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  1. ToolboxMotley

    WTS Catchmoon riven

    +134.2% Multishot +114.3% Critical Damage -20.2% damage to Grineer Rank 10, Madurai MR 15 requirement 0 rolls PM offers.
  2. Isn't Redeemer Prime's shotgun blast the same as the original Redeemer's? The only difference is a slightly higher attack speed. This has effectively been in the game for years now. X)
  3. ToolboxMotley

    All Frames feel powerful, except for Vauban

    Random thought, I'd love to see an extra component to Vauban's abilities after he gets a much-needed rework: functionality similar to his Vortex augment, where throwing more of them in the same place upgrades the ability. Not just in duration, but in power, range, etc. That way, you can invest however much energy you want into the device so that it can better perform its purpose, whatever that purpose ends up being. Sorta like upgrading buildings as TF2's Engineer. 😛
  4. ToolboxMotley

    Limbo's stasis

    Augment to let Limbo freeze his bullets? As always, YES PLEASE! Bonus points if it lets frozen projectiles affect both planes. 😄
  5. ToolboxMotley

    How about a (Limbo) Stasis Augment that we can *all* enjoy?

    Then you didn't read everything. I certainly agree on wonky Rift mechanics being a problem, though. It happens with every content patch; Limbo is an afterthought for the developers, sadly, and new enemies and defense targets always ignore the Rift for a few months after release.
  6. ToolboxMotley

    How about a (Limbo) Stasis Augment that we can *all* enjoy?

    Your post said you didn't understand why anyone would want projectile-freezing to return, and that there would be no uses for it. Leads me to believe you skimmed the original post, at best, before voicing your opposition. I'm just wanting to convince people that it'd be a good idea to bring it back, with some tweaks, because I believe it'd be a great addition. People saying nay is an obvious obstacle to that, so I want to address concerns in order to get them on board.
  7. ToolboxMotley

    How about a (Limbo) Stasis Augment that we can *all* enjoy?

    Ack, I got distracted and forgot about this post. But I will not give up the fight for Stasis! What do you mean by coming up with a build for it? It'd be entirely theoretical, as we don't know whatever stats it'd end up having, and even if we did, I imagine it'd be something that could fit in a variety of builds, though Duration would likely be a big focus. If it were to come back exactly as it was, with no damage boosts or extras like hitting things outside of the Rift, the uses would admittedly be mostly glitch-driven. The Azima turret trick, Mutalist Quanta bubbles acting as pseudo-Electric-Shields and status-effect-hotspots (I used this A LOT), and the old non-Limbo-main favorite of simply unlocking Rivens with it. If they DID make Stasis'd projectiles affect the normal plane, HOO BOY! You'd end up with a one-shot version of what Vauban should have been, being able to set up traps for the purposes of Defense or Interception missions. You could make any weapon into the Castanas, to hit multiple places at once, such as Hive nodes to have fewer clouds to deal with. Or you could set up a nice, big alpha strike for the final phase of Eidolons. What I personally miss most is the Mutalist Quanta functionality, as it was such a versatile weapon when you could actually keep the bubbles around. But just experimenting alone was a huge joy for me, and the prospect of blasting the Eidolon away in its final stage is exciting.
  8. ToolboxMotley

    Is there a cap on melee speed?

    DE has a very precise stance on keyboard and mouse macros of "it's okay to use except when it isn't", so I've been hoping that carpal tunnel prevention falls under that.
  9. ToolboxMotley

    Is there a cap on melee speed?

    I don't have the means or knowhow to test it via frame data or whatever else, but it seems like my dagger Zaw doesn't get any faster when I trigger Volt's Speed while already having 205.3% attack speed from mods. Is there a cap to how fast it can go?
  10. ToolboxMotley

    How about a (Limbo) Stasis Augment that we can *all* enjoy?

    Oh, I'm definitely glad that allies no longer have to endure it. I only ever used minimum-range Cataclysm because of that. I think most can agree that any augment to bring Stasis back needs to only affect Limbo himself. There were a few different tricks to make good use of Stasis' projectile freezing that gave unique and useful functionality beyond just "looking cool". The Azima turrets were one trick, plus a few others. This is why I so deeply want an augment that brings back freezing as well as allows for the projectiles to hit both planes; Azima turrets matching your plane is likely a bug, but one that gave you a very interesting option when paired with old Stasis. Making plane-ignorance a feature of the augment would both remove the fear of the bug being patched out, as well as give that unique gameplay to many other weapons. It wouldn't be terribly useful in offensive situations, sure, but the defensive applications are very effective.
  11. ToolboxMotley

    How about a (Limbo) Stasis Augment that we can *all* enjoy?

    I've got 2493 hours on record in Warframe, with Limbo being used 49.4% of the time, and Limbo Prime being used 0.8% of the time. So, 1296 hours...? Chop off a bit for time on the Orbiter and such, actual combat time is still likely in the thousands. Point is, lots and lots of Limbo experience. I get most of my kills with my melee. I used Stasis a lot when it froze projectiles in order to set up defensive traps with Azima, as its turret would match whatever plane you were currently while it fired. As such, I could set up a dozen of them at an Interception point, and let them loose if it started to get hacked while I was away at a different area. This is why I'd quite like an augment that both freezes your projectiles and makes released projectiles affect the normal plane; it'd allow for setting such traps with more than just the Azima.
  12. ToolboxMotley

    How about a (Limbo) Stasis Augment that we can *all* enjoy?

    I'm partial to the "Stasis'd projectiles affect both planes" approach instead, but ANYTHING to give projectile-freezing back would make me happy. 😞
  13. ToolboxMotley

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.1

  14. ToolboxMotley

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

    *sob* Plz gib augment for freezing your own projectiles plox. T_T