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  1. Aejan

    My Thoughts on Baruuk

    None of his abilities actually restrict you from shooting or moving, they just make you hard to kill. Sitting there and watching enemies shoot you was your choice, you could have easily shot them back.
  2. I am well-acquainted with the lethal capacity of a staff. It's not about giving him a non-lethal weapon, it's about fitting the monk theme. A staff is 100% within the monk weapon trope. A sword and shield certainly has the defensive aspect, but it doesn't match his theme.
  3. Aejan

    My Thoughts on Baruuk

    From what I've experienced, the knives are like a "last resort". They give you a damage resist while active (at least they did the last time the devs talked about him), and they don't seem to have a duration, so you can activate them and forget about them, and they'll save you from enemies who get too close. I'm not sure if you're stuck at 3x daggers even at max rank or if you'll get more when you get more levels on him, but I'll have to invest more time to see. Also, it does take a while to whittle down his Restraint, but you don't need to have it at max all the time. You can bust it out for a quick combo that does a ton of damage and knocks enemies over, then turn it back off again. I don't think the point is to go Rambo for ten minutes, just in short bursts to clear a group of enemies.
  4. Baruuk's signature weapon is a sword and shield, which seems... odd. The weapons look fine, and their stats are okay, it's just that his overall theme doesn't really scream "sword and shield" to me. He's a pacifist monk frame. Why not a staff, or fists, or a tranq gun? The devs compared him several times to John Wick; why not a cool pistol? A sword and shield seems kind of out of place and random.
  5. So based on what we've seen, here's my thoughts on Baruuk. Visually, I really like him. They nailed the monk look, and I can't wait to test my personal color scheme on him. He's distinct, which is a good thing. I love the concept, too, a pacifist frame. Makes me wonder if he'll have any augments that reward him for not fighting. As for his passive, I hope (kinda) there's a new name for it than an Edge Meter, but overall, it seems solid. Building up a damage resist as you use your own defensive abilities makes him really tanky. I'm assuming that the actual values are going to be low-to-moderate, otherwise you'd be discouraged from using his 3 and 4. His 1, Elude, reminds me of Garuda's 1, in that it is mono-directional protection. It's kinda weird that his other abilities really want him in the middle of the action, while this one wants him to keep as many enemies as possible on one side of him, but overall, it seems really good. I wonder if something like a Bombard rocket could fly through you, but hit nearby terrain and kill you anyway. I'm curious to see what mods will work with this as well. Will range increase the arc? His 2, Sedative, seems really like a fun alternative to other mass CC effects. I'm hoping that it doesn't alert enemies, so he can be extra stealthy. It'd be cool if the delay on the sleep scaled down with power strength, as though the sedative was stronger and put them to sleep faster. His 3, Subdue, is probably my favorite part of the kit. The damage resist lets you stay at range and fight people, and if they get too close, they get disarmed. It seems like you really want to build range for Sedative to get as many people asleep, but you really DON'T want to build a ton of range for Subdue because if the range is too big, you'll just lose all the charges instantly and can't really be selective of who gets disarmed or have any extra defenses from ranged enemies. It'd be awesome if the charges would spread to not only allies, but sleeping enemies as well, letting him sow his charges throughout a CC'd room and disarm only the enemies who aren't asleep. His 4, Savage, is simply badass. The animations and effects already look great, and just being able to ragdoll enemies around at will is so cool. I wonder if Edge is the only resource for it, or does it need energy to activate/sustain as well? Since using it eats away at the damage resist you've built up, it'd be nice if it "locked" the damage resist at where it was when you activated it, so you can keep that resistance while you are flying around punching stuff, then it goes down once you've stopped. Overall, a welcome addition to the game. CC frames are my favorite, and I can't wait to get my hands on him!
  6. Aejan

    Baruuk Feedback/Ideas

    The disarm is instant and continues to limit the damage output of enemies even after they wake up. Some heavy units like Bombards aren't going to be killed by one sleep and finisher. The disarm can also be prepared in advance for both you and your allies to give everybody in the server a last line of defense against enemies who get too close. Sedation needs you to be smack dab in the middle of the action to hit everybody. Also, we don't know the final values for either the damage resist from his passive or the damage resist from Subdue. Most likely, they will both be low to moderate when at max strength, meaning you will want to stack them to get the maximum amount of survivability. Having damage resist on-demand is also useful for when you are low on Edge. You can get a damage resist now, and the Subdue darts will fly out, disarm enemies, and stack Edge to replace that damage resist you're losing.
  7. Aejan

    When Nyx Rework comes in?

