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  1. The new bounties are horrible idea because teams frequently cant come to agreement what vault bounty to do next, saw multiple times teams outright skipping tier 2 of new bounties..
  2. Well if you play solo and/or always are a pilot you can have quite a bit of fun, though once you get top gear it will become too easy, and crew will have nothing to do. guns of Icarus is kinda something I expected how railjack would be based on how DE was selling this idea to us(well railjack was going to be slight more complex side it was supposed to have energy redirection system but that got removed, also we were supposed to be able to turn on and off mods on the fly but that also got removed), I provided link to trailer in one of my previous posts but here its again:
  3. What role were you doing ? Sadly most of fun currently is tied to pilot role, once your ship gets really well geared it actually starts to negatively impact fun of other players who have nothing to do since ship pretty much stops breaking and pilot can delete 1/6 of all enemies in one shot. Before DE starts tying railjack to rest of game they need to address this issue since people wont want to play game mode where they are bored most of the time.
  4. Some of them have a way to do it solo but its not optimal solution, the solution is to use NPC crew, something DE said is coming to railjack. Guns of Icarus: Barotrauma: We need to go deeper: and there are many other games of this type, some 2D others 3D. Anthem wasnt bad because it forced people to co-op it was bad because it had many other problems.
  5. so would you say same thing about any games that require of players to work together to win ? are you against existence of games like guns of icarus, barotrauma, "we need to go deeper" and other of this type ? I never heard such stupid argument in my life
  6. The thing is that its fine now but it wasnt fine before when we could boost much more frequently, back then we had lower base speed but we could pull off multiple boosts in a row, and it was almost puke inducing when pilot decided to boost on tight turn when you were focused on aiming at enemy, it twisted what you seen in front of your eyes very hard, so much so that you could feel unpleasant feeling in your gut, and no I dont have motion sickness, I was one of players asking for 6DoF for archwing, I had fun playing archwing upside down in open world areas. multiple boosts in a row were
  7. Can you explain to me why there is no fast pace co-operative game about ship managment ? Its because it sounds good in theory but in practice it doesnt work. Also you are the one who wants it to be only limited to people on your "level", dont give me such BS reasoning as "if people dont want to boost so much then they just can ignore it" it doesnt work that way, if there is way for pilot to go faster, he WILL go faster even if it makes gunner roles impossible. Railjack is supposed to be fundamental part of warframe, it isnt raids that you can just ignore if you dont care about
  8. Dude what you are on about ? Its oposite its because I want to work together with other player that pace of action is important, maybe if you were in premade team with everyone using voice chat you could manage faster pace but in average team you need enough time for players to issue commands and stuff, previous boosting frequently made it impossible for gunners to do their job, especially when pilot boosted on tight turns. There is a reason there is no fast paced co-operative games about being part of crew of ship, guns of icarus, barotrauma, we need to go deeper, all those games are as
  9. I disagree, movement pace needs to balanced to what players can do, if movement/acceleration prevents gunners from doing their job then thats a problem, there is a reason why none of games in style of railjack gameplay have fast paced action, players need TIME to do their roles. we have in game ability to give orders but before boost nerf it was impossible to use it during mission because there was no TIME to do so. Can you show me example of one fast paced game with gameplay in style of railjack ? all the games I know are much slower paced, games like barotrauma, we need to go deeper o
  10. not sure what weapon its exactly since I pretty much stoped playing after after maxing out intrisics and getting all both for frame and for ship. I do remember it was in saturn proxima and weapon didnt that great of fire rate, so it may have been apoc, but sure what tier and variant though. I was someone Very excited for Railjack orginally, I knew about it before they announced it, from Steve stream, when he mentioned crewship combat. I was Very excited when devs said that it will be more tactical game mode compared to ground missions, that was something that made me very happ
  11. There are still some weapons that take longer to kill 1 enemy then it takes to fill heat bar(I actually experianced it yesterday when I was catching up on nightwave missions I didnt do, which were mostly railjack). In the first place weapon overheat isnt even needed in gameplay like this, there are other ways to balance out gunners, whatever its how much damage guns do, needing to restock ammo(guns of icarus even has different types of ammo, some have bigger damage, other better rate of fire, they even affect rotation speed of turret) or guns actually possibly being damage from enemy attacks
  12. Well overheating of guns was pretty annoying problem and honestly still is in case of some of guns. The thing is that ship engineer HAS to have something to do, if its not repairing then he should be restocking ammo for all guns, and no, not just clicking in the forge, he should be restocking ammo for each gun himself. of course in return ammo shouldnt run out as fast as weapons overheat because that would be problem too. while pilot and gunners in center of action killing enemies, ship engineer is also almost constantly doing something, manging ship and stuff. There was actually or
  13. I know it was solable before but you are acting like it was well balanced before which it was NOT, well geared railjack could already delete huge amount of enemies in instant with single ability use, some abilities were ALWAYS too strong, best geared railjack pretty much didnt need any repairs or to have gunners to kill enemies. Railjack will always suck because DE wants player playing railjack to feel POWERFULL(something DE scott said in one interview), to keep the power fantasy. so future of railjack is Pilot feeling powerful while rest of crew feels like doing ground mission where one playe
  14. with current solo focused state of railjack it has no future, it will simply die like archwing. whatever co-operative can be enjoyed solo depends on type of game it is, some games give you bots to be your team because solo it would be impossible, and railjack game mode was based on games where you NEED team, games like "guns of icarus", "we need to go deeper" or "barotrauma" , in all those games players must fill different roles on the "ship", so its not possible to solo them, since you cant pilot, shot from gunner seat and repair and bring ammo at the same time. some of those games give
  15. The boosting made gunner role unpleasant, it had to go, I dont have motion sickness and sudden acceleration was making even me feel sick. this game mode mustnt only take into account pilot's fun. ALL roles have to be important, and if it has to come at cost of some of pilot's fun the so be it. With current direction of railjack this game mode will eventually become solo play only, people will fill thier ship with NPC's once we get command intrinsics. There is a big problem with your game when people refuse to co-op in co-op game, DE needs to make so pilot NEEDS gunners and ship enginee
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