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  1. sappinmahsentry

    Why do we hold the Okina like daggers?

    UHhhh remember when I said " The Okina + Spinning Dagger are already stupidly fast, so they actually do proc berserker at a decent rate. Once you get max revved, you shred enemies even quicker " And " If you don't feel like revving, you can replace it with a 90% elemental. You'll get a bit less DPS, but you won't have to worry about upkeep." I haven't really seen weeping wounds perform any better than a 90% elemental, but you could try it. Might be better at higher melee combo multipliers.
  2. sappinmahsentry

    Why is Ogris so bad?

    This is not what I meant. I was meaning to say that the weapon's effectiveness against either faction is not due to their IPS spread, but due to their other stats. IPS doesn't make much of a difference as people think it does.
  3. sappinmahsentry

    Why is Ogris so bad?

    In technical aspects based on base damage alone? Sure, you get that. But in terms of effectiveness, it's a weapon by weapon basis rather than a faction by faction basis.
  4. sappinmahsentry

    Baruuk's Desert Storm Feedback, and What Changes I Believe It Needs.

    Yeaah what I said was kinda dumb, as it can benefit both ways. Still, glad you agree on making it scale.
  5. sappinmahsentry

    Baruuk's Desert Storm Feedback, and What Changes I Believe It Needs.

    You don't need to get hung up on a 360° elude build to see where the problem comes. If you're building for his fourth ability (and want it to be actually powerful, duh), you'll need transient fortitude, blind rage and intensify. Now you'll need adaptation and vitality to keep yourself alive. Now you need flow for energy and that leaves you with only two spaces. Even if you take out adaptation, you're still gonna need to slot something to offset the efficiency. So either take a gigantic hit on duration or range instead. Your choice. You could say to not build for his fourth ability, but at that point you're now just playing as a warframe with two good abilities.
  6. sappinmahsentry

    Baruuk's Desert Storm Feedback, and What Changes I Believe It Needs.

    Yep. Exactly why I think it needs adjustments. I love brawlers and monks, which is why I was ecstatic on Atlas's rework. Baruuk is similarly satisfying, just needs a small adjustment IMO.
  7. sappinmahsentry

    Baruuk's Desert Storm Feedback, and What Changes I Believe It Needs.

    His slide attack does kill enemies, but often times it's inconsistent, especially against some enemies that you need to hit multiple times with it. (sometimes knocks enemies away so you can't hit them, sometimes doesn't knock them to the moon) and risks 3's charges depleting.
  8. sappinmahsentry

    Baruuk's Desert Storm Feedback, and What Changes I Believe It Needs.

    I just want the ability to have the ability to kill armored opponents better than a piece of wet tissue. I literally just want it to have some status chance, you can read an accurate explanation of my thoughts in the OP. I don't want it to shred armor(and with its current attack speed, 30% status chance won't), I just want it to be good vs more than one single type of heavy per loadout. I was just making explanations as to why other exalted abilities are good, and why this one is not. That is why I mentioned Valkyr's Talons. I explicitly state, multiple times in this thread, that I do not want to make this weapon more powerful or even as powerful as valkyr's talons or exalted blade, and ignoring the part of my post where I said that lacking exalted weapons need stat adjustments will not further your point. I simply want it to work against heavily armored foes in a way that almost every relevant weapon nowaday does. You are focusing on single aspects of a large post, instead of every aspect of said post together. I only talked about arbitrations because people are saying that going past level 100 is not going to happen in any relevant content, but arbitrations are relevant content, which means that you will encounter enemy armor scaling. I wasn't throwing out any logical fallacy, you just fail to understand my arguments. You said that every crit heavy weapons have problems dealing with armor, and that's simply not true. None of the flaws you mentioned in other things are inconsistent, nor are they unfun to play with, nor do they hamper the weapons in any extreme way. Baruuk not being able to kill heavily armored foes/only being able to kill one type of them is an ancient concept. Adding status chance wont make them less unique, it will simply make them better. IMO, for how long it takes to charge, there is no forseeable point as to why a weapon should have these issues in a PvE game.
  9. sappinmahsentry

    Here's why Titania is still bad

    Since the update, this has literally never happened to me. I don't get why other people have this problem. Additionally: Why even use this over Lantern? I agree with the other buffs that aren't dust being awful, but didn't they say they're gonna change them later? Good feedback though. I agree, how are you gonna heal something that dies? I don't think Titania is bad, but there are definitely some weird things about her abilities that still need to be fixed. Good post.
  10. sappinmahsentry

    Baruuk's Desert Storm Feedback, and What Changes I Believe It Needs.

