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  1. This is kinda old but,.... Thanks DE for creating a rejoin last session option so that we can get back to our squad. I found it helpful indeed. But I still feel bugged cause I lose all my previous rewards.
  2. For me my melee jams randomly. Like after an epic move, I suddenly could not use my melee. (I keep pressing "E" but my melee won`t withdraw) Even equipping it would not fix he problem.
  3. It kinda tickles to have them all over you....
  4. IF you don`t like them : "ROLL AWAY" Yes, they are cute.
  5. Thanks guys. I stand corrected. About leaving to change gears..... Honestly we can do that in the first 5 waves if we are fast enough (unless you change your mind after wave 5). Well, then players who initially extracted should not be able to be able to be re-invited. But the tricky part is when you get disconnected at any wave above 5, how can you get re-invited and not all the rewards that you earned previously? That`s just what I was thinking. Does that fix the issue? I think you all know that if the host extracts while the rest say behind, either a host migration would occur o
  6. Edit: (Ok after the update, we are now able to rejoin the session at the least, but its disappointing to loose the rewards) I am not sure if this topic has already been discussed. But I really want to bring this up in case it has not. Of course, this is only regarding missions involving defense and interception missions. Why do I want to be able to invite players after wave 5? ~ First of all, sometimes players disconnect from the game unexpectedly like after wave 15 or at any wave and thus we cannot move on after a certain wave because its too difficult after losing a squad. ~
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