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  1. Appreciate the update, but once again: Please for the love of god, fix the electrical hazard bug on railjack it's super annoying
  2. This this this. Please DE hotfix this out ASAP. It's super annoying and it's gonna kill a lot of interest in things if people keep deciding to scrap missions over it sometimes. A few possibly helpful things I can tell DE about this: I've had this happen solo, it's not a host/client issue. Secondly, if the ship is hit with this while you're not even IN the ship, it will still effect you no matter where you are, the range of this is infinite, also the effect seems to be semi-permanent. Unless you go through a full load somewhere it will stay on, procedural loads will not clean this up, going back to dock will leave you with scrambled UI too. Also, not really part of the bug but something DE might want to consider doing something about: The jammed screen on tactical when the elec hazard is up is cool, and looks great. However one problem with this: You can't issue commands to people without it. While other players most likely won't listen to Cy yelling at them anyway, I'm more concerned about solo here, because if you get that elec hazard up, you become completely incapable of changing roles of your crew. This became quite a headache for me while trying to aim the artillery because the pilot crewmate kept trying to move the damn ship every time I manually repositioned it to aim at things. I know this is something you're generally aware of, but if this hazard is locked on, it's super annoying since you can't use your UI right, the NPC can't be told to lay off the pilot seat for a bit, and of course, if you're using a pilot npc, you probably are solo anyway and are already getting your UI, shields and ship shields scrambled while also dealing with the pilot's lunacy ;) Also tangent but this also became a headache as well once, because I had a turret get frozen. Thing is, I had an NPC gunner. When the gunner got kicked off their turret, they didn't try to use the other turret at all which I thought was odd. What was also odd, is their turret could not be used obviously, but, the one VISUALLY showing as frozen, was actually the other one, which I could still use, that was only a visual bug. However the larger problem at play here was I couldn't spray the omni at the actual or visually broken turret to repair this what so ever, and since the electrical hazard was gumming my UI up I couldn't even try to get the NPCs to give it a whirl since they might know the 'actual' location of the hitbox to repair those.
  3. Yes for the love of god please get something out for this, it's awful. When the proc goes off on the ship, it can effect people outside the ship, and permanently, glitching their UI up, screwing with the ship's shields, and also locking the tactical menu out which let me tell you very irritating when soloing, because you can't order the NPCs around, and if you got an npc pilot, good luck shooting the artillery at anything when the goober keeps moving the ship
  4. Just wanted to put this bug out there. I've got a Lavan Reactor Mk III. It's supposed to have +25% max shields, however I noticed swapping it in or out makes no difference, not in the UI, or in a mission, my shields remain unchanged. Also another bug I noticed. I got my first piece of Plating refurbished and equipped it. I noticed in the Scrap dialog, that the currently equipped piece of plating shows there and can be scrapped, usually the equipped items say equipped over them and are protected.
  5. I too had that issue, I unslotted my lich in slot 1 and back in and it magically started working very weird
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