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  1. Does those tactical alerts give any of the following sigils ? Evergreen Sigil Tolling Sigil Nistlebrush Sigil Wreath Sigil seeing as they dropped in the original versions of them.
  2. Baleric

    Warframe Builder

    will the site be updated to go with the new warframe changes? specifically the Duration affecting energy drain.
  3. ^ What he said Or at the very least make the changes specific to warframes that need it cause Excalibur is pretty useless now, sure we can work it in favor of exalted blade but we lose all other 3 skills or the ability to add mods like rage or another defense mod (for example redirection and vitality in the same build) i'm completely disappointed in this since Excalibur is my favorite frame in the game way to kill it DE
  4. now tyl regor is bugged Great.
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