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  1. it´s very easy! You ONLY buy slots, potatoes, forma and cosmetics in this game. These are hardly or not at all farmable and you need a S#&$load of them. Everything else can easily be aqcuired by just playing the game. Do not spend your Plat on Weapons that you caould easily have build on your own.
  2. Corpus! You always know what you gonna get, when you get in bed with someone that only wants one thing... MONEY!!!
  3. -yes, although the highest damage type seems to proc the most. -boost the status chance and the damage type you´re going for with mods! -usually people don´t go for status builds unless the base chance is ~20%, depending on the weapon type10-15% base chance is prefectly ok though. -YES! The combined status/elemental mods are some of the strongest in the game. They are absolutely necessary if you wanna go for status builds. -you can proc multiple procs, yes. Not all Procs stack with themself though, Viral being an example of that, you can only apply Viral once every 6 seconds. Corrosive wou
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