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  1. I am disappointed sentient arm-cannon thing become just a normal weapon and everyone accepted it, dunno if people dont care, forgot or simply dont know but we should talk about the fact that weapon we got is NOT what it was supposed to be, orginally it was supposed to be: procedurally generated super weapon, there were pics showing different variations of sentient arm cannon, also we were supposed to fight very special sentient to get it, it was called exo sentient or something. Shedu is gutted version of what was promised...
  2. I was once almost screwed over by people rushing like this, my connection isnt that good so I cant host and I take a bit to load into railjack missions(and open areas), so for 30 min I was loading into missions where objective was completed, red marking eventually disappeared and tried again, I was praying that its only visual thing and I still would be able to join and I was right and only after around 30 I was finally able to do it.
  3. I am sad that people either ignore or already forgoten the fact that sentient weapon thing we got is NOT what we were supposed to get, yes it looks cool and is pretty interesting but it isnt what was told we would get, this is shadow of its former self. originally we were told that sentient arm weapon is going to be "procedurally generated super weapons", art even shown many different versions of sentient gun arm thing, each looking differently. DE talked about gun sentient gun arms its own unique system, meanwhile what we got is gutted beyond recognition. Not sure if DE did it because they needed something as reward from quest or because they didnt care about this system anymore, it wouldnt be first system they abandoned, another example was infested chair being part of as steve described: "alchemy" system, which was supposed to be used to upgrade frames and operator..
  4. no this was there from the beginning this energy system is seperate from what I am talking about, this system lets your have access to certain abilities while system I am talking about was about regulating between power between weaponery, shields and engines, removal of this is disappointing, imagine situation getting dangerous and you route all power to shields or you realize you have no chance of winning so you route all power to engines to escape, this added another tactical aspec tto railjack gameplay which they removed.
  5. From what people told me(I watched devstream but must have missed it), they removed power rerouting system(like rerouting all power to weapons or shield) which disappoint me honestly. unless they dial down the pace of action it wont fix the problem, players need to have time to do all the different things on this ship
  6. reducing activites would mean making this game mode less tactical and more braindead, its oposite of what many people want, people want this gamemode to be actually as tactical as they were selling to us its going to be, if I want braindead gameplay I can play with archwing, also it will make this whole gamemode kinda pointless
  7. No one expected it to be space sim like elite but it definitly wasnt sold to us as archwing 2.0, what it was sold to us as was something in style of guns of icarus/sea of thieves/barotrauma/'we need to go deeper', those games are about micromanaging ship/airship/submarine, those are coop games where players fill different roles on the ship, sea of thieves is least complex of them while barotrauma is most complex all those games have action in them, but are more tactical then space combat games, those games have proper action pace, not too fast and not too slow for it to be boring, until now everything shown about empyrean pointed that its the style of gameplay we should expect from it, problem is that devs increased pace of action in this gamemode and thats a problem, this was supposed to be more tactical gamemode, that is all about micromanagment, it NEEDS proper pace for it to work as intended, and pace we were shown is too fast for proper micromanagment, especially since railjack isnt small, players need to have time to mvoe around ship between different systems, to repair it and all that, we need time to tell people what they need to do, we need time to make decisions, we need time to use different systems.... For this game mode not to fail, devs need to slow down all the action, so players have TIME to do what we need to do, what was shown on devstream is BADLY mixed tactical gameplay with fast paced action, it just wont work, if they decide to keep fast action pace then they will probably make railjack tankier....which will make all the different tactical system available to us kinda pointless, it will become another braindead gameplay focused on being best geared(best shields, weapons and so on) so player can ignore all the elements of coop
  8. I was excited for Railjack with all of its micromanagment, I dont mind repairing ship and stuff like that, I am ready to do ANY job on this ship...but as I said...I "was" excited for this, because last devstream shown that devs are slowly drifting away from orginal concept for which I was excited for. Orginal concept was gameplay in style of guns of Icarus, sea of thieves, barotrauma or 'we need to go deeper' all those games are coop games about controling ship/airship/submarine, those games have different levels of micromanagment with sea of thieves being simplest and barotrauma being most complex, all of those games have exciting action and there are moments where situation can get dangerous but game gives you enough time to make tactical decisions, use tools available to you and to micromanage the state of ship, pace is neither too slow nor too fast, some games I mentioned are better at it then others but still for the most part they are good with it. Problem with what we were shown on the devstream is that action is too fast paced for micromanagment, railjack is larger then most ship/airship/submarine from games I mentioned, which means players need more TIME for micromanagment, technically submarine from barotrauma is larger but you dont fight in that game with hordes of enemies, instead you face only few but harder hitting ones, which makes micromanagment not such a big problem. DE turned empyrean gameplay into frankenstein monster combining elements of tactical gameplay focused on micromanagment in style of games like guns of Icarus, sea of thieves, barotrauma or 'we need to go deeper' with more fast paced arcade-y space combat game, sadly this wont satisfy either of groups who enjoy one or ther other. This whole situation is giving me Deja vu of archwing when it was first added, DE tried with it combine game in style of zone of the enders with space combat sim and they failed there too because they mashed poorly...
