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  1. I am pretty sure that this isnt normal
  2. Most likely you were extremly unlucky, you may be part of 1% of all players, it takes 39 runs to have 99% chance of droping, but its still not 100%, 1 out 100 players wont get it after 39 runs, also you said you did 80 runs but it was in all three different coins I assume, so you didnt reach that 39 runs yet so actually you arent yet within 1% of all players.
  3. I am sorry for saying this but you completly ruined all aspects of CO-OP in this game mode, it become completly solo focused, pilot alone can EASILY win mission, killing 10+ enemies each time he uses ship abilities, rest of crew has NOTHING to do, pilot kills everything with ship abilities before gunners can shot them and while gunners can use abilties of ship, its pilot who control direction of ship so he always is first one to use abilities so there is no point for gunners on the ship, ship barely gets damaged anymore and hazard very rarely happen and and only tickle the ship so being ship enginner isnt a role anymore, rest of crew is left with doing nothing,absolute boredom. I want to point out that this problem already existed before railjack got revisted, pilot with really well geared railjack could already solo hardest missions, revist only made everything even easier. Railjack game mode either has to be made harder, harder then it even was before, forcing players to CO-OP doing different roles on ship, or you need to scrap railjack as a multi-crew ship and give each player seperate ship of his own, currently playing railjack feels more like flying with space fighter then multi-crew interceptor.
  4. railjack become TOO solo focused, when you are on well geared railjack pilot will pretty much solo all enemies, rest of team is pretty much left with side objectives, if there are any, if there arent you are left with nothing to do, DE ruined co-op aspect of gamemode that was supposed about crew of players working together managing the ship to defeat enemies, either changes course of this game mode how it was supposed to be or DE needs to scrap idea of players working together on ONE ship, and give each player seperate ship. Currently railjack is as fun as playing ground missions where EACH mission ONE player brings frame that kills everything before rest of team can do anything(like old mesa)
  5. railjack becomes boring when you are well geared, pilot solos everything while rest of team doesnt have anything to do.
  6. Yesterday me and my team earned over 10k points in event, we reached top of leaderboard with more then DOUBLE points second place had which was around 4500 points, we earned around 10k points in all our runs, and my bonus payout was.....ONLY 2k scarlet credits, what I am supposed to do to get rest of it ?(which should be 8k) here is my proof: https://i.imgur.com/2hfwpNZ.png
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