    I think they hinted that it would be coming along with Fortuna Part 2. That will likely come just before Christmas.
  8. Aejan

    Limbo Deluxe working with Limbo parts

    I think the skin looks pretty cool, but I'm really going to need to see it in motion to make a final judgment call. Personally, I would have went with a more "floaty steampunk" design than a Sentient one for Limbo, like a dapper clockwork gentleman with parts of him phased out or drifting around, but that's just me. If the whole Tarot card throwing stars thing matches the Sentient theme, then it might be worth.
  9. Aejan

    My personal thoughts on reworking Titania

    Have you seen what they have in store for Titania's rework? I'm pretty sure it's coming along with Nyx's rework in the Fortuna Part 2 Update. They talked about it in Devstream 118. Razorwing is getting a Vacuum effect They're making Lantern targets not as "floaty", and letting you recast the ability to turn several enemies into Lanterns, up to four I think. You press-and-hold to detonate all Lanterns. Collecting a Tribute will give you the fully-stacked version of that Tribute. You won't have to spend like 200 energy getting up to full stacks, you'll just have it at full strength all the time and you just gotta get new ones to refresh the duration.
  10. It's not buggy, it's (unfortunately) how the mission type works. At higher levels, there isn't enough life support in the towers alone to keep you alive. You NEED to kill enemies, and a lot of them, in order to make them drop life support capsules. Further, enemies spawn in waves, so there's only a limited number of enemies on the map at one time. You need to find and kill all the enemies as fast as possible in order to allow new ones to spawn and drop more life support for you. If you're going solo, then your clear speed is slower and less enemies spawn, meaning less life support for you. If you aren't playing a frame with lightning-fast clear speed or one that can increase drops from enemies (Nekros, Hydroid, Ivara), then you're going to have a tough time surviving to the end of the mission. It feels terrible, because it doesn't seem like you're losing. You just run out of air after killing every enemy you come across and getting every single life support tower, and you spend the last few minutes running around desperately trying to find an enemy to kill or waiting for a tower to spawn. DE really needs to buff the solo spawn rates, or at least create a new spawning system that isn't dependent on waves so the frames that kill things slower have a chance at actually doing the mission by themselves. It'd be different if it was only difficult for those frames, but in a lot of cases it's mathematically impossible for a frame like Limbo or Nyx to do a survival mission solo.
  11. Well, her new ult is certainly more interesting than the previous one. I was hoping for enemies to get fear/panic/disarmed at the sight of their allies getting impaled, but bleeding works too. I wonder if being able to equip her claws will be what happens if you load in without a melee weapon equipped, or if it will be a special attachment for claw weapons you equip to simply appear like they are Garuda's claws (hopefully both are added). Melee 3.0 is just around the corner as well. I'm excited for that.
  12. Aejan

    PC: Where Is Fortuna?

    Next is Mesa Prime, followed by Equinox Prime, then Atlas Prime, then Wukong Prime, and THEN Ivara Prime. Probably won't see Ivara Prime for another two years or so.
  13. Aejan

    Disappointed With Nyx rework list

    The new passive isn't worthless. You get hit less, period. It gives her more survivability than her old passive, and she doesn't even need to invest energy to get that benefit. It's an improvement. The change to Mind Control lets you take a beefy enemy like a Nox or Heavy Gunner and turn them into an absolute monster. If you're choosing the weakest enemy that can get one-shot by the other enemies, you picked the wrong target to Mind Control. Regardless, it's an improvement. The ability that is replacing Psychic Bolts affects more than just Infested. It also strips off enemy armor and shields. It's basically a combination of all three faction-specific auras for a short time, and that's pretty good. Psychic Bolts was garbage. It's impossible to get worse than that, and this new ability will be really nice for setting up kills on a group of enemies. Improvement. Yes, you could just take one of those crappy auras, but this lets you get the benefit without actually taking it, on top of getting to bring an aura you actually want. They're probably buffing the damage to Absorb, or at least changing the scaling to be less dependent on enemies hitting you to compensate for the new passive reducing their accuracy. Nowhere did they say it was a nerf. You just seem bitter and jaded, refusing to see the actual benefits of these changes because they weren't the changes you wanted to see.
  14. Aejan

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Could Limbo get a Stasis augment that lets him freeze his own projectiles in the Rift (not his allies') like the old Stasis, and maybe even Banish those projectiles out?
  15. Aejan

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    Can you tell Rebecca and Megan when the build is ready so they can announce it on stream?