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  1. MR is diffrent to having the mastry to something, I'll use Baruuk again, even if you had the mastry for the prime version your locked out of getting the prime because you dont want to grind daily to get the normal version, if your going to tell someone that they should grind daily to get the normal version of a warframe. spend even more time just to get the stuff needed to craft Baruuk, wait afew more days to be able to craft the normal version and then level him up to max then sell him and then you can have the prime version. or you could spend the money to get the prime version or spend money to get the normal version to max it out to get the prime.
  2. I feel like if you needed to have the max version of a normal frame alot of warframes that will get primes wont be played, alot of the new warframes have been locked behind so much grind where the only people who have the normal versions are the people who have the time to grind daily, like baruuk is locked behind two entire diffrent syndicates which have a daily standing limit that punishes people who dont have the time to play the game. how long would it take to get baruuk at mr5? mr5 is the bottom amount of mr you need for the quests unless any of the new quests require like mr 10
  3. if he gets a prime thats fine, but it just feels like when a new prime is relased there is no point to play the quest which he is in other than to get the mastry from the normal version, Like whats the point in playing the quests if a warframe is going to get a prime version.
  4. I really liked the sands of Inaros and would rather he be linked to baro insted of just being a random relic you get from farming defence missions, like imagine if you had to do a new quest for barro which had him involved more than just a voice that talks to you, It would feel more like an evolution of the story of Baro than just showing up to trade with him as Inaros prime.
  5. So theres no diffrence apart from what it procs? apart from the polarity and rairty
  6. I keep looking at the stances and they look the exact same with the new melee changes apart from one is rare, You would think that stances would look completely different from eachother but thats just me.
  7. Change "Neutral combos" to be triggered a diffrent way, there is no point in standing still with a melee when the game encourges moving foward and killing while you go. Change the combos to require more skill than just spamming the melee button while moving foward, some combos are like maiming strike + whip in how they just need to face the enemy and be rewarded by spamming buttons to kill.
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