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  1. where did they ? and what exactly they said ? well it doesnt change the fact that there are human bones in its body, it has human rib cage, arms and legs bones and pelvis, though skull seemed to be replaced by something high-techy, and spine either also got replaced or is just covered by some kind of weird tech-y stuff
  2. yesterday I had it...today I dont....I am confused. EDIT: nvm, in last hotfix they removed it from hotfix: "Fixed erroneous Antenna in Nora’s Nightwave landing craft. " I am very confused what is it though, they wouldnt design it without purpose.
  3. I very disappointed its a skin, its design would make very interesting necramech, with saw on one arm and some kind of range weapon on other. I wouldnt mind if it was ALSO a sking but it should definitly be a seperate necramech, as long as its just a skin we will never see its weapons in action. In genereal I am disappointed how lately become so focused on skins for each people HAVE to pay over playable content, for example in the past we were getting new weapons almost every second week(tenno reinforcements)
  4. I didnt really say anything about difficulty also it isnt just grind, dislikes accelerated after DE announcement that there is no more big updates this year. so people are craving some good content. people want content that isnt grindy but is rewarding and rewards dont lose value so you can keep doing it. without it feeling meaningless.
  5. honestly this game cant keep lossing players because those casual players eventually wont have people to play with so they will leave too. there isnt endless supply of players Also we are reach point where even casuals are getting disappointed with game seeing how huge number of people downvoted deimos arcana trailer.
  6. Then railjack is fated to end up another archwing, playing railjack as not a pilot is as fun as playing ground missions where one player nukes everything before you can touch it. Unless DE decides to fix this problem I hope railjack will stay an content island I am not forced to play, I dont want to be forced to play game mode where only one player has pretty much all the fun.
  7. What I want from both: For Queenpin or should I say lich system as a whole I want system to be what DE promised it would be, system where player has longer relationship with enemy, where what frame I used to kill it shapes it skills(and not just small impact like it does now), it should also affect its appearance(kinda like it does in nemesis system in middle earth games), in a way players could with their actions shape their lich, which would mean players could recruit lich they helped to shape. and from queenpin I would want to see upgraded versions of corpus weapons that are cool
  8. I would agree with you if it was some high level content like raids but its just some random content you are supposed to do with pugs. Its not content for which you need experianced players, its pretty easy. DE created bounties that punishes players for playing with random players, thats bad game design, once again I am saying I have no problem with such stuff in higher tier content but not just normal content. I have a LOT of resources, had zero problem spending resources to sacrifice all the frames and I have quiet a lot to spare on future frames, I do NOT mind spending resources for st
  9. of course its subjective but there is a problem when majority of players have problem with current state of game, that doesnt mean they hate the game or want to leave it, I dont plan to do it but I play less and less. but you can objectively say that newest updates have big problems, like arcana bounties where players are fighting what bounty to do next, some want to ignore some tiers of new bounties which leads to players sabotaging each other in progress of getting new stuff. weapons are cool but I want to remind you that in the past we were getting new weapons almost every second
  10. Actually forums are genereally where people with most positivie opinions show up, other places are a lot worse, which shows that state of game isnt good, if it was deimos arcane wouldnt get majority dislikes, annoucement that there wont be any big updates this year only accelerate how many dislikes its getting, people are disappointed with both deimos arcana and heart of deimos updates, people hoped for some good update before end of year but thats not going to happen. People just tired of promising and failing to deliever or promising one thing and delivering something completly differe
  11. Problem is that game is in pretty bad state, deimos update was pretty lacking and arcane was even worse, the whole putting new bounties behind old bounties was really bad idea, since most of time team can even decide which bounty to do, sometimes out right skipping tiers of bounties people need which leads to people wasting a LOT of time. people are so pissed off with state of game that deimos arcana trailer has highest dislike to like ration from all warframe videos on their offical channel. DE needs to do better then this, they need to rethink where are they going with this game,
  12. The new bounties are horrible idea because teams frequently cant come to agreement what vault bounty to do next, saw multiple times teams outright skipping tier 2 of new bounties..
  13. Well if you play solo and/or always are a pilot you can have quite a bit of fun, though once you get top gear it will become too easy, and crew will have nothing to do. guns of Icarus is kinda something I expected how railjack would be based on how DE was selling this idea to us(well railjack was going to be slight more complex side it was supposed to have energy redirection system but that got removed, also we were supposed to be able to turn on and off mods on the fly but that also got removed), I provided link to trailer in one of my previous posts but here its again:
  14. What role were you doing ? Sadly most of fun currently is tied to pilot role, once your ship gets really well geared it actually starts to negatively impact fun of other players who have nothing to do since ship pretty much stops breaking and pilot can delete 1/6 of all enemies in one shot. Before DE starts tying railjack to rest of game they need to address this issue since people wont want to play game mode where they are bored most of the time.
  15. Some of them have a way to do it solo but its not optimal solution, the solution is to use NPC crew, something DE said is coming to railjack. Guns of Icarus: Barotrauma: We need to go deeper: and there are many other games of this type, some 2D others 3D. Anthem wasnt bad because it forced people to co-op it was bad because it had many other problems.
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