council Chamber Labs Observatory Other Facilities not included are Meditation Facility, Garden of Czar, Trophy Room, PvP Area and Space Garden 2nd Floor This floor is designated for members to rest as well as the floor for managing temperature and energy consumption. Grand Hall White Room The living area is sadly still under construction for the most part. 😔 1st Floor The first floor is the docking and storage area of the dojo. Right Wing Basement Left Wing area and Storage are also under construction. 😔 4th Floor The 4th floor is only accessible through a teleporter. The floor also act as a gate to 4 different level of trial (custom obstacle course) which is represented by 4 statues of Divine Beasts in chinese constellation. There haven't been much update on the dojo since the last Dojo Remaster competition (except for the temple and council chamber which is newer), so you can see more rooms and detail from the previous Dojo Remaster Submission. Good Luck to everyone. 😃
  3. Can we please get a crewman boot decoration like the one on cetus?
  4. Clan Name : Stormlock Clan Tier : Shadow Clan Platform : PC Clan Role : General (Thunderstorm, with architect permission) Decorator - Horactius (General, Thunderstorm) - Ashvall (Founding Warlord, Czar) Honorable mention for helping with some design - woriye (General, Thunderstorm) Contributor - Armoured_Tank - Horactius - Argeoyn - Ashvall - Collobarus - woriye - skies354 - NekoNyaaMonogatari - Experiment01_Ghast - Siegfr1edpeace - Majesticax Concept: This Dojo is built around an old abandoned orokin colony ship which was repurposed into a tenno base. Spawn point (3rd Floor Hall): Research Areas: Trophy Room: Garden of Czar: Swamp: 2nd Floor hall: White Room: 1st Floor Right Wing: Basement: Mystic Cave: Throne and Guardian Deity: more screenshot on album gallery
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