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  1. I did the daily mission yesterday around this same time but today, there is no daily mission showing up. Not sure if the last patch messed things up or not, but I have no daily mission to complete today. I relogged to see if that helped but it didn't make a difference. Please check this out as I am one that needs the daily mission for xp. Thanks.
  2. This might be a bug but not sure where to put it in the bug section but I can't recolor the Pangolin Prime. I can choose colors just fine but they don't change colors on the weapon at all. All that happens is the Pangolin Prime flashes once but no new color is applied. The Corinth Prime recolors just fine but the Pangolin Prime doesn't. Anyone else having this issue.
  3. Update: So this might still be broken. I just finished a mission using the Angstrum and when I hacked an alarm carrying this secondary weapon, it switched back to my primary each time. I was using my secondary weapon as I am leveling up my Angstrum and each time I hacked an alarm ( hacked 4 alarms ), it would switch back to my primary instead of my secondary weapon. Maybe it is weapon specific, I do not know. But at least it is not working correctly with the Angstrum.
  4. So this is still going on and has been for a month or so now. At least since you made all the weapon changes.When I am using a secondary weapon and hack an alarm, instead of switching back to my secondary weapon, I switch back to my primary weapon instead. I figured this would be fixed by now but it has not been. It is not game breaking but it has become quite annoying to say the least. Also, if I am carrying a data module and using a secondary weapon and hack an alarm, I will drop the data module because the game switches me back to my primary weapon instead of my secondary one that I was currently using. Please fix this issue or bug. Thanks. Update: This looks to have gotten fixed in the last patch. It was happening last night but tonight all is working good. Thank you for this fix.
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