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  1. Does this mean I still need to stay in the same flotilla instance until it reaches 100/100 or I don't get the rewards? Seems a huge waste of time to me...
  2. well, the new hotfix seems to imply you're not supposed to be able to get 20k, but are instead limited to 10k per 100/100 murex for an even worse grind...
  3. TYPE: Crash DESCRIPTION: Crash on mission start is NOT fixed in the last hotfix. REPRODUCTION: Start a mission (railjack seems worse) EXPECTED RESULT: mission plays normally OBSERVED RESULT: CTD REPRODUCTION RATE: once every couple of missions also, issue with rewards not being received properly
  4. eey, another patch that still doesn't address the issue of Railjack not respecting your time lootwise. Guess I'll stick to my daily logins an wait till they fix it in a couple of months perhaps. Plenty of other good games to play in the meantime
  5. So you still lose an effective 50% damage output... Still useless. Change it to a 1-1 trade off and people might use it if they have the accuracy to guarantee shots. It should be an elite high risk, high reward style house, not a gimped one. so instead of 2% we get 4%... Then the RNG of getting the right type, then the RNG of getting a good roll. We actually wanted: a massive reduction in RNG and a baseline for all house wreckage that actually makes sense.
  6. nah, they need to fully refund materials spend on repair, make the repairs take 1 hour, and cut the resource cost in half for mk1 and mk2 at least. Probably for Mk3 as well, but I can see why they'd want people to take longer over that
  7. They're deliberately misleading in the patch notes: you only get 50% back, so you can't even try parts out that way
  8. This, a lot of people posted on the forums that they're getting all their mats back / you're supposed to get all your mats back. pretty messed up that this isn't addressed yet
  9. Railjack loot components need a massive buff. As it stands right now they cost 1.5-2x the cost of a normal T1-2 item (have checked engines, reactors, and guns) and have way worse stats (engines and reactors) or equal damage with +/- 1-3% status on the guns. All of this for double the cost. Completely not worth, and since DE has removed the ability to preview Mk2 and Mk3 gear it just feels like they want us to waste massive amounts of resources.
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