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  1. That's certainly along the lines of stuff I want to cover. Oddities like Mutalist Quanta (and Bursting Mass) with Limbo's Rift, how it affects enemies between planes... And other less bug-centric stuff, of course. X) I'm hoping to provide information that's more extrapolated from Wiki information rather than the raw numbers, as well as run tests of my own to determine mechanics, functionality, and unexpected interactions. :)
  2. I'm trying to put together a site that focuses on, among other games, Warframe. Right now, I'm writing a series of articles titled "Is (whoever) a good Warframe?" I've done Limbo, Rhino, Volt, and Gara... With each one I made, I found myself adding more and more detailed information. Now with the Hildryn one I'm working on, I've got 1250 words and I'm only partway through the first of fourteen different sections. I'm a tad worried that I'm putting in WAY more information than people asking that question are looking for, with equipment and companion recommendations that go well beyond just answ
  3. Lots of great info, thanks. 😄 I've been operating under the belief that basically all damage-based #4 abilities were pretty useless... I suppose that's an outdated assumption at this point. And I could've sworn Static Discharge was just a meager 1000 Electric tacked on at the end of all the other calculations.
  4. Shock and Discharge seem entirely unnecessary with decent weaponry, and Speed seems to be slower than parkour... Maybe the melee speed would be beneficial, but I've personally maxed out my attack speed via mods. Static Discharge doesn't seem like it makes much of a difference, either. Am I mistaken on any of these views? Or is Volt just beneficial for the shield?
  5. Ah, I was using a Zaw as well. Hooray, bug isolation! I did some missions with a friend lastnight, him as the host, and I didn't get the slowdown. So, at least in my case, it only seems to affect the host. I wonder if I can convince him to help me test things further.
  6. Any time I go underwater on a Uranus mission and then come back out, my melee attacks are slowed down. And it gets worse and worse every time you go under; my speed-focused dagger ends up swinging like a hammer with Spoiled Strike. It's awful. 😞
  7. Would certainly like to see those Eidolon attacks stop affecting him, or at least get verification that the damage is intended to go through the Rift, rather than being stuck thinking it's an oversight. 😞
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