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  1. I did read it, but knowing and understanding two things are two pair of shoes, but aint any of my bussines. And if you lose faith cuz they give you something for free, like the other valentines events befor, then my friend, you are not that long with us
  2. Well i guess you don't know that we will get a lot of content this month, so it is nice and its like regulard for valentin's day. That it is an "event" where you just get some love and not work.
  3. I want to see where this is going, could be interesting to read other opinions
  4. And you failed to accept the old scores, making this event even worse then Scarlet Spear, was that what you where aiming for?
  5. yep, lot of clans and palyers don't show up and someone claimed that the old score doesnt count and was so told bei DE in a comment, but i couldn't find that comment, so coul dbe a hoax
  6. no problem, you welcome yeah the list is still bugged
  7. yes, my clan nor me neither, something is still bugged
  8. this link http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/orphixVenom.php its in the text you quote
  9. they commented that, but didn't post it right away, thats bad luck for them. if they change or announce something that drasticly, it should be first thing to read on a post, not somewhere lost in the commented section.
  10. 1st thing: i guess everybody is onboard with you here 2nd thing: i guess i read something about killing the sentinels gave extra points, maybe that way?
  11. If its like scarlet spear, that means after 36 you have only the option to leave the mission
  12. Try via archwing mode, there you can change colors and co, then go and requeip it as heavy weapon or necramech weapon
  13. 8000 is easy, but 17 500+ thats a different story, and 36 is the max Orphix you can get, so if you stuck at 9000 at 20, you will not get to the 17 500+ per person that easily
  14. You think they gonna change it back befor the clan event goes live?
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