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  1. Let me explain. My isp has changed 4 times in the last 7 or 8 years. It was sunflower, then knology, then wow, and now it is midco. When knology took over, they kept our sunflower.com email address which was nice. When wow took over, they kept our sunflower.com email address but every knology.com email address was deleted. So no one has access to that email any longer. It is gone forever. When midco took over, they also kept our sunflower.com email address but every wow.com email address was deleted. They are also gone forever. They can not be reactivated because they no longer exist. As you can see, losing access to your email is quite easily possible and due to no fault of our own. ISP's change all the time and usually do not keep your pre-existing email account. If I change ISP's because I move, my email account I have now is gone forever. Granted, I know there are other email clients like google or microsoft but not everyone uses those and should not be required to do so just to be able to trade in this game. I don't make platinum in the game. I buy all my platinum and use it to trade for items I can not get on my own. I will not enable 2FA just to be able to trade in game. And until 2FA is removed from being able to trade, I will not buy anymore platinum. It is just that simple. I don't believe in the system and it should not be a requirement to log in, to play, or to trade in the game.
  2. I built this thinking it was going to be, well, better than it is. The description of it " Fires a photon beam that halts molecular vibrations, causing instant and painful freezing. " just doesn't match at all. There is no instant freezing on any enemy. They only freeze upon death or near death. And ammo usage is quite high for the weapon as well. I thought I was going to like it but it will be just another throw away weapon once it is ranked to level 30. If it did what the description said it did, then it would be pretty great but it doesn't do that at all.
  3. So basically, as soon as the extraction point pops up and you want to leave just run straight to it and forget everything else. Well, that kinda means it isn't really an endless mission if you can't run around and collect all the goodies before extracting out without the mission failing. I hope they think about that because I like to pick everything up and the tileset, while very beautiful and interesting is quite massive and takes awhile to collect everything. If you are not defending a point, then demolysts should not spawn thus allowing you to run around and collect everything. But as soon as you activate a point, then the game spawns a demolyst.
  4. I just got a mission failed for no reason doing the first mission in the Jovian Concord. I defended each point that I needed and the way point for extraction popped up. So I ran around collecting everything and was heading for the extraction point when out of nowhere, the mission just failed. I thought this was supposed to be an endless mission type. So after defending all 4 points and getting the extraction way point, is there some sort of time limit to get there or the game will just fail ?
  5. I don't mind them to much. My only real issue is the fact that you don't really have a vacuum option in them like you do in regular missions. You have to get really close to pick anything up. Now that I think about it, the mini map should show pickups at a much greater distance than they do. You have to fly all over the place looking for stuff. And one last thing, there isn't many resources or credits in any of the missions I have run so that is a real turn off as well. And why can't you take your sentinel along with you during the mission. It FLIES besides you so why can't you take it with you ??????
  6. Just curious if we will ever see the Umbra forma sold in the market. I would buy them right now if that was the case. I play as often as I can working towards the one we can get free but I don't think I will make it. I am only tier 11 at the moment. I do hope these become more available in the future and hopefully not just in PoE or OrbV. They are pretty places but I just don't care for either one of those places and don't play there. Which is kinda sad because you tied so much stuff to those areas and didn't make any other way to earn them outside of going to those areas.
  7. I wouldn't care for the slot machine approach either but wouldn't mind getting rid of the challenges in some way. Maybe if we have to run with the riven equipped for a certain number of missions or the riven needs to be equipped to a certain weapon and run a mission with said weapon to unlock the riven. I have a couple of rivens that I will end up selling because I don't do the challenge needed to unlock them. But that is just my opinion.
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