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  1. Oh sh t i also use enb injector on my skyrim. You can get bann from that? Wtf
  2. Because then you will complain about content drought. Its nice to take it easy. But still i wish there were more things to do.
  3. They help you like 1min then "ok im gonna leave now" I rather take clem
  4. If DE want to go star citizen i would probably join the hype train. As of right now i can't see the bigger picture of the spaceships warframe. Go with the big boy or stay with the fish team. I can't decide.
  5. I see so just that part. So...Other new quest won't be effected ?
  6. Was wondering if it's a mandatory requirement for future quest. What if i skipped the ship building parts.
  7. I feel like skipping this. Is this required for future quest
  8. Yes a lot of hot fix on pc. So the console dont have to. Look like a test server to me
  9. If you a casual 100k is a lot If you a hardcore 100k is just a small amount.
  10. Totally agree. I rather not using it this kind of situation.
  11. Yeah. Now its like pokemon. Catch em and tra... sell them.
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