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  1. I'm usually optimistic and receptive about changes in general but these definitely take away a little bit of my motivation to play Arbitrations in open squads. Unless the Resurgence Burden is minimal, the average player will not risk their own survivability or chance of success to bring back someone that probably in their judgement deserves it and should quit the mission instead, while some of the players that frequently get killed because they lack proper equipment will now feel entitled to get back into the fight because there's a different system enabling it. I know that at some point you guys will manage to strike a balance and improve Arbitrations, but in my opinion this is not the way.
  2. More possibilities and rewards are always a plus, but I really dislike the rest. I always thought Arbitrations main thing was to be unforgiving with slight tweaks on common mission types, sometimes even forcing the player out of their comfort zone because the 300% buff was too good to not consider switching weapons or frames. Maybe entirely new mechanics are needed? Different drones, maybe a new Arbiters of Hexis enemy that is some sort of miniboss and spawns in intervals of 10 minutes, and if killed within a specific circumstance would allow you to revive a single ally since you're "worth it"?
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