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  1. I mostly do not talk about Ember a lot because the discussion is utterly boring. Like "Give me 4200% powerstrenght after 1h survival!" boring, where people suggest stuff they did not thought-out well, at all. To call out somebody for having no idea of what he is talking about you problably should provide something more than a personal opinon, otherwise that makes you look like a idiot, because you look excatly like that to me. As for your other points: 1: I hate the current Saryn just as much as the current Ember, what is funny given I did love both frames before her reworks. I do not go out to tell people Saryn is better, given that it is something that is incredible obvious. As for 2&3 care to disagree with me? Go ahead, do so, I am all ears.
  2. Ember is bad and will continue to be bad, given the player base complained for years about the lack of damage on a frame hitting as hard as Chroma(actually harder on quite a bit of status weapons, given that acclerant only affected one damage component) because specific modded status weapons build around her accelerant buff where to complicated for them and making a frame more surviable that allready had AOE CC that rivaled fully specialized CC frames while they died non stop because the idea to utilize weapon based CC and 2 CC abilities in constant tandem is to hard to gasp for people that get used to be unkillable while standing around afk. Fireball is good compared to other first abilities of frames from that age. Immolation is just a band-aid for a broken system and a clear sign that DE never wants to invest any kind of effort to actually fix her enemy damage scaling(what was build around L1-40 years ago and is broken at high levels since forever). It serves no purpose and makes the current Ember much more boring to play then a Ember throwing out acclerants for both defensive and offensive purpose and actually do high damage. Fireblast was bad and continues to do so after all the ideas of the community, even if a ring of fire that slows stuff down would be very good at high levels for soloing but I guess that ship sailed years ago in favour of fire wave knockback that do nothing against the faction that swarms you because the effect is negated by ancients. Metor is farily pointless given the static damage does not really do much at high levels. It is actually funny that a lot of people enjoy that ability now, given that most of them had issues to toggle WoF about 3-4 times per minute before to stay effective. What I miss about WoF is mostly the AOE CC what in combination with acclerant actually made Ember very flexible at high levels to keep herself, defence targets and your pet alive. It is just amazing how a frame that could years ago fairly effortless solo high level defence(the mara detron in the second Image got actually further buffed and has a very strong multishot/base damage riven) does now struggle with with 90 minutes of survival for damage reasons. Same against armored targets, where Ember used to be one of the strongest frames against(simply because acclerant was the strongest damage buff in the game for some of the strongest anti armor weapons game had to offer) now after DE removed accelerant and nerfed the old anti armor status shotguns and the corrosive status effect on top of that into the ground the performance leaves a lot to be desired. The hole idea of the Ember and Saryn rework was they can be played effective by players that did never actually tried to figure out how her a bit more complex abilities worked and how to utilize CC instead of face tanking everything. They both feel mostly designed around people that like brain dead frames to play. Ember was worth playing before the heavy handed nerf to the frame, basically the only thing that stopped you was the incredible badly designed enemy damage scaling. A thing that is fine for the community, given that most are not interested to play high levels without cheese or broken stuff(like the current state of melee or the surviability on nearly every frame released in the last 3 years) and tell you we just need more damage reductions on every frame(like Ember) and it will be fine, while my 4k EHP kavat dies in a split second after 30 minutes in a axi fissure kuva fortress survial. 👌
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