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  1. Same here. Sent DE logs every time the game froze. Tried to fix it with clean installed GPU drivers and without any autostart programs - didn't help. Checking and optimizing the cache helps for a very limited time.
  2. Agree. Now it feels like a caughing Rhino and the delay during the ground slam is just a waste of time. Please change back 🙂
  3. "The Holy Clan" (THC) hat durch die Warframe-übliche Fluktuation regelmäßig freie Plätze zu besetzen. Steckbrief: - Sturmclan aus der Allianz "The High Court" - konstant 90 - 100 Mitglieder zwischen 21 und 61 Jahren - belebter Allianz-Discord-Server - über 30 Mitglieder mit Meisterschaftsrang 25+ - vollständig ausgebautes und nahezu komplett dekoriertes Dojo - konstant 100% der Forschungen - Inaktivitätsgranze: 14 Tage Wir bieten: - großen, erfahrenen und sich stets im Aufbau befindlichen Spielerpool - angemessene Hilfe aller Art per Sprachchat - Sämtliche Dojo-Blaupausen - wohl strukturierten und aufgeräumten Allianz-Discord-Server Unsere Voraussetzungen: - Alter: ab 21 Jahren - Erwachsener und sozialer Umgang - selbstverständliche Sprachaktivität auf dem Allianz-Discord-Server Sollte Dein Interesse nun geweckt worden sein, freuen wir uns, Dich auf unserem Allianz-Discord-Server begrüßen zu dürfen: https://discord.gg/jM2PnXF Bitte wende dich dort an einen der "grünen" Mentoren oder Clanleiter. Wir freuen uns auf Dich! Hier noch eine Impression aus unserem Dojo:
  4. Hello Tenno, finally we proudly present our beautifully arranged Clan Dojo 🙂 Clan Name: The Holy Clan Clan Tier: Storm Clan Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: General with Architect permissions Involved architects: .Zato., Darknightmare24, DIRNE and me Our Dojo is devided into 5 levels of which every one has its own theme and every room of that level is colored the same atmospheric way: 1 - Lobby with gardens, Loki and the Observatory (Orokin) 2 - Laboratories with all Labs (Tenno) 3 - Training Area with Duel Rooms and two Obstacle Courses (Mixed) 4 - Generators with the frozen Grineer army (Corpus) 5 - Baracks where the Grineer tried to activate a stargate (Grineer) The whole Dojo, even the layout of its rooms, is created in a very structured way to provide an easy orientation and short distances to important rooms with a minimum amount of teleporters - one in every main hall per level (see the maps in the gallery). So the main hall is the center of every level where all other rooms of that level connect to and which defines the colors and style of the rooms. The Rooms themselves are decorated in a way which should tell you a story - not a defined story, but one of your own mind. The 3rd level is decorated in a mixed theme, while we're waiting for infested decorations 😉 Even if the clan still exists for over four years, the whole Dojo was rebuilt about two years ago. Pictures in gallery: https://imgur.com/a/MpvQZM2 (make sure to load all 111 pictures; best viewed in fullscreen) Youtube-Tour (best viewed in 1080p and fullscreen):
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