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  1. Because it did gave Ember the same weapon damage as Chroma(better in some cases, a bit worse in others), on a frame with good AOE CC and AOE damage for lower levels. Yes you had to mod weapons different, same as on Chroma or the pre rework Saryn, however that made the frames more interesting for me, rather then being a drawback. Well Fireball Frenzy is worth a 100% fire damage per 100% power strength, what is fairly low compared to 250%, that worked on all fire damage on the weapon and what you added with aguments, what was with my 206% power strength build and flash accelerant 1200% fire damage and more(basically like adding 13 90% fire damage mods to weapons build around the ability).
  2. Well the ability to survive with Ember mostly came down to power strength(what affects how effective the CC of your 4 was) the frequent use of accelerant(basically if you get shot you did press 2) as well as status weapons that put targets into fire CC from the first shot onwards(what also made Ember incredible strong against armored targets at any level, given that after remove armor you shoot cloned flesh with lots of fire damage). As for damage Ember, assuming you did look at weapons for accelerant scaling and mod around it, Ember did fairly comparable to high level Chroma builds at what point killing stuff was never a issue. My Mara Detron did 91k damage single shot, removed armor and broke aura protection at the same time what was actually considerable better then what chroma can do with the gun. This was also before arcanes, cat buffs, Madurai focus, Fireball Frenzy or utilizing the damage buff from shooting through the fireblast flame ring. Even with Fireball Frenzy the gun lost 60.000 damage per second without accelerant, where the old Ember got her scaling for higher levels from. Given that both WoF and the new Inferno do not kill quick at high levels(especially non armored targets that scale higher by raw HP like Infested), you are basically relay on guns/melee like you did before, however at a much slower pace, given you lost what made Ember a very good weapon based frame. A key issue of any frame at higher level when it comes to survival is for the most part damage that will kill you quicker than you could react to it, produced by DEs scaling enemy damage that was designed around star map levels years ago as well as enemy accuracy what is much higher against host players(what DE fixed in U17 where it was caused by changes for archwing, but it did creep back into the game). Something that DE should have solved a long time ago, instead of giving everybody damage resistance, death cheat mechanics or plain god mode what makes even novice players literally can not die until L80.
  3. Ember only is 300-700% more effective if you never used guns build around accelerant(in that case is a massive 80%+ damage nerf, like doing L100+ now with the a dragon key) what scaled a lot better then her new Inferno, given that shooting stuff at L100 is vastly faster then spamming it to death with Inferno(same as it was with WoF, that however at least did CC). Saryn was a similar rework that only got praise be people that did not know how toxic transfers worked, what did give the only Saryn crazy AOE burst damage what was more practical for next to all content outside L100+ armored targets then the new spore is, especially outside of ESO.
  4. Well the WoF issue the community had could be fixed at lower levels by just using overextended or double tab the ability 5-6 times per minute(what is way less button mashing then the current Ember). The only thing it really screwed over was it's use for CC at high levels, given it became with accelerant spam to expensive to be worth it, but that never affected the people that complained in youtube guides or her on the Forums about the frame. While the current energy use of Ember(being a energy hungry before the rework as well at high levels) is absolutely ridiculous, the rework adds tons of micro management(what the old Ember had more then most other frames in the game) that does not allow you to use your energy effective and feels overall meaningless. The new Ember design tries the same thing(press 4 for dps) that people where not satisfied with the frame for years while removing her actual main source of damage what was weapons build around accelerant. Also because DE stripped the frame even the DR(what is worse then on other tank frames) feels not even like a big improvement, simply because you get shot much more now. Fireblast and Inferno are a incredible energy ineffective and slow way to kill armored stuff at L100 and it is actually worse vs other factions because the HP scaling of non armored units is higher. WoF did also not deliver in that regard, however WoF was at least good as CC and Ember had accelerant. Given that more or less nothing changed in the basic idea that Ember uses guns for damage at higher levels it is beyond me why DE removed accelerant, the single reason why Ember did perform very well in that role, just like Chroma. Ember basically went form a frame that had lots of AOE for lower levels and crazy weapon damage plus CC for higher levels to a frame that has a kind of meh damage reduction, a Inferno that scales just a little bit better then WoF did(leading to the same, shoot things to kill at high levels), incredible energy hungry and limited CC(that also kills your DR) and also does 3 times less damage with weapons now.
