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  1. Hi, some Feedback for you Guys: The Rotation changes seem perfectly fine to me and are headed in the right direction. It´s indeed annoying to feel like only Disruption or Excavation is worth doing time wise. So that that is changing seems really cool! The new Rewards however completely and utterly miss the mark in an spectacular manner!!!! Yes i want new mods and yes i want new Arcanes, but these Rewards will be useless once i get them the first time and just dilute the Droptable. Arbitration is the most fun gamemode for me as a Veteran, because it´s difficult and offers a good chunk of evergreen rewards in the form of Endo and a small chance for Aura Forma. In my opinion all none Evergreen Rewards should be removed entirely from Arbitration. The Reward-Pool should exclusively consist of Endo, Kuva and Forma. For the Mission to stay attractive to me as a Veteran, i need Evergreen-Rewards. Something i always need in large quantities. Endo and Kuva are the main Ressources that come to Mind here and should be the Main Focus in the Droptable. Forma, Exilus Adapters (crafted), Aura Forma, Catalysts and Reactors are also attractive, but could be a much more rare Reward. If this Trend continues, that Arbitrations will have a massively diluted Droptable, with Rewards that are only interesting the first time you get them, i can already say that i won´t be playing them anymore after i get the Rewards once. The same goes for everybody i know who is a Veteran in Warframe. sincerely r0ckwolf
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