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  1. NO. Putting some high-level missions in there would be cool, and would cover needing to know the content and build well. Hour-long missions are just obnoxious time-wasters that are ESPECIALLY infuriating if your connection isn't always reliable (which made previous hour-long missions basically impossible for me even though I can handle deadly content quite easily). As for long Survival missions being unrewarding, that's a problem with Survival missions themselves, not something that should just be forced on players. Arbitrations have a decent system; instead of AABCAABCAABC, the reward rotation is ABCCCCCCCCCC. The pseudo-boosters gained in endless Void Fissure missions are also a good incentive for going longer, perhaps just needing to be more potent. Use those systems, don't just force people to stay for an hour by denying them rewards until that point. The problem with tying Nightwave standing to these missions is that it's a time-limited reward. It's (relatively) finite. ABCCC reward rotations and stacking boosters are a much more acceptable approach because they definitely result in faster reward gains when you go for longer missions, but you aren't denying anything to those that don't want to take part in such content. Those that don't like or genuinely cannot do long missions are still able to get those rewards, even if at a much slower pace.
  2. To my understanding, the Exodia Contagion projectile is supposed to do damage based off of the weapon's base stats and damage types. However, when using Plague Kripath without modding to specifically add Viral, no Viral damage is being dealt. This is most easily observed when attacking the Profit-Taker during its Viral phase.
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