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  1. Aejan

    When Nyx Rework comes in?

    I think they hinted that it would be coming along with Fortuna Part 2. That will likely come just before Christmas.
  2. Aejan

    Limbo Deluxe working with Limbo parts

    I think the skin looks pretty cool, but I'm really going to need to see it in motion to make a final judgment call. Personally, I would have went with a more "floaty steampunk" design than a Sentient one for Limbo, like a dapper clockwork gentleman with parts of him phased out or drifting around, but that's just me. If the whole Tarot card throwing stars thing matches the Sentient theme, then it might be worth.
  3. Aejan

    My personal thoughts on reworking Titania

    Have you seen what they have in store for Titania's rework? I'm pretty sure it's coming along with Nyx's rework in the Fortuna Part 2 Update. They talked about it in Devstream 118. Razorwing is getting a Vacuum effect They're making Lantern targets not as "floaty", and letting you recast the ability to turn several enemies into Lanterns, up to four I think. You press-and-hold to detonate all Lanterns. Collecting a Tribute will give you the fully-stacked version of that Tribute. You won't have to spend like 200 energy getting up to full stacks, you'll just have it at full strength all the time and you just gotta get new ones to refresh the duration.
  4. It's not buggy, it's (unfortunately) how the mission type works. At higher levels, there isn't enough life support in the towers alone to keep you alive. You NEED to kill enemies, and a lot of them, in order to make them drop life support capsules. Further, enemies spawn in waves, so there's only a limited number of enemies on the map at one time. You need to find and kill all the enemies as fast as possible in order to allow new ones to spawn and drop more life support for you. If you're going solo, then your clear speed is slower and less enemies spawn, meaning less life support for you. If you aren't playing a frame with lightning-fast clear speed or one that can increase drops from enemies (Nekros, Hydroid, Ivara), then you're going to have a tough time surviving to the end of the mission. It feels terrible, because it doesn't seem like you're losing. You just run out of air after killing every enemy you come across and getting every single life support tower, and you spend the last few minutes running around desperately trying to find an enemy to kill or waiting for a tower to spawn. DE really needs to buff the solo spawn rates, or at least create a new spawning system that isn't dependent on waves so the frames that kill things slower have a chance at actually doing the mission by themselves. It'd be different if it was only difficult for those frames, but in a lot of cases it's mathematically impossible for a frame like Limbo or Nyx to do a survival mission solo.
  5. Aejan

    Mobile Waypoint

    Or you could open the map by pressing and holding M, and placing a waypoint wherever you want on the map using RMB, even if you aren't actually at that place.
  6. Aejan

    How I would rework Limbo

    I think it would be better to just make allies hit with Banish become "Rift-touched" instead of totally Banished. They still get the energy regen, maybe a bit of damage resistance or evasion, but for a short time, they are able to interact with enemies in both planes. That way, Limbo doesn't need to worry about accidentally Banishing his teammates. If they want the protection of the Rift, they can enter one of his portals or get inside a Cataclysm (i.e., they need to actively get it). It would increase his team synergy. His augments could also use a makeover. Cataclysmic Continuum is kinda bad. It doesn't actually stop or even slow down the shrinking of the Cataclysm, just increase the duration. I would 100% trade the increased duration for keeping it from shrinking as long as enemies die inside it. Either that, or create a new augment that lowers the maximum range of the Cataclysm significantly and prevents Limbo from detonating them manually, but allow him to open multiple (tiny) Cataclysms. This would open up his build variety and allow people to build range for his 1 and 3 without sacrificing the utility of a tiny bubble.
  7. Well, her new ult is certainly more interesting than the previous one. I was hoping for enemies to get fear/panic/disarmed at the sight of their allies getting impaled, but bleeding works too. I wonder if being able to equip her claws will be what happens if you load in without a melee weapon equipped, or if it will be a special attachment for claw weapons you equip to simply appear like they are Garuda's claws (hopefully both are added). Melee 3.0 is just around the corner as well. I'm excited for that.
  8. Aejan

    PC: Where Is Fortuna?

    Next is Mesa Prime, followed by Equinox Prime, then Atlas Prime, then Wukong Prime, and THEN Ivara Prime. Probably won't see Ivara Prime for another two years or so.
  9. I'd love to be able to color the helmets of my frames separately from the body. Sometimes, there's a look I want to get that the color scheme doesn't really accommodate for (for example, Limbo Prime's hat is always the same color as his lapels, when I'd really want it to be the same color as the outside of the jacket).
  10. Aejan

    Vauban Revisited

    His 1 is basically a turret right now. It just shoots really slow. The problem with a turret or anything similar is that Warframe is primarily a mob-based PvE game. Single-target abilities either need to be badass, have a ton of utility, or give you target access you wouldn't normally have, and Tesla is none of those. A version of Tesla that affects multiple enemies would be much better than the current version or a turret.
  11. Aejan

