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  1. The gold materials OP thinks are some "tau materials" are most likely just type of orokin organic technology and have nothing to do with tau. Orokin used many types of organic technology unrelated to infestation, like the white trees , they are both used as deocorations in oroking archtecture and as type of cables, there is some evidence that that white tree "cables" are somehow tied to void seeing how they used in things tied to void like transference chair, reliquary drive, void towers, the pods in which operators were stored. I went a bit off topic here talking about organic technology but that was to show how extensively orokin used organic technology, now I will explain how it ties to gold materials, we know from cetus that oroking tower is organic inside, its even capable of regenerating organic parts, thats what people from cetus are harvesting, but its on orb vallis is where we see how orokin buildings are "constructed", or should I say GROWN, if you look under central coolant tower in the orb vallis you will see golden tendrils, if you then look at one of three craters on the orb vallis: Ustara, Astra and Harindi you will see that same golden tendrils coming from "orb" in the center, orb that looks like object you can find at " the pearl" on the map, that alone wouldnt be enough evidence to prove that Orokin were growing their buildings from those golden orbs, but if you look at top left corner of the map you will see unfinished orokin coolant tower and when you look in the bottom middle of it there are golden tendrils coming from same type of orb. those golden tendrils spread through unfinished walls of coolant tower. So yeah the gold in orokin stuff IS special, it just has NOTHING to do with tau. ---- On topic of umbra frames, ANY frame can be umbra frame, it doesnt have to be made from person who went through trauma, in the orginal leaked script for war within quest it was exactly said what is umbra: Operator: "Teshin, what was that? What is Umbra?" Teshin: "A fury untamed by Tenno control. A rogue Warframe." Also Excalibur umbra is NOT first encounter with umbra in the lore, rhino prime codex mentions out of control frame(possibly rhino) shovelling a heap of gore into its mouth. Another example is technically the very frame you used during second dream quest, it acted on its own without operator control when it broken the sword which means lorewise it may become umbra, which means that litereally ANY frame has potential to become umbra.
  2. People who are completionists will want 60% so they will have to farm more, not to mention that 5% can help you if you are doing event and want to achieve gold trophy for your solo clan. No its not perfect, it still can take 17 runs to drop holokeys ONCE, and just because you didnt have such problem doesnt mean many others didnt have.
  3. Thats true, currently best strategy is to get each weapon twice, once with right element and then wait and get one with high enough bonus which when combined with first weapon gives you 60% bonus, which means second weapon has to be at least 54.6%, which when multiplied by 1.1 will give you 60%, of course you may be waiting a LONG time to get such big bonus, I saw heat element tenet agendus with 54.3% bonus few days ago, its still not enough to max it out with another weapon unless that weapon has 54.6% bonus....
  4. I did finally drop it on my very next run(17) but the fact that it taken so long is unresonable, chance of that happening is 0.05%, with how many people I talked having similar problems shows that there is clearly something wrong with this system, I mean I NEVER had such back lack even with getting rare things from relics(full team with rad relics gives 34.39% chance of droping) doing 17 runs for it to drop once which at best is 1/4 of needed for weapon is unacceptable, DE should add somekind of rubberbanding system where it shouldnt take more then 10 runx MAX to drop it at least once, and thats with current number of melee weapons, as number increases it would be very annoying for new players to do HUNDREDS of runs to max all weapons, at that point system should guranatee that that you drop holokeys once in 5 runs.
  5. Just because you are lucky doesnt mean everyone is, I am around 16 runs in and didnt drop a SINGLE holokey from void storms......
  6. punishing players who play your game regularly is bad thing to do, I never farmed credits, neither did I farm endo, I just accumulated it through normal play and I dont spend huge amount of time playing, around 1-2 hours a day, only play longer when new prime access drop, or farm some new weapon that was added.
  7. did 10 void storms in a row got ZERO holokeys, also since I already maxed out railjack stuff before, bonus rewards have no value to me, dont need credits(over 170 million credits), dont need endo either(over 300k), litereally only thing I want is holokeys that dont want to drop for me...
  8. Killed around 20 sisters by this point and I am close to maxing out quiet a few weapons, also I have REALLY bad luck with drop of holokeys from void storms, any chance(10 void storms in a row, ZERO holokeys) so I REALLY need those holokeys, any chance for compensation ? especially since people wont wait few weeks for this update to drop with farming sisters, by that point I will have all weapons maxed out.
  9. 10 void storms in a row....didnt drop holokeys even ONCE, IF drop chance is really 37.5% then chance of not getting holokeys even once in 10 runs is 0.91%, I could accept me having bad luck but I talked with too many people that had such weird results...
  10. Did 10 void storms, didnt drop holokeys even ONCE, I give up....
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