    Valkyr's 4 heals her and makes her invincible. That's reason enough for a lot of players. But also the fact that slidespam is blatantly overpowered is gonna get amended in melee 3.0. Yeah, there really is no reason to use baruuk's 4 over regular melee other than smacking low health enemies through walls. Even then, just use a Zenistar at that point and do the same thing but passively, all the while stripping armor or putting perma viral on enemies.. Hell, it's worse than AoE primary and secondary weapons, too.
  11. sappinmahsentry

    Baruuk's Desert Storm Feedback, and What Changes I Believe It Needs.

    The difference is that Valkyr's 4 has waaaaaaaay higher damage per second through its slide attacks and always deals full damage and doesn't knock enemies away from you. It can also open enemies to finishers that basically almost always instagib, and it benefits from the combo counter because of said damage and attack speed.
  12. sappinmahsentry

    Why is Ogris so bad?

    ????????????????????????????????? Zarr obliterates grineer, and it's a grineer launcher. Twin Grakatas obliterate grineer, prisma gorgon, ignis wraith, atterax, vaykor hek, atomos, nukor, prisma cleavers, dual krohkur, quartakk, stubba, PTwin Gremlins, Twin Kohmak, Twin Rogga, Jat Kusar, etc. etc. How are you building these weapons?? On OP's point, I agree with everything. Ogris is badass, and doesn't deserve to be so actually bad.
  13. sappinmahsentry

    Baruuk's Desert Storm Feedback, and What Changes I Believe It Needs.

    Normal heavy gunners aren't hard content in the least. And then comes the problem of fighting bombards, because you have to mod for one or the other, not both. It's gonna have trouble with either heavy unit, and in the void it has trouble with both. It's really old warframe design that I thought died three years ago. And what about enemy enhancement sorties? Also, it's not on eximus units only. It's on normal corrupted heavy gunners (and bombards for that matter.) and normal bombards depending on what you modded for(and if you modded for radiation, have fun with the heavy gunners). Past level 100 is relevant content if you're playing arbitrations. If it scales with range, then it's yet another ability that is broken in low levels for farming but irrelevant in higher levels because of far, far, far better options. DE does not want this, and I do not either. The problem isn't how "big" of a limitation it is(it's a huge limitation to need to mod for a ton of power strength, making it harder to gain restraint), it's how fun and non clunky it is. Having to switch back to a weapon with the long animation is painful, and then wasting restraint, too. Giving baruuk more status chance wouldn't automatically make him broken. Not to mention the fact that we already have broken frames in the game, and that it's a PvE game. I already made a point about the combo counter, however there's also another issue with it. Giving him 30% status chance would take much less time, much less code, and much less bugs than coding the waves to add to the melee combo multiplier.
  14. sappinmahsentry

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    Revenant is not based on thralls. They do things for him, yes. But he is not completely based on them.(It's like saying Atlas is based on Rumblers because they are supposed to do many things for him and have synergies.) He is based going around like an undying beast who doles out damage and never dies while also being very mobile. In that case, he is a revenant. He is not suppsoed to be a sentient warframe, he is supposed to be an Eidolon warframe. And from the extreme tankyness, ghost dash (from the lil eidolon bois that shoot pews) and lasers, he fits that bill very well enough indeed. That's where the name Revenant comes from (cause the eidolons are kinda like ghosts that walk the planes, mourning the loss of their full body.) " But plenty of other frames can survive as well as him. And there are certainly much better damaging abilities. " But none can do both things at the same time. Reminder: Not every warframe needs to have a place in a squad of four heavily specialized frames for endurance runs, even though Revenant can do 14 hour long endurance runs though. I'll agree that his passive is redundant, but so are the passives of many frames. However, mesmer skin does not make reave redundant, as healing yourself is still good to put that small "oh god I almost died" padding there. Also again, keep in mind. Thralls soak up damage completely fine because enemy EHP scales massively faster than DPS. Do I agree that thralls could be better? Yes. Do I agree that his passive could make sense instead of just being a reference to eidolon shields? Yes. However, I do not agree with revenant not being decent. Revenant is a very good frame as is, and it is not out of the ordinary for a frame to have a useless ability, hell some of the most popular frames have one or even two useless abilities and they don't get nearly as much flak for it.
  15. sappinmahsentry

