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  1. The thing is that I understand why they did it, people hate defense mission if I had an option to not doing I would stay on railjack, imagine whole team deciding to stay on railjack because everyone hate it which would make finishing impossible, that would most likely lead to host threatening to leave if someone doesnt go, host would always be the one who gets to have fun doing space combat in space combat game mode. As I mentioned before ground part of mission is too long, there is more walking(well parkour) then actually action. Railjack game mode should be always first and foremo
  2. Railjack become too focus on ground missions, litereally majority of mission is spend on the ground, space combat become afterthought in game mode that was supposed to be FOCUSED on space combat. Ground part of the mission is unnecessarily long(ships are too big inside), some of side objectives spawn group of enemies to kill but the problem is that enemies can spawn almost 500m away from each other so you keep running back and forth over very long distance while barely doing anything. Focus of railjack rework should been making space combat engaging. give a lot to do for each
  3. I know but thats my point why DE had problem with better looking skins and selected the worst one.
  4. Sad they accepted v3 of atlas blade of lotus skin and not v1 or v2, both of those look better then v3
  5. where did they ? and what exactly they said ? well it doesnt change the fact that there are human bones in its body, it has human rib cage, arms and legs bones and pelvis, though skull seemed to be replaced by something high-techy, and spine either also got replaced or is just covered by some kind of weird tech-y stuff
  6. yesterday I had it...today I dont....I am confused. EDIT: nvm, in last hotfix they removed it from hotfix: "Fixed erroneous Antenna in Nora’s Nightwave landing craft. " I am very confused what is it though, they wouldnt design it without purpose.
  7. I very disappointed its a skin, its design would make very interesting necramech, with saw on one arm and some kind of range weapon on other. I wouldnt mind if it was ALSO a sking but it should definitly be a seperate necramech, as long as its just a skin we will never see its weapons in action. In genereal I am disappointed how lately become so focused on skins for each people HAVE to pay over playable content, for example in the past we were getting new weapons almost every second week(tenno reinforcements)
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