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  1. I am calm but we are being silenced! As I said in my previous post, I am hurt, really hurt and really dissapointed. All my words come out of these feelings, I mean no harm to anybody. All of my posts contain constructive critisism and they involve words that parents give to their children when they give them tough love. I mean no harm or offense to anybody. But DE and everybody in the forum, this is our intervention. Things need to change, drasticaly.
  2. And so everybody knows, my original post (and the people quoting) that alot of you have commented on, has been removed by DE. It shows exactly what kind of people they are and what their intentions are. Ofcourse this is going to be treated on a typical manner like "me doing something wrong" or "using false language" or "it was removed automatically". Unfortunately for them, or anybody that may have reported it, I make screeshots of every single thing I post here and I can repost them outside for anyone to see. Stop censoring people, it will not work on your favor. Also it's of everybody's best interest to start screenshooting the discussions over here. I would not be surprised if the thread gets locked, my posts and many more get removed, or even some of us getting banned. From my side, I will let it slide for the moment, but only if it's proven to be the catalyst of a turning point for some things. If by the next Dev Stream I see no intentions to change the current situations, from that point I'll be taking different approach to similat matters and I cannot guarantee that it will involve respect and proper dialog, something that we are all doing here. I also want to sincerely share that I am genuinely hurt and dissapointed. This is not a good day for any of us.
  3. We all here, despite opinions on the certain matter, have made it possible for them (DE and other companies) to put quality, quanity, bug fixing and community relations the least important part of an MMO game. (You ALL know what I'm talking about) We are all divided, making unreasonable comments and everything, fighting for everything, when we should be all united because we have much more in common than what we admit to have. DE, and all of the rest companies are always going to be a certain way depending on the current market situation, can't we atleast be united? We all have the same goal anyway and that's enjoying a game. Your closest allies in this forum, are the rest people that play this game, so don't go againt them, try to find a common ground with them, otherwise we are all going to hell, together with DE. I'm not here to fight anybody, DE included, but things have to change, can't we make the first step? ☹️
  4. I have answered to that already, you are not reading. The exploit was patched fast and it had virtually no notworthy consequences to the game. DE acted waaay, WAAAYYY too harsh for what it was, instead of realising that they need to start doing a better job at those stuff. They are learning nothing, it will happen again and again and again and again. They are not even trying to prevent this unless thay are left with no other option, and evn then it's rather late. This practice is unlike any other company I have ever seen, it's a one of kind situation.
  5. True but find me ONE person that believes that DE is doing a fair job with bug fixing. ONE. Why do so many people act like they are doing a great job when they are not? Infact they are light years away from doing a good job. WHY?
  6. 1. I did not exploit the bug. 2. It's DE's fault that they punish people for their own inability to do proper patching. It's ALWAYS the case, every single time, year after year. Things like that would have almost NEVER happened if DE was getting seriously bug fixing. But since for DE bug fixing and beta testing is not a priority since day one, things like that will happen again and again, it's a bottomless pit.
  7. Fixed? It's still possible to do it. Not that I'm going to ever do it (I don't want to get involved in a ban, Ι have the decency to respect the devs, you can rest assured that I'm not going to do it), or get into specifics how it's still possible, that's not my job. I'm going to say what everybody is thinking in Warframe but doesn't have the nerve to say it: You should be ashamed of banning people for your own inability to program certain things properly in a game (something that would not be tolerated let's say a decade ago in the video game industry) and expect that an EULA is above everything, that's false, malicious thinking and ultimately abuse of power. Also you should consider thinking that your position does not give you immunity against critisism when you are obviously failing to do what should be a no brainer. You have the perfect opportunity to learn after this mistake about the fact that bug fixing should always be the number one factor in a game and to not bring out content that is not ready for prime time publicly. I hope my "tough love" message is not offending anybody because that's not my intention, but it's about time some things needed to be said.
  8. I've been having this dream while sleeping and it was like I was able to see the future and how Warframe could "end". Tenno are alone in the system, with no alies and everybody, including their Warframes have turned their backs to them. A war is about to begin where the Tenno have to go against their own Warframes. Tenno are being called to essentially do the impossible, surpass their own strength, their own selfs. I guess now that you get the concept let me introduce you to this poster: I hope people enjoy this idea. (PS: It would also make a great possible Mastery Rank 30 test)
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