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  1. Doesn't kill them, but dang that's nice CC.
  2. I only needed to complete scans for simaris, syndicate missions and kuva survival. After last hotfix, there were 10 missions to be completed. After doing a few easy ones, I did get the standing for those, so I also got a reset on that (not just a UI issue it seems).
  3. Sure, there will be a shift in the so called meta. Some weapons will become less damaging, others will become better. From what I've seen, I'm still good at doing sorties and way above that. I did have to change a few mods here and there. Different weapons, yes, some. I'm thinking about going back to orthos prime for up to sortie level, and a rivened ohma above that, for now. The update isn't even a day old, we haven't even seen all the YT vids on the new meta! Clem down 😉
  4. I guess I'm in the world where, after this mainline, condition overload is still the best option. If it isn't, what would you use instead? DE are telling us two things here: 1. We aren't supposed to go very much higher than level 100 enemies. So as of now, that's considered endgame. 2. Range pulls all melee weapons closer. Instead of a multiplicative increase, it's now a flat increase, meaning even daggers are viable now. I still say ember is very good now. I didn't address vauban.
  5. After a change like this, you can't expect the same build to work as well as before. Change some of your mods, test things. I've had no problem killing heavy gunner eximus lvl 150 with orthos prime. I'd never thought I'd say that, but there it is. To me, blood rush is dead but condition overload is still very good. On top of that, instead of a muliplicative, reach adds a flat bonus, opening up even daggers for viable melee.
  6. In the olden days, ember was a tank. They seem to go back to that a bit. From testing, melee is as powerful as before. You may need to change a few mods. Orthos prime is killing heavy gunner eximus lvl 150 just fine. For me, blood rush is dead, but condition overload is still very good. I haven't used memeing strike in a long time, so I can't help you there. It hurt my pinky after 5 minutes so I tried other builds. Melee riven disposition hasn't been touched at all. I'm going to enjoy my hunt for countless liches, grendel, mods, different builds and the like.
  7. Things are getting a bit heated, the update better come soon.
  8. Quake 3 demo recording (and games alike) was awesome. It "recorded" player's positions, movement speed, aim angles, and actions. The files themselves were rather small, less than 1 MB for 15 minutes of gameplay. From what I remember, it logged the netcode. With the right tools, you could record a movie from almost anything that happened during the demo, not restricted to first person views (the game is 1st person). Lots of older movies have matrix bullet time shots in them because that was cool to do at the time.
  9. There are quite a few youtube guides to these already, but it never hurts to add one I guess. edit: added "youtube".
  10. The riven disposition for a specific weapon is shown in arsenal, in the mod section. It has been bad for a while now.
  11. You mean forma each loadout seperately?! I know you don't mean that. But then, hoiw would this work ingame? If you forma, you get the chance to assign a V to loadout A, and a D (yeah right...) to loadout B, and a - to loadout C, something llike that maybe? Newer players would feel... badly if they found out later you could do this, and it's already hard to understand every little thing here for them. Not saying I don't agree (because it's a nice step) but how would we go about this.
  12. For some weapons (like this one) the disposition is so bad, it's not worth it.
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