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  1. So i was wondering weather the Saturn Six nightwave or whatever would return? allot of people really wanted to get some of those rewards myself included as i came back to the game after i was absent in the time frame that the event was on. What ive personally always and really wanted to get was an armour set in design that this event had, as many others are too over the top or just plain ugly, i couldve done better. Theres a prime armour set similar to this armor available for purchase but is far too expensive for me to purchase as is many aspects in this game, my currency is Rands. Anyway i was wondering if the Saturn Six event would return? Seriously DE at least make some of the items obtainable.
  2. Yeap, im a solo conservationist, and i have exactly the same issue, Alphine Sawgaw has never spawned for me and i track n Trank every day and have been for weeks. if you Sleep arrow the sawgaw with Ivara it falls through the mushroom making it impossible to reach, sometimes it slides off to the side and gets stuck in mid air, and yes its almost impossible to hit with the trank rifle. Fuming Dax Stover is about as rare to spawn as Fire- Veined stover. ive never had a Valis Kubrow spawn either.
  3. That feels unfair, been playing this game forever and yet even though ive always wanted a title now i still dont seem to qualify, I mean id like to have a title that flashes in your face when you look at my profile that describes a little of what i do, and thats being a solo player, any level anywhere anytime none of that riven bullS#&$, that describes the tough mother #*!%en player ive been. I dont follow warframe fads, i do things the way its meant to and i can say its made me a damn good warframe player. Playing with others is a bore and an annoyance. Yet here i sit, no title, just a boring old profile that says nothing to anyone. Bah!
  4. We need greater drop chances on the Bonds, as well as Torrids please.
  5. There one little glitch where when you play as Revnant, while activating your 4rth, then dying results in the ability tone to continueously play when you revive. only leaving Fortuna does it switch off.
  6. Why should there be an end game? I say let it go and let warframe continue as it always does seriously.
  7. i agree as you only get every second or third time around doing a bounty took me a whole day to attain the 1st Rank. Where as i baught bonds because to many were needed and to few was ever rewarded otherwise itd take me 2 to 3 days to get enough, and i havent even gotten to the higher ranks yet.
  8. Stil alot of lag, as in frame rate drops on Fortuna, especially when starting a mission at the Fortuna base gate. Because everywhere els runs sorta fine not smoothly, and no it aint my pc its newly built ive pulled games with far better graphics. Plus the K drives controls are horrible, to much speed is lost and the board comes to a halt far to often and im pointless ways just when theres a slight bump. sometimes i hit a wall to grind it only to lose speed fast and the board just falls off, or sometimes randomly bounces for no reason then i lose speed then fall off. Like theres a lack of overall momentum with the K drive. and the magnitism mod does zip to make it simpler. Plus itd be nice to move forward when you jump on the spot when you accelerate. Been practicing a ton but its far to impossible to get a good run going. i can maybe get 2 to 3 good tricks in and only get a score about 800 an not any higher what so ever. To many times i wanted to throw my keyboard as theres just something off with the damn Board. Id like to see others prove me wrong, but i personally think it culd use a tweak.
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