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  1. You ever plan to fix INVASIONS menu??? This is ridiculous, one of first tier menus, right there on every players first screen - just remove expanding / collapse option and let it display full info on the mission.. jeez! I guess you dont read forum posts as well.. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1198151-invasion-menu-not-working-as-expected/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1147001-invasions-menu-a-bit-wonky/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1120295-invasion-ui-menu-needs-a-makeover/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1160518-found-a-minor-ui-bug-regarding-invasions/ https://
  2. There is something not right about this whole thing. 1) where can I find "signature ability" clearly stated in wiki for example for each frame? 2) when i google this, first warframe forum post is gone already - why? deleted, removed, censored?! So it is what - whatever DE says and you are not allowed to even discuss it?! 3) I bet "best" abilities will be chosen to be donated - one ability per frame. I mean, why even bother with this to then just spit in players face and make available only ability no one wants on the frame in first place
  3. so I am not crazy, pace and tone of the voice is different, very noticeable after 5 years of listening to old one.
  4. Earth trophy does not cast a shadow, like all other planets. there is shadow from base, but not planet itself
  5. you need enemy density - like in ESO and high level of enemies, that dont die from one attack. Did it with fragor prime in ESO in first few slams.
  6. ( stances work only if you go full mele - maybe not, work all the time), just use e by default to quick mele when you hold primary and try c by default for heavy attack cant use heavy attack in dual wielding with secondary. just stick to primary weapon and quick mele - you can throw it from that mode
  7. stupid fight, do something wrong, that ...... back to full health! basically 1) kill some specters, to get 3 dots besides xoris 2) blow protea to pieces with stong weapon, when she is down or everything to 0, heavy attack with xoris and detonate it, that will reduce yellow 4 bars by 1 to 3..2..1 and she cant go back to 4 3) repeat
  8. in sortie this stupid rotating wall wipes out 5000 hp in one hit! thanks a lot! where even you need to stick your parazon, went through several fights, never once could see the prompt!? other players preformed the stab disables iron skin!? every animation respawns you without buffs or protection?! energy drain as well?! you for real? simple lvl 6 mission throws rhino prime and inaros around like rag dolls new players will just quit the game at this boss!
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