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  1. No dragon key equipped. The amount of gas damage that bow did has just been nerfed into the ground. Maybe it was another stealth nerf or a mistake but either way, all my gas damage I used to have is gone and the poor amount it has on it now makes the weapon not even worth using anymore. DE changed it for what ever reason and didn't list it anywhere as a change and it has happened in the last month or so. So much for a really decent fun weapon that I took a long time to build up to get it that way.
  2. So I haven't used my mutalyst cernos in awhile as I have been leveling other weapons up but today I was going to use this and noticed the gas damage has been nerfed into the ground. I used to have gas damage that was well over 6000 maybe even over 8000 gas damage as I have forma'd it quite a few times to get there. Now, gas damage doesn't even hit 2000 and I have not changed it at all. What gives for nerfing the heck out of that weapon. It was a great fun weapon that you have basically destroyed by nerfing it to death. Not to mention all the wasted time and forma I put into making it what it was. Seriously, why can't you just leave previous weapons alone and quit nerfing everything into the ground when you bring out new ones. Not a happy camper since this was one of my favorite weapons to use. Please give me back all my gas damage that I worked hard to earn on that weapon.
  3. I don't care for the parazon as a hacking tool. I prefer the old animation to the new one with the parazon. It just doesn't really look that good in my opinion. I wish we could choose the old animation instead of having to use the parazon animation. I haven't brought this up before as I was trying to get used to it but I just don't care for the way it looks. As a hacking tool, it is slower and way more clunky looking. The old animation for hacking was a 100 times better looking than having to use the parazon to hack now.
  4. Maybe just give us the option as to where we want to spawn in our dojo. I wouldn't mind being able to choose a spawn point other than the one I have at the moment. They could put a spawn point in every section and then just let us choose which section we want to spawn in. Sorta simple.
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