    Baruuk's Desert Storm Feedback, and What Changes I Believe It Needs.

    "See here your posing that every ability should be able to deal with: heavy armored enemies that are past lvl 100" This is because, the fact of the matter at hand, every exalted ability can do so except Titania's diwata. But Titania has dex pixia so she doesn't need to worry. Not only that, but most weapons, period can also do the same far more efficiently than Baruuk. "I'll say that any other weapon designed in such a way with have the same issues with these heavies" This isn't necessarily true. For an exalted comparison: Valkyr's talons have insanely high attack speed, don't have damage falloff, and don't knock enemies away from the multihits. I'm not asking for a weapon that one shots heavy foes like Valkyr's talons or exalted blade, just one that kills them at a pace that isn't slower than it takes for me to grow old and have grandchildren. Crit heavy primaries have Hunter Munitions to get through armor. Crit heavy secondaries have really dumb damage per second and, more often than not, most secondaries have decent enough status chance nowaday because of the mods at their disposal. And secondaries with no way to do this are usually thrown to the side unless they offer immense utility. Crit heavy melee weapons usually have stance combos with guaranteed slash procs, making them not even care. Almost all crit heavy weapons, when built right, chew right through armor thanks to their mods. Exalted weapons don't have access to many of these mods, which means they need stat adjustments. Also, you will be doing levels past 100+ in arbitrations, due to ABCCCCCCCCCC etc. "However, If we want to talk about improving Storms ability to gain combo meter, I am right there with you. That should improve its capability to bypass more armor without changing the core nature of it's crit+impact damage." Thing is, without immense base damage (which Desert Storm do not have), this wouldn't help the weapon as much as you think it would simply because it doesn't have access to any of the acolyte mods that make the combo counter so desired on most melee weapons. All it would do is make it scale slightly better, yet all it would do in essence is not help vs heavies until you've already been beating away at them for multitudes of seconds that much, but make killing squishies even better, which is toxic and unhealthy to this type of game when you consider farming. "Just a side note, let's say someone comes to you complaining that they aren't able to gain energy via Trinity while channeling Exalted Blade or that they can't hit this one dude from across the map with its energy wave, in the same way they could with a sniper weapon. They then conclude that the ability is garbage tier because they expected it to do those two things. What do you tell them?" This is a false equivalency. You are comparing something that is consistent with all or most channeled abilities (not being able to get energy while channeling an ability that drains energy and not being able to snipe someone with a melee weapon) with something that is inconsistent with most channeled abilities (taking extremely long to kill heavily armored foes). I tell them they should stop whining and just bullet jump over to the guy who is far away, or just switch back since exalted blade's animations are quick. There is a difference between a weapon being immensely powerful in a certain radius with multiple counterplay opportunities to enemies outside of that radius, and a weapon being like hitting heavies with limp ramen no matter which way you break it. There is a reason why DE has been releasing more hybrid weapons and a reason why they have buffed dex pixia in such a way that they did. It's common knowledge that hybrid weapons are both build diverse and that they can handle heavy foes. It makes the game more fun to have weapons that scale. Baruuk doesn't get this leisure. He either has to suck it up and awkwardly slide attack for a gamble of "will they fly away or get hurt?" or just spend a ton of time switching to another weapon. Baruuk's exalted weapon is inconsistent not only with other exalted weapons, but also with most weapons period.