  9. -Since orbiter got redesigned recently, any chance we will see in near future the docking animation of landing ship with orbiter, also is there a chance we will be able to finally see orbtier in its full glory ? -Any chance we will be able to dock landing ship and/or orbiter in the dry dock ? -Any chance you will add in the future more different crew ships(in style of railjack) into game, that have different stats(like being more focused on attack or defence, or having greater speed/maneuverability or maybe being more focused on gathering resources) ? --If we get more ships in the future is there any chance we will get different class of ships ? like for example both smaller and bigger space ships, like 1-2 space fighters or larger space cruiser(maybe with 8 player crew for somekind of space raid, if not then some systems could be automated)
  10. if you use first ability, the clone that is spawned doesnt move from place where it was spawned, whats more when that happens all other mirage abilies become inaccessible, its also impossible to hack terminals.
  11. got my lich on very first sabotage mission on sedna. I am currently pretty damn disappointed with kuva lich system, at least the parts that I experianced, devs talked orginally about how which frame we use first to kill it will make a difference and how it takes our powers when we kill it...well that doesnt seem to be the case anymore, what frame you use to kill it first seems to make zero difference, my lich got killed with excalibur and zero of its abiltiies come from excalibur, it got electirc power, teleporation, molecular power and some kind of trap or something. frame we first use to kill it, seems to only affect shoulder head it gets on its armor https://imgur.com/Syyt5sm
  12. when I did this I didnt know about this type of methods, after I found out I had no interest in going back to event I hated it so much. But yeah scaling is huge problem in game, its fine for a while after which is gets bonkers, its sole reason why players are obsesed with warframe powers having some type of scaling to match enemy scaling, its also reason why I am worried about changes to combo counter in phase 2 of the rework, hope those changes will still keep scaling of melee weapons from combos, and if heavy attack will eat the combo multiplier I will never use it, other then low level missions, where I wont need to use it in the first place...
  13. The thing is people wouldnt complain so much if DE actually shown effort to do something about scaling because I do agree that we are too over powered at lower levels(which also includes sorties) but if you try something higher level you quickly reach point that this broken amount of damage becomes necessity, for example during disruption event me and some people were trying to get gold trophy for our clans, we got best builds for our Plague Kripath zaws and all that, until around 9000 points it was going pretty easy, each being able to easily solo disruption target but soon after that we reached point where we needed WHOLE team to take down ONE disruption target, and by the time we were at 18000 points whole team had to hit one target for over 10 seconds,which taken HUGE amount of procs to take down, enemies were level 320+, I know 10 seconds doesnt seem much but remember enemy is trying to reach terminal, so you HAVE to immobilze demolyst or it would be IMPOSSIBLE to complete, and most CC abilities doesnt work on it... melee nerfs are only ok IF enemies scaling is fixed too, sadly I dont see anywhere it being mentioned
  14. Sorry for very late response, was pretty busy. that is true that CC as a whole is a problem, but problem is worst for vauban because of how CC focused he is, there are other CC frames that arent affected by this problem as much because they have other strong non-CC abilties, for example, my favorite frame is NOVA, its also mainly CC frame but it has also null start that can grant you up to 90% damage reduction, it has antimatter drop a powerful nuking skill, it doesnt have range as far as some nuking frames but in return its pretty damn powerful, I was able during ambulas event get solo gold trophy for my clan, it was 3+ hour long run, by the end my weapons were doing pretty much zero damage to it while single antimatter drop instant killed it. And of course there is Molecular Prime a skill that not only CC enemies but also doubles damage against enemies, it doesnt keep you as safe as vauban CC skills do but in return has much greater range and aslo can create chain reaction of exploding enemies. The thing about nullifiers is that they affect some frames more then others, for example tanks are pretty damn safe from them as long as they dont enter bubble, CC frames and nukers are more affected but if frame has diverse skill kit it resolves it, Vauban has ability kit very focused on CC for survival which makes nullifiers pretty damn big problem for it. Also I wanted to add something that disappointed me about this rework, its the fact that Vauban still suffers from identity crisis, its described as engineer, it has appearance fit for it, it has name fit for it but its ability kit does NOT reflect it, it doesnt build anything it doesnt fortify anything, its as much engineer frame as mesa would be gunner frame if it didnt have any gun related abilities in its kit and instead had sword related abilties(or ember was fire themed frame if it had frost ability kid), before and after rework is more of grenadier/minelaying frame. I was hoping rework would fix it but it didnt, I was hoping it could create some fortification or turrets, and dont tell me its hard to do without creating problems for game its absolutly not, devs would just have to be creative, like for example making mobile turret(moa-like) that shots where you shot to avoid players using it for AFK playing, it could even have alternative modes, like healing team instead of shoting), or maybe creating personal-shelters for whole team, there was so many damn great ways to make vuaban TRUE engineer frrame that would make this frame unique from all other frames but not devs decided to double down on NON-engineer vauban.
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