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  1. You can't fix people in a video game. The only thing that can fix them is the education that their parents gives them.
  2. Nicely? Supra Vandal it's a god slaying monster with high crits, status, base damage, fire rate ammo capacity and even the accuracy to back all those out, go figure. Dera Vandal, Buzlok have absolute monster stats now and Tiberon / Burston P are side-grades of each-other that seem to be even better than the Sybaris family. Wanna hear the best part about this? All those that I have mentioned have superb riven disposition and their Rivens were dirt cheap not too long ago
  3. The idea came from overreacting youtubers, and you also joining the herd doesn't help. In the first place, the change will affect slash damage that makes up less than 100% of the damage, as the effects will be lower the lower % slash damage represents. Ash doesn't do impact or puncture damage with his abilities, so they will be unaffected by the upcoming changes.
  4. Hopefully, it's just a bug that they haven't had the time to fix yet....
  5. The one factor I didn't mentioned is that, based on my long observations, the majority of the player base (~75%) has a great aversion to trading, and they prefer to never have anything to do with it, even if they can get like 100p per easy trade, in the conditions that they have 0 platinum and no way to get it. To put it in perspective, even if I farm the item together with them, tell them exactly what to do and so on, they still seem to have a hard time to even start doing it. I guess that's normal since if all the player base were to trade their junk, pretty much all rare non-vaulted p
  6. True, but he wanted to be reasonable and not-overly demanding of easy stuff, which I understand. But you also need to keep in mind that selling prime parts is not a static thing, like selling stuff from your inventory for credits. You can sell parts for platinum ONLY as long as there is someone to buy them, and not further. At the moment and perhaps for a while longer, there still seem to be players that buy prime parts, but the prices of 10p per some rare parts underlines this even further.
  7. I don't know if multihit will happen, but one this is certain to happen if you use -% flight speed mods on it: it's maximum range will decrease, which is already quite limited. So, you will be using it more as a melee weapon, than a gun.
  8. Fairly simple. Some people will have dozens of those, some people obviously can have none. Like this, they would still get to 5p per piece in trading eventually. I am sure the guys at DE thought ahead and made them untradeable so that ppl would either: A) Spend more resources in farming them B) Buy the "What Stalker?" pack. Very low prices are not profitable for anyone other than poor players.
  9. This is one of the few games where I leave Motion Blur on. It has a very specific purpose and that is to lower the amount of information the eyes have to perceive on fast motions, similar with how racing games will blur the side road. This prevents you from getting sick from too much visual information. Even if WF is not exactly a racing game, I still feel like I can play for much longer with it on rather than without it. One thing I do turn off is the Depth of Field, which blurs the character and the gun when aiming. Since I like to see those all the time, I disabled that. Oh a
  10. Those that don't know even the basics of the basics probably are not MR8 to use the Lenz. Hell, even MR6 players know how to do a crit build for Soma. This is exactly the same. If there were still players that didn't even knew that much at that rank, they would not even be worth taking into consideration.
  11. There are definitely weapons that are not worth it, like older variants. Why would you bother with something like Mk-1 Paris and Paris when there is Paris Prime as direct upgrade for example?
  12. If you are to use logic, the fist and sparring weapons should be the absolute fastest, and they are. After this it's probably the daggers. I haven't used them much, but with their stances they seem fast enough to deserve the second fastest spot.
  13. That's why it's called downside, you are more or less forced to use mods to compensate for it. If it affects you so much, there is no need to hesitate. 1 mod out of 8 won't weaken your build enough to actually matter. Alternatively, you can grab a riven with -% recoil. Those can have other powerful bonuses as well to make it worth using the slot.
  14. From 75% reduction to 30% reduction, so basically making it even weaker than before vs Shields... And you got one part wrong. As damage type, the weakest are Gas and Radiation as they have the fewest bonuses and the most massive downsides. And as proc, there are still many types worse than 75% shields reduction.
  15. Gas creates Toxin clouds, so it applies actually Toxin procs. Toxin procs deal 50% of the damage per tick, for a total of 9 ticks in 8 seconds. 50% x 9 = 450%. So it will be 450% damage, but over extended periods of time, so it's much weaker than it actually sounds.
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