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  1. It wasn't difficult. It was just annoying and boring. I honestly recommend people do what they enjoy in the game to trade for the plat they need to buy the frame (if they want it). Because I really can't imagine someone having even a hint of fun while doing those three missions. I'm all for a challenge, all for the one or another curveball that gets you out of the usual routine / comfort zone and maybe makes you try something new. Because yes, there is something about getting through something that is frustrating to reap some kind of reward, some kind of thrill. - But it's not some kind of "if frustrating - then thrill" kinda relationship. That's not how it works. Overcoming frustration makes an /already existing/ thrill more intense. There was zero thrill in this. There wasn't even anything new or remotely different or innovative about it. It was routine from years ago when all the fancy mods and arcanes and operators and all that didn't exist yet. Naturally true and tested frames from back then worked like a charm; trin, mirage, frost, saryn (though saryn worked different back then). Get some weapon with good ammo efficiency cause you gonna turn enemies into a swiss cheese before they drop. But the worst thing is that you don't really get any context in game as to what the f is happening. There are good surprises and bad ones. This was a thoroughly bad one.
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