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  1. Salamander/Amphibian Frame pls Amphibians, specifically Salamanders, are incredibly versatile creatures. They have a long history of being revered and even feared as flame gods in mythology. Their bodies are regeneration powerhouses, able to regrow limbs, parts of their body, tails and in some species, parts of their head and brain. Having soft and permeable skin makes them rather squishy but also is a good way of secreting dangerous deterrents in the form of paralyzing agents and poison. Despite their squishiness they are incredibly resilient; their "slime coats" keeping them safe from illness (hint hint status procs). If it's not their vibrant colors, array of toxins or even vocal stimming used to deter predators, they are also known to go on the offensive in fight or flight situations. Being voracious eaters, anything that can fit in their wide maw WILL be eaten. Some species of Salamander such as the Iberian Ribbed Newt take it a step further and go full on metal. When threatened they puncture their own ribs through their flesh to intimidate their opponents. When that fails, they will use the secretions of their skin and ram targets to puncture them and deal doses of poison (usually at the cost of their own vitality, but not always fatal.) Their semi-aquatic nature makes them adept at multiple forms of travel. By water, land, and even under the ground as shown by several species of mole salamanders like the Eastern/Western Barred Tigers. "Christ, just look at him," sources say. "Absolute unit." I could see one working as a sort of unorthodox tank/support. Using intimidation from their rib puncture, potential Damage Resistance from a slime coat and their recovery making a super potent kit. Would love to see one of my favorite animals/species represented in Warframe (That isn't just Froggy-vara).
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