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  1. I could definitely get on board with those buffs. man that would be really awesome
  2. Yeah visually I hate those pyramids they are so damn hard to see.
  3. thinking about your suggestions I realized we have some "pre cursor" ephemeras hiding in plain sight: the bullet jump mods that add elemental effects. man I wish those were ephemeras.
  4. the stug is a haunted relic of a bygone era cursed with eldritch mechanics and awkward behaviours. After gazing into that abyss and imagining it with a kuva mechanic layered atop it like a septic cloying mantle, all I can bring myself to utter is a whispered no. Maybe if they made it work more like the nox's gun it would be better.
  5. using okami as an example (one of my favourite games of all time) an effect like that in warframe would be so cool
  6. Eidolons are slowly becoming more and more mandatory as the game pushes further into upgrading our operator as a means of progress. People often think that upgraded operators and amps are only mandatory for eidolons but they are forgetting chains of harrow and the umbra quest which suck massive world sized peanuts if you go into them without any magus or more powerful amps to buff your operator. The magus that upgrade most of your operators core stats are in the quills, most of the best amp parts are in the quills. You can't progress through quills without eidolons so yes I think eidolons need to be more accessible.
  7. She invades your lich missions when you kill enough thralls generating hate for their hate meter.
  8. You're conflating time constraints and time restrictions. Most of the time you will encounter time constraints: example the night time duration. Time restriction is the access to night time on the plains. Most people have no issue with time constraints and many people have suggested the night instance be timed so when you enter it you only have your 50 minutes then forced extraction. What people take issue with are the time restrictions which can actively prevent people from accessing eidolons and is a massive turn off for engaging with the content at all.
  9. unless your goal isn't arcanes and just to fight the eidolons themselves then the continuing "only on night cycle" remains a problem.
  10. Here's thing though: you don't need to pre form a group for profit taker because it doesn't require set roles to clear it in a timely manner. If you do want a group all you have to do is public queue. I have never failed to get a group public queuing for profit taker, to the point that because I didn't have fun with chroma's speed clearing stages I now run it solo. Making eidolons more accessible won't change that you want specific loadouts to speed clear them. People are always going to want to speed clear eidolons because it's the most effective way to get arcanes still. There's nothing preventing the anytime eidolon bounty from having a mission time limit that force extracts you with all your stuff at the end of it (manually having the option to exit earlier via the gate also saving your stuff). edit: missed this you are correct! it's the latter. From the wiki: This is a very good point you've brought up. That section of the quest proves that a special night time instance is accessible at least via the quest system. It's been years since I played that quest so I didn't even think of it.
  11. As far as I was aware those should be saved too because you completed the bounty. So either DE's being inconsistent again or that's a bug. Mining and fishing is also supposed to save on completion. Bonewidow will not work for the fight unless you already built your archgun explicitly for fighting mechs. Normally you use voidrig's arquebex to burn them down quickly. Unfortunately Bonewidow's ironbride can't properly hit the weakpoints because it's hit box is too big and normally gets nulled by striking the undamageable parts. I hate the mechs and their absolutely obnoxious tiny weakpoints coupled with their stupidly high turn and move speed. The entire fight is bull.
  12. Sorry I've just seen a half dozen complaints yesterday alone with people complaining about the difficulty without a mech of their own. If this is an issue now it's a new issue I could solo the hardest node in the event with bonewidow without ever coming close to failing going to mission completion. I know in the lower level nodes I've played that the orphixes spawn way faster than they did in the event. I haven't gone back to try them again because of the bug (now fixed) where orphixes didn't have clipping so hitting them with ironbride with next to impossible.
  13. Not really. The hallway is a loading sequence that spits you out on the plains. It's no different than our ship flying load screen that can take you multiple locations. You'd just need a time locked instance or node that is separate from the plains itself and a way to access it. Now maybe the bounty system itself isn't robust enough to choose between different instances like the mission loader is for normal missions. But all the mechanical pieces are already lying around in the game to make this possible.
  14. This was the same idea I had for helping balance out early game energy consumption so take my +1
  15. did you check your inventory after? Your rewards are saved after completing stages of, and bounties themselves in open worlds. The end mission screen has never reflected this if you abort and I'm wondering if it also doesn't on death.
  16. I'm curious if you are using the rent a mechs or your own mech in the mission?
  17. They have displayed the ability to make an instanced (although still clock bound) version of Orb vallis with the profit taker and Exploiter Fights.
  18. click right here my dude:
  19. invigorations is a system I don't participate in aside from farming experience because I had finished feeding all my frames to helminth before it launched. However I was surprised enough to see a gif from the fox and the hound used here I had to comment.
  20. If I remember correctly heavy calibre predates bane mods. Back when it was released heavy calibre was useful because we had less additional damage options and you would use it on weapons that the accuracy loss didn't matter on. Nowadays heavy calibre could probably use a refresh.
  21. I did not realize this is exactly what I wanted for ephemeras until I read your suggestion. I love the step ephemeras, but always end up shelving them to use one of the emitter styles. I would love to equip more and have the current ones broken up as you describe.
  22. I have the same issue, but the reason why the screen shake setting doesn't affect those weapons is because it's not actually screen shake. What happens is a number of guns have what I like to call "circular recoil" Where instead of kicking up they cause the reticle to bounce between points in a circle. This type of recoil triggers motion sickness because the reticle moves around so much it feels like the screen is shaking even though it's just the reticle.
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