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  1. Yay, finally I'll be able to get Ember P without spending a million plat. TY DE
  2. My dudes, I just wanna say. After trying for 4 more hours again today, and failing, I went to farm my Entrati standing for the day. As I get back to the Necralisk from a bounty, a message arrives in my inbox. A message from a person I've never met before, called Szuna, with a gift attached to it. The gift was Nidus. I am speechless, this community is definetely one of the strongest things this game has going for it. Szuna, if you are reading this, I sent you a friend request with a message thanking you, and I'll thank you again right now. Thank you so so much :D
  3. That's depressing. Also, I'm only missing one part. And even tho it just doesn't want to drop, I'd feel awful buying Nidus with plat knowing that all I need is for the mission to drop the part I need once. I think that if I don't get it by Friday, I'll just forget Nidus exists forever :)
  4. I actually had a pretty good time farming Khora, because SO is pretty fun. And again, having all parts scattered throughout all the rotations helps a lot.
  5. Half rant, half actual complaint, but I quit the game for this very reason 2 years ago. Spammed the mission for hours on end, only to get Neuros and Chassis and 50 endo over and over again. Now that I'm back to playing, I remembered I really liked Nidus' kit and thought I'd give it another go. Since then I've been running Oestrus for 4 hours a day for an entire week, and at this point I just want to quit the game again. Is this to be expected? How long did it take you guys? And why hasn't this been reworked? It's the most brain dead and boring possible way to get Warframe parts. Add
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