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  1. Man we aint gettin it anytime soon. We'll prolly get it when Hydroid gets a complete remake. So never
  2. I've been told on stream twice recently that they still are but if they really are, it just doesn't make sense why it's taking so long outside of wanting dx12
  3. That's what makes it seem like they had a deal with Sony. The hardware isn't even really different
  4. It's really not that serious. Most of it is just simply changing the graphic settings
  5. 100% this They don't need to do all this testing for months when most of it is just changing the .ini from low/med to high The consoles hardware are pretty much the samething(excluding XSS) Makes no sense otherwise
  6. Time for arcane helms to come back but only in the NW shop
  7. Uh... Mag helm is plus 25 range minus shield... That's a very good helm in today's game
  8. They really should just put them in the NW shop. That's it, that's all it needs to be. One time deal or maybe only once in a long time
  9. Yea but they don't care. I'm still waiting for the series x update. Hell, I know of a glitch that's been in the game for almost 4 years that I can replicate
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