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  1. My mouse keeps slipping off the right side of the screen/game and when I klick - to fire my weapon, for example - the game becomes 'inactive'. As in, I have to drag my mouse back to the left and then click on the game to get back to playing. This leads to a lot of leftside pirhouettes, which is very annoying. The situation: - I play fullscreen, though I've also tried borderless fullscreen and it's the same story. - I have a sort of dual-monitor setup: I have my main monitor, a 120Hz 1080p display and I have my A/V-Receiver connected over HDMI as 1080P30. This isn't a display output but merely for my audio. As far as I know, the only way to get this working with my left monitor getting full 120Hz (and the way I have it set up) is to tell Windows that it's an extended Desktop dual-monitor system. - Nvidia GTX 970, incidentally. No idea if AMD handles audio output over HDMI differently. - Running on Windows 10. Why is this happening, can I fix this on my PC somehow, or do I have to wait for DE to fix it?
  2. Stoi, I noticed that the Sancti Tigris has 10% crit chance with 2.0x multi in the Builder, but it's 15% and 1.5x in the game.
  3. DE made a statement about it here:
  4. While I appreciate the changes to Saryn, it's only one step in the right direction and isn't even close to solving her energy efficiency problem. Whether I use 44 energy or 41 energy to cast a fully charged Miasma... it's still way more energy than the damage is worth. If you reduce Molt to a 25 Energy skill (like Loki's Decoy) and Miasma to 75 Energy (like Excalibur's Radial Javelin), that would help a lot and still require a good chunk of energy and time setting up the maximum damage potential. Also please improve her survivability. Giving back her 150 base health would be a good start. Allowing Regen Molt to stack like Snow Globe would be very useful, too, in case you need to recover health quickly. Or just allow Molt to be recast without disintegrating the old one. I know this could lead to performance issues with the particle effects, but please consider it.
  5. My two cents: 1) Use Ember (Prime), activate World On Fire and rush through an Infested Exterminate. Almost guaranteed Golem spawn. 2) Against Golem, I recommend the Velocitus. It does a truckload of damage and kills him very fast. Mod for corrosive, obviously.
  6. Yep, laggy as F*** right now.
  7. The warframe builder website has been extremely slow for me the past few days to the point where I've given up on getting any builds out of it. The main page and the summary pages work, but whenever I click on 'my builds' or any specific weapon, it just keeps loading and loading and loading and... Is anyone else experiencing issues?
  8. So Equinox Day form using two helmets is intentional?
  9. Should I ask why you looked at the MK1-Braton for long enough to notice?
  10. The puncture damage is correct - you've got yours displayed with the critical hit portion of the damage already calculated into it.
  11. Are you using NoScript?
  12. lol @EvilKam, nice monologue :) @Daydr3amer: The Attica might be slow-firing compared to other full-auto weapons, but in return it will one-hit many enemies where the Braton and other weapons require half a dozens bullets. As starter weapons go, I think I was pretty much reliant on my Attica until I got my hands on the Boltor Prime. I only started branching out when I got bored of the Boltor. Meh. @makrisbrik: You can read more about Darvo here: The Void Trader is Baro Ki'Teer, more on him here: edit: @ all new beginners: The Warframe Wiki is an extensive resource that I still use on a daily basis despite being MR 16 now.
  13. You are wrong Synoid Gammacor was nerfed by increasing the ammo usage to 15/s and decreasing the damage so that we still only get 420 dps. If you're wondering how this is a nerf -> nowadays you need to put an ammo mutation on instead of a fire rate mod
  14. I was talking relatively speaking, where the average price is 200 plat per weapon. That one is the only time I have ever straight-up bought a weapon for plat. I probably have less disposable income than you - I just don't begrudge spending a bit of money on a game if I enjoy playing it. Compared to spending 10 or 20€ on a single-player title I only play through once or twice, I've spent way less money on warframe if taken per hour gametime. I think the sum total of what I've spent on plat is about equal to buying a single new AAA-game with MUCH more time spent gaming and it's been quite some time since I've bought any because I'm buying weapon and warframe slots and the like at a much reduced rate and I can mostly recover the plat through a bit of trading.
  15. You probably got the Attica before it was buffed. I only started playing after they had doubled the ammo capacity and rate of fire for it. That would make a huge difference in the perception of the weapon. I also made the mistake of choosing a bow as a starter weapon, which is much worse than even the MK-1 Braton. Abysmal rate of fire, low damage (comparatively) and you need to crit-mod all bows before they do any real damage. Compared to that, I went through the available weapons list and finally found that the Attica did more damage per shot at full-auto than the starter bow does and with only a 125 plat price on the market, I could get it using the starting plat and the smallest platinum package. To me it was worth investing 4.50€ to see if I actually might like the game enough to spend a long time on it once I had proper gear... and if I didn't, it wasn't much of a misinvestment. After that, the Attica carried me until I got to the point where I could get the Boltor Prime on my own. I used the Boltor Prime and the Amprex a lot after that and then the Soma Prime, but I've recently been using the Attica more and more often again. It's rather nice, not having to worry about ammo consumption compared to the ammo guzzlers I've been playing.