  5. It was quicker that way, given that you outright claimed that Immolate will always be maxed out at high levels, what is stupid for all practical purpose we have left with our current energy system(not that this is very much, but hey). You assume things that are not true, same as you do in your first post. The enemy level was 160, but it would not matter if it would be 100 or 300, given that the HP of armored units does not scale as hard as on other factions and a boar prime should give it away that the armor values on the target are most likely meaningless for that simple demonstration. The photo was mostly to show the practical damage of Inferno at higher levels, given that taking a photo takes a bit of time and pinning the targets in place with my status weapons would screw the result you get shoot(what is not a big deal once you move again and life strike something). Are you just comparing the damage you do per tick of your ability with a single pellet from a accelerant boosted boar prime? Are you that dense? Look all frames with reworks get dumped down, DE does this for the reason that her player base is actually not that smart(the Saryn rework is a excellent example). I do understand how the new abilities work, this is why I point out that it is not a good change compared to how Ember used to work before the rework. I will not. I will most likely stop playing the frame I played the most for the last 5 years, same as I did stop playing saryn after the rework. You have no criticim outside energy efficency on Ember is bad, while suggesting at the same time to litterally make things 10 times worse in that regard, because this was the conclusion you had after a quick test in the Simulacrum, that can not be based around real testing. Having Immolate at 90% all the time you would need a 100% armor debuff is not possible form the energy pov without a Trintiy next to you, throwing out another 360 energy every single minute with fireball is just rediculous and I am 100% certain you never tried that out for yourself in a longer mission, because then you would realize how rediculous that claim is. Claiming that the new Ember does more damage then the old one can only come as argument from somebody that does not understand how powerful accelerant actually was on status weapons. There is a reason why I posted the 2 pictures of the rakta cernos, you take around 3 times longer to kill stuff with your weapons now what still happens to be Embers major damage source at higher levels. To be fair 99% of the ingame community did not, the reason why I posted in a lot of Ember threads over the years that people are wrong if they believe Ember does low damage(because Ember did Chorma levels of damage with her weapons) and has issues against armored targets(what is laughtable given how accelerant on status weapons worked). However I did hear the same nonsense during the Saryn rework, all from people that never understand the old spore mechanic, after DE put in some desperatly needed changes to prevent people afking for hours in survival with that. To be again fair DE never cared to explain the changes. Look L150 HP pools are not gigantic, especially not on armored targets. Everbody that did solo at this levels knows that. This is from leveling my Mesa prime 5 weeks ago when I decided to play warframe again and staying a bit around for the 80 minute rotation: This is just a fraction of the damage Ember could do with that weapon, because it is build around acclerant... To make it really simple for you: Ember traded WoF that did ok CC at high levels for Inferno that does not, while it's damage scaling is barely better. Especially in the eyes of somebody that always considered WoF as plain CC at high levels, because the damage compared to accelarant buffed weapons was fairly insigificant. Ember traded one of the most powerful weapon based damage buffs for a damage reducion that is for all practical purpose just worse then on other tank frames. On top of that Ember traded a incredible good CC ability for that as well, what means 50-60% damage reducion is barely noticable given you get shot just more often without it. Ember now has a ability that reduces armor, something that is compleetly stupid to have on the frame that did happen to scale stronger then Chroma with status weapons that are build around defeating that protrection mechanic. Or at least it would be if Ember still had accelerant. On top of that the hole thing is a massive energy hog, no matter how you play it(the old Ember was not super energy efficent but servicable at high levels for solo), is just plain worse in any situtation where CC helps to archive mission goals(defence, interception, excavation, etc.) while also being a lot worse for damage at higher levels plus throwing weapon choice and frame specific modding(yeah you actually did build weapons that you used on Ember different then on any other frame in the game, same as on Saryn before the rework) got thrown right out of the window. This will be my last relay, because everything you state is bullS#&$.
