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  1. It’s actually really nice that they made steel path instead of making a “Warframe 2” Like certain other developers did when their game was completely beaten and experienced by the player base. It makes the original star chart a training grounds for new players, and the real game becomes the steel path with liches, Railjack, and a bunch of other systems interconnected with a new tile set due to the access that Railjack gives us into new areas. Likely Sentients will come into play as well at some point in the “steel path” due to the nature of their bodies literally being hardened to avoid the in
  2. I absolutely agree with this sentiment; however when a content is new, it needs to be in its own place else people have no reason to be excited because it is just something extra that I get passively. That being said, now that these systems are properly all released, fusing them to provide a seamless experience would be amazing. A minor setback is that getting Kuva at double the rate due to boosters and getting boosted void traces would change the reward drop chances significantly making everything a lot easier to get and leading to players running out of content. They will likely do something
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