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  1. Warframe Builder

    Stoi, I noticed that the Sancti Tigris has 10% crit chance with 2.0x multi in the Builder, but it's 15% and 1.5x in the game.
  2. March 11 - 13 Connectivity Issues: Cause & Analysis.

    DE made a statement about it here:
  3. Hotfix 17.10.2 + 17.10.3

    While I appreciate the changes to Saryn, it's only one step in the right direction and isn't even close to solving her energy efficiency problem. Whether I use 44 energy or 41 energy to cast a fully charged Miasma... it's still way more energy than the damage is worth. If you reduce Molt to a 25 Energy skill (like Loki's Decoy) and Miasma to 75 Energy (like Excalibur's Radial Javelin), that would help a lot and still require a good chunk of energy and time setting up the maximum damage potential. Also please improve her survivability. Giving back her 150 base health would be a good start. Allowing Regen Molt to stack like Snow Globe would be very useful, too, in case you need to recover health quickly. Or just allow Molt to be recast without disintegrating the old one. I know this could lead to performance issues with the particle effects, but please consider it.
  4. The Farm For Atlas Is Just Obscene.

    My two cents: 1) Use Ember (Prime), activate World On Fire and rush through an Infested Exterminate. Almost guaranteed Golem spawn. 2) Against Golem, I recommend the Velocitus. It does a truckload of damage and kills him very fast. Mod for corrosive, obviously.
  5. Login Issues 10/16/2015 1Pm Edt [Resolved]

    Yep, laggy as F*** right now.
  6. Warframe Builder

    The warframe builder website has been extremely slow for me the past few days to the point where I've given up on getting any builds out of it. The main page and the summary pages work, but whenever I click on 'my builds' or any specific weapon, it just keeps loading and loading and loading and... Is anyone else experiencing issues?
  7. Hotfix 17.0.1

    So Equinox Day form using two helmets is intentional?
  8. Warframe Builder

    Should I ask why you looked at the MK1-Braton for long enough to notice?
  9. Warframe Builder

    The puncture damage is correct - you've got yours displayed with the critical hit portion of the damage already calculated into it.
  10. Warframe Builder

    Are you using NoScript?
  11. Warframe Builder

    You are wrong Synoid Gammacor was nerfed by increasing the ammo usage to 15/s and decreasing the damage so that we still only get 420 dps. If you're wondering how this is a nerf -> nowadays you need to put an ammo mutation on instead of a fire rate mod
  12. How To Earn Free Platinum![Guide]

    I'd invest in 1000 plat at least. Even if you don't mind farming, you're going to be buying warframe and weapon slots, orokin reactors and catalysts, perhaps a color palette, a few hard to find mods... there's plenty of stuff that's much easier with a bit of a plat investment, even if you're not spending it on maxrank mods or rare prime parts. Also, try to find a good clan and see if there's a member or two that will outfit you with the basic mods for free. There's stuff like the basic elemental mods, the dual-stat poison mods, the basic damage increase mods and other mods that can be a pain to collect but older players will have by the dozen that you can probably get for free in a clan where you'd be spending 2-3 plat apiece on the trading channel.
  13. Warframe Builder

    Sounds about right for Burston Prime. It's decent (15k DPS is by no means bad) but it's not top-tier.
  14. Warframe Builder

    Actually, Synoid Gammacor now has a magazine capacity of 150 where it used to have 75. That's an increase in my book. Not sure if they changed the ammo reserve. Mind you, that's still only six seconds of firing with a typical build (no more Gunslinger for the Synoid) while we used to have >15 seconds of sustained firing even with an increased ROF build.
  15. Warframe Builder

    I noticed that the Builder lists Zephyr's base speed as 1.0 when she has 1.15, that should be adjusted