  6. I played the frame like non stop since yesterday while taking 6h for sleep off, so I doubt you have more hours on the frame by now then me. I also do not see your point about arbitrations, because the enemy units you shoot have the same HP and resistances and Ember would do the same damage there. However I still would be interested in how many times you actually did test your solution, that includes spending 60 energy 6-8 times per minute solo in a actual survival with enemy units L100 and above with Ember. Mostly because it sounds incredible stupid for somebody that actually does high level stuff solo, it would be more fitting to people that turn on god mode in the Simicarium to prove her point... Your words, form my own experience by doing 1h+ survivals, this not the case for me as somebody that plays solo survivals on Ember for years. I am disagreeing, because letting it hit 90% is a bad idea for obvious reason, this is from sombody that has large energy restores on a keybind... I actually do know what a one handed ability is, however I also know that you are bullS#&$ting me right here, because I tested your suggestion in the simcarium and it costs with the drain on the Immulation on my build( 60% duration and 170% efficency) around 90 energy. This in comparison does cost me no energy at all(because I do not even need to press fireblast to strip the armor), and is just as quick, the reason I complaining is that is multiple times slower then it was on Ember before the rework given that you do no longer have a ability to increase the damage of your weapon, what on a lesser note also removed the ability to pin stuff down biefly for quick headshots.
  7. Have you done any solo endurance runs with Ember so far where you tested the practically of hitting your targets, 80 minutes into solo survival 8 times in a row with fireball while getting shot by 20 other enemy units in the meantime? I also would disagree on "the heat meter is always at 90%" given that at this point you basically just bleeding energy what is a absolute terrible idea to try to sustain at high levels(given the enemy units hardly drop energy ores at this point anymore). I can kill this targets quicker with a proper gun on Ember, I could actually kill this targets a mile quicker before the changes with that guns, like that(took about 1 second, killed also everything behind the target, does not use 9 abilites casts to do it, just did need 1 what did affect anything in the area for 20s): Curently it looks like that, and you kill stuff by shooting them with status weapons, however given that things are like they are, Ember used to actually kill stuff by doing exactly the same a lot quicker before the change, because you still had accelerant:
  8. Playing mostly Ember since 2014, I expected this rework to be not good and DE did not disapoint in that prediction. I did read up about overheat a long time ago, always asking myself why somebody would trade the ability that makes Ember hit as hard as Chroma at high levels for a fairly unimpressive damage reduction. Now that I seen the result, the question mark just got bigger. Ember as Tank: Ember tanks less then comparable tanks and does less damage. Futhermore all other tanks have fairly convient and predictable mechanics, not bound to a heat meter that does not react predictable and spamming your 3 for as little as CC Ember still has basically lets you stuck with 50% damage reduction. On top of it the frame is more energy heavy then ever making it even worse at higher levels where you constantly run into energy leech eximus units. I actually, 40 minutes into MOT solo, did wish back my CC on Ember, given that the frame did feel way more survivable with that. Ember as damage dealer: Well with the changes you did set a statement that Ember should no longer be a damage dealer. That is fair, but has the nerf to be that drastic? Essetionally you did, beside making Ember a impactical energy hog at high levels, basically you did remove 80% of Embers weapon damage(even far more if you talk about team based setups). You made status weapons, that gave Ember incredible strong damage and utility at high levels becomming incredible ammo inefficent and low kill speed weapons, because you removed what gave this weapons her punch. You also removed Embers AOE CC down to spamming fire blast, what makes the frame just as impractical to defend exacavators, pods and so on, what futher dimishing Ember compared to other options that do similar like the current Ember close to no CC but better damage. Keep in mind that Ember is no longer a frame based around fire weapon damage, so I put corrosive with a 75% damage bonus against ancients on the weapon in the upper picture while the lower one is pure fire damage before the change. Ember currently even with 200%+ power strength does ok against L80(still fