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  1. It sounds like a glitch. The mission shouldl have the regular yellow waypoint, the resources there have red markers. After you have collected a sufficient amount the mission will progress to the next step. I'm hesitant to reveal too much as it is a new quest, if it still doesn't work maybe check a vid on youtube...?
  2. I made 2 vids (3 years old, when amps were new). I do have more footage but didn't bother doing anything with it after these. Hopefully this is what you are looking for? Notice stalker knocking back my warframe in second vid at 1:34 :)
  3. Those syndicate mods are less powerful than their "normal" counterpart (primed pressure point, primed fever strike), adding the same damage type on top of those will give very diminished returns. If no riven is used, literally any melee can be used for a stat stick. A hammer with mainly impact will have the same results as a sword with mainly slash - as long as they are using the same mods.
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