    Limbo advice needed

    1) His 3 is your way to pull more enemies into the rift, and increase your damage using the augment, Rift Torrent. Its use is what separates good Limbos from bad ones. Get an enemy into the Rift (using Banish or Cataclysm), cast Rift Surge, then push them out of the Rift (by recasting Banish or canceling Cataclysm) to pull more enemies into the Rift without leaving it. Recast Rift Surge, and repeat. You never need to leave the Rift, but you can keep pulling enemies in. 2) The best weapons for Limbo are burst damage weapons, such as sniper rifles, and/or AoE weapons. Limbo is very squishy and his abilities deal low damage, but when used correctly, he can control a huge number of enemies. Enemies are kept perfectly still by Stasis, so headshots are easy, making snipers very effective, and the ability to cleave down multiple enemies lets you take advantage of your AoE CC. Alternatively, focusing on slash/gas procs and finisher damage is a fun playstyle. Stasis pauses all timers and windows on the target, but they will still take DoT that will never wear off. You can deal a surprising amount of damage by just leaving enemies in Stasis and letting those DoT tick away. Finisher windows are also paused during Stasis, letting you finish off enemies with all the time in the world. One of my favorite setups is to pair the Zakti with a dagger with Covert Lethality. The Zakti sets up finishers, allowing the Covert Lethality dagger to deal a ton of damage, so I can put a group of enemies in a Cataclysm with Stasis up, pop the Zakti in them, then walk around assassinating all of them. 3) Limbo is squishy. Hella squishy. It's supposed to be counterbalanced by your ability to nope out into the Rift and be immune to nearly everything. Limbo's bread and butter is the "divide and conquer" mentality. I highly recommend picking up the Quick Thinking mod, and running Flow/Primed Flow if you aren't already. It lets you survive getting one-shot at the cost of your energy, which Limbo has a ton of. It can serve you a lot better than mods like Redirection, Vitality, or Vigor. Don't run Steel Fiber, Limbo has basically zero armor. The new mod, Rolling Guard, has the potential to be fantastic on Limbo. Hang out in the Rift for seven second to wait for the cooldown, roll out, and use the invulnerability to Banish enemies into the Rift without any risk to yourself.
  12. Aejan

    Vauban Revisited

    Vauban could use some love. He has an outdated kit from before Parkour 2.0 was introduced, and his general squishiness and clunkiness on top of a few redundant abilities makes him very much in need of a touch up. The goals of these changes are to increase Vauban's effectiveness against groups of enemies, modernize his abilities and give them a specific purpose, and increase his overall build variety. Overall, Vauban would be a more effective CC-focused Warframe with a variety of useful tools at his disposal instead of redundant tools at his disposal. He has an option for nearly every situation, and is encouraged to build stats other than Duration for different playstyles. He's less restricted by mobs of enemies, and is able to counteract his squishiness with layered, synergistic abilities to keep himself alive.
  13. Aejan

    Disappointed With Nyx rework list

    The new passive isn't worthless. You get hit less, period. It gives her more survivability than her old passive, and she doesn't even need to invest energy to get that benefit. It's an improvement. The change to Mind Control lets you take a beefy enemy like a Nox or Heavy Gunner and turn them into an absolute monster. If you're choosing the weakest enemy that can get one-shot by the other enemies, you picked the wrong target to Mind Control. Regardless, it's an improvement. The ability that is replacing Psychic Bolts affects more than just Infested. It also strips off enemy armor and shields. It's basically a combination of all three faction-specific auras for a short time, and that's pretty good. Psychic Bolts was garbage. It's impossible to get worse than that, and this new ability will be really nice for setting up kills on a group of enemies. Improvement. Yes, you could just take one of those crappy auras, but this lets you get the benefit without actually taking it, on top of getting to bring an aura you actually want. They're probably buffing the damage to Absorb, or at least changing the scaling to be less dependent on enemies hitting you to compensate for the new passive reducing their accuracy. Nowhere did they say it was a nerf. You just seem bitter and jaded, refusing to see the actual benefits of these changes because they weren't the changes you wanted to see.
  14. But then they'd have to buff Mag.
  15. Aejan

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    Watching the dev stream, all of Garuda's abilities look nice and synergistic... except her 4. I'm not sure if there's something else going on under the hood, but it looked just like AoE damage with a fancy animation. I think it would be more interesting if the flying claws would be launched outward and impale enemies, similar to her 2, pinning them to a nearby surface and allowing Garuda to cast her 2 on them at a reduced energy cost. These impaled enemies would apply a random debuff to nearby enemies, causing them to drop their weapons in fear and either flee in panic or stand paralyzed. Killing enemies affected by this debuff would cause them to drop an overshield pickup. This would more closely match the theme of Garuda, giving her a very macabre and gory ultimate that scared the S#&$ out of enemies, but would also give her some utility. The added CC and shield pickups would let her keep herself alive in a hectic fight without lowering the damage bonus she gains from her passive, or let allies have the overshields.