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  1. I was referring to the custom legendary glyphs that you get by purchasing the legendary tennocon pack which i don't think is available since last year 2020 tennocon.
  2. hmm, I didn't know there was an albino variant of the red-crested virmink 🤔
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Missing defense target and enemies I started the defense mission on neptune (this was the first unlocked mission there, arva vector) from orbiter but aborted right to dojo after because i was using the wrong set of RJ mod. Restarted the mission from dojo and start doing the loot dungeon/resource vault mission on ice mine, killed all enemies there and move on to the main objective and entered after doing all the necessary thing. When i entered, i noticed that the defense target is missing and can't really return to RJ either due to the nature of the mission so i wait a couple of minutes to force the mission to start and there's no enemies that spawn on the mission either even after waiting for a couple more minutes. Had to abort and lose all the resource and exp i got but i did somehow managed to keep all my RJ components. After aborting, the missing defense target does show up but it keeps sticking to one of my crewmate throughout the loading and even in the dojo. VISUAL: Empty map: GIF of the defense target: REPRODUCTION: There might be a more specific trigger but i can't get it to work. Started the mission from orbiter and directly abort the mission to go to dojo and go right back to arva vector. Did the ice mine and then go do what i had to do to enter the ship. To be more specific, i directly started doing the vault which was quite close to the main ship at the time which also make crewship and normal fighter ships to attack my railjack that was parked in front of the ice mine. After i finished killing all the enemies there and got out, i immediately go for the crewship that was attacking my railjack and go to the main objective ship and it told me to destroy 2 security nodes and 1 crewship (which i already did before getting there) before going in. There's was no waypoint when i got in. I wasn't able to reproduce the spawn location of the ice mine to be close to the ship so i can't really replicate the whole thing 100% EXPECTED RESULT: There should be a defense target/capsule i had to protect. OBSERVED RESULT: There's no defense target/capsule and the it ended up sticking to one of my crewmate (number 1, the one placed on the left) after aborting as seen on the GIF. REPRODUCTION RATE: 1/3 (33.33%), only happened the 1st time Extra bug found when testing: TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: You get to keep scraps (component and armament) you got after aborting. VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Get scraps and abort. EXPECTED RESULT: Get nothing. OBSERVED RESULT: Scraps stay on inventory. REPRODUCTION RATE: 3/3, out of the 3 tries, the first 2 tries only allow me to keep components but no armaments but the last one did allow me to keep both.
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