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  1. I like the new system, i mean one devstream per month but with this we will get less twitch drops sadly. :(
  2. Octavia is a really good warframe and it's not boring. Those guys and girls who don't like to play with her then don't. It's one of the warframe who can be brought on any mission type because she can handle it. I bet she is fighting for the "strongest warframe" position. If it's hard for you to spam the crouch then select another warframe, fortunetly there is another 44 warframe. Let's check it from another side. Gauss and volt why is funny to play or saryn? With gauss or volt you are speedrunning everything, I bet there is no more fun like being invisible in whole game. With saryn you instak
  3. Just wait until your host lefts the game and you end up failing the mission after 20 min gameplay and getting absolutely nothing.
  4. Why you have to create the new warframes more and more grindier? I mean lets compare lavos with nyx. You get nyx's all parts with "maximum" (but in reality much less) 35 assassination mission which is like 35*2 min,while at lavos for destroying 15 orphix you get around 400 phasic cells but the mission time reaches almost 15 20 min if not more... You need 1000 phasic cells for a component and 1500 for blueprint. At least make the blueprint purchasable for credits.
  5. What you thought you will get: A nice operation with chill gameplay and no nerves. What you really got: The host lefts the game and the mission ends failed. Thanks for this beatiful event, and a lot of nerves, 15 oprhix destroyed for nothing...
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