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  1. Sepharoth

    Forums do not load.

    As I said, I got here by loading another post I found. Under the search bar, there is the ( Home > Community > General Discussion > topic of post ). I loaded the individual post and then I clicked on General Discussion which opened that page and was able to post this. But If I click on the Home button which should load the forum home page, I get nothing but a blank page. I can also click on the Community button and it will load but it does not go to the forum home page. For what ever reason, I can't get to the forum home page. It will not load at all.
  2. Sepharoth

    Forums do not load.

    When I click the community button on, the forums are not loading. I get a blank page. Trying to go straight to the forums is also not loading the forums either. Just another blank page. This happened earlier this week and I couldn't load the forums for 2 days. It worked fine for 2 days and again today, the forums will not load. I can load individual forum pages as that is how I managed to get here to post this. But can't get the the regular opening forum page at all. Is anyone else experiencing this issue ? I don't believe it is on my side since I am here posting this but anything is possible. loads fine, I can sign in no issues, but trying to get to the forums is a no go at the moment. Any ideas much appreciated. I will bookmark this page in hopes at least it will load to check on replies. Thanks. Also, if I click the warframe symbol at the top of the forum page, it just gives me a blank page as well.
  3. So this is still going on. The affinity quest doesn't appear at mission start any more. You have to hit the escape button if you want to see what it is. Please get this popping up at mission start again as it used to. Thanks.
  4. Well, how does anyone know who a scammer is anyway ? Before you trade anything, do you just ask, hey are you a scammer or did you get your platinum dishonestly ? Seriously, how would anyone know unless DE posted the name of scammers or suspected scammers. Maybe DE needs to rethink the trading system in the game if there is that big of a problem with it. I wouldn't mind an auction house system to be honest. I think it would be safer and better for all involved than the way it is now. I wouldn't mind trading more but this is just another conformation that it is to easy to get in some sort of trouble with the system DE has created for us to trade with.
  5. The biggest problem I have is time. I don't have a lot of time to play and usually I only have time for 1 mission a day. And trying to catch POE at the right time and get a group at that time just doesn't work for me. And I am pretty sure that even if I can catch POE at the right time, I can't kill an eidolon solo. I am just not that good at this game. I love the game and play when I can but some things I just am unable to do. Sadly, I am not a big fan of survival missions. If I was a better player or had more time to get better it might be different but neither are the case at the moment. So, I just need for the oculysts to stay in the mission long enough for me to find them and get scanned. I even think sentients should show up in all void missions as well but that is another story. And if you have no issue with finding the oculyst in your game that is great but I have all kinds of issues. I didn't use to before I did the war within quest but since then, nothing but issues finding the oculysts. It isn't like I am asking for sentient cores to be sold in the store ( even though that would be nice ), I am just asking for the time the oculysts are in the mission to be extended beyond their 10 seconds that they seem to have now. To me that doesn't seem that much of a request or even that hard to accomplish.
  6. The Oculysts in LUA are either not spawning as they should be or they are spawning and disappearing before I can find them so they can scan me. Whatever the case may be, the time they are in the mission needs to be a least 5 to 10 minutes, not 10 seconds as it seems now. As it stands, this is my only way to get sentient cores to update with the quills and I can not do that if the oculysts don't get to scan me. About 90% of the time I run the exterminate mission on LUA ( since it is quickest run for me ), I have to abort the mission because the oculysts are no where to be found, even though I get the message they are there. I run around like a chicken being chased by kernel sanders looking for them but they are no where to be found or as I said, they don't stay in the mission long enough. Please fix this issue and have the oculysts stay in the mission at least 5 minutes. That would plenty of time to find them.
  7. Sepharoth

    Lots and lots of enemies stuck in the walls.

    Just played another mission today after patch and still there were quite a few enemies stuck in the walls. Way more than there should be. One every now and again isn't bad but when there are a dozen or more every mission you play, then it is a problem. And it is becoming a real annoying issue. At least thankfully, the game does spawn more than you need to complete the mission anyway. Please look into this issue when you get a chance. Thanks.
  8. So I just completed 2 fissure missions and there was many enemies stuck in the walls. The first only had a few but the second must of had at least a dozen if not more enemies stuck in the walls. And this ( at least for me ) has gotten progressive worse the past few weeks. But I have never experienced as many enemies stuck in the walls as I did today. And worse, they could shoot me through the wall but I couldn't shoot them unless a little part of them was sticking out of the wall that I could hit. I am thinking it must be some new Corpus phasing technology that lets them pass through solid matter as if it isn't there. But that is just a guess.
  9. The affinity quest no longer appears when I start the mission. It used to just fine but after the one of the last few updates, it stopped appearing at mission start up as before. I can hit the escape button to still see what the affinity quest is so it isn't like I can't see it at all. Just kinda annoying that it doesn't pop up at mission start anymore. Hope you can get it to start appearing again. And thanks.
  10. I just finished the sacrifice quest the other day and read about using the umbra mods on other war frames which you can. My question is this, will there be in the future the ability to select the polarity of the umbra mods on other war frames. You do not have the ability to match their polarity meaning they cost way to much to actually use on other warframes at the moment. Will selecting the umbra mod polarity be an option on all warframes at some time in the future is really my question? I know the sacrifice quest is still kinda new and you probably want Excalibur Umbra to be special for awhile but have you thought about giving the polarity of the umbra mods to all warframes at some point ?
  11. Sepharoth

    Companion Revive Invincibility

    Do companions even revive? I don't recall ever seeing my companion revive after they have died even with the mod installed that is supposed to allow them to. I guess they could have but then was instantly killed again. But yeah, I have never seen mine respawn ever.
  12. That is what I have been doing but they either don't spawn or spawn somewhere where I can't get to them before they disappear. And it just started not to long ago as before, I would get the signal they were there and then they would spawn right in the tile I was in or just right in the next one. But lately, they either just don't spawn or spawn so far away, that I can't get to them before they disappear. They just need to stay in the mission until they scan you or the mission ends.
  13. So I am playing LUA to get sentient cores to level up the quills but am having the hardest time finding the oculysts in order for them to scan me to spawn the 2 sentients. I get the message they are there and scanning but they don't appear any where in the mission. I try to find them but they are just nowhere to be found. I just aborted 3 missions because the oculysts didn't spawn any where in the mission I could find. Can't we either have a way to track them or just have them spawn on top of your location. I don't care for PoE so this is my only way to get sentient cores to level up with the quills. And I can't do that if the oculyst don't spawn in the mission or spawn somewhere I can't find them before they disappear. They need to stay in the mission until they either scan you or the mission is over. I have had to abort my mission in LUA many times now because the darn oculyst are nowhere to be found. I was told this is a bug so wanted to post it here as well. Hope this gets fixed soon.
  14. Sepharoth

    Plains of Eidolon: Mirage Prime 22.7.0

    Please remove the automatic optimize cache option. For those of us that have little play time, waiting for this to run will seriously cut into actually playing the game. We could already run it manually, we did not need you to make it automatic. At least give us the option to to opt out of it before it even starts running.
  15. Sepharoth

    Update: Specters of the Rail

    You have to click on the item and when it comes up, there are several icons in the top left that you can click on and one is for the blueprint. Blueprints needed to stay on their own page. It is now way to difficult to find the blueprint and you really have to guess if that is really the blueprint you are buying. They should have just left the market alone in that respect. It was much easier to navigate before. Much much easier. It looks cool but not easy to find what you want anymore.