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  1. Will the bug that prevents you from skipping the mission intro cutscene if you're not host be fixed? Been in the game since September....
  2. Oh come on... At least push the damn Gara tennogen skin out
  3. I've been playing for 4 years... Past 6 months I've been running a double resourse booster... Can I PLEASE STOP GETTING "RARE" RESOURSES I have more than I'll ever need...
  4. Thats round 13. we just finished up the rest of 12 Cool your tits
  5. PC has had it for awhile, you can see where it's at
  6. having a charge attack for a horde game is pointless. having to build up for ONE attack for a horde game is pointless
  7. You just got a free frame and weapon fully leveled with a reactor and catalyst. You people I swear are so damn ungrateful.
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