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  1. Did 100 out of 100 Murex ships get defeated during this wave?
  2. People are having fun with vaykor hek, laser sight and hunter munitions.
  3. Mirage and ignis. No mods whatsoever on mirage (I think you start with full energy if you do that), but all mods on ignis. You can't make use of the mods, but the clones will do full damage. Finished each mission in less than 21 minutes, it wasn't that bad. Edit: and used hirudo for (inconsistent) heals.
  4. Fix for an increase in failed hacks whenever you forge something?
  5. That's hard for me to check, if overall time went down for some reason/bug, it won't have a big influence on the big heap anymore. Mine was 4 seconds before I went to tier 3 spy missions (lots of full ciphers). Maybe, for players with less ciphers hacked, using auto breach could pull the time down?
  6. Same here. This was taken in august: And this a few days ago: That's doubling failed hacks in 4 months (playing for 5 years). 😐
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