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  1. I feel the same. Right now only at rank 1 at mother. I heard that i need to do wildlife hunting to rank further. That is the only thing i hate to do. So never touched that yet. Try doing isolation solo. Got destroyed and fail miserably 🤣🤣🤣 I feel like this update definitely not for casual
  2. What so fun about destroying other people hard work. More like a selfish act of wanting attention. Probably mental and looser in real life.
  3. Well warframe ain't that game. Pvp game ain't pve. Warframe is fine without that system from the start. Hate afk. Solo it. Hate afker in open world. Leave squade. Not hard
  4. Imagine Mag + banshee + trinity + nekros. Vs the entire map No lines of sight.
  5. I feel the same way. And go trough the same ordeal In the end i gave up farming her. DE win
  6. The worse farm for me was khora. Back then the game mode was buggy. You would randomly host migrated and lost your reward.
  7. I had fun trying out my new build in steel path tho. Steel path open up a lot of build. So many to consider. So many to test. It's like i started warframe from the beginning again. Forgot the last time i had that kind of fun Yup yup
  8. Again with self assumptions. When did i ever say im against it. I said im ok with how the current inaros
  9. I see inaros as a package. Just like i see a person. 1 bad thing don't mean the whole package is bad. Just like you said about my mindset. I see optimistic rather then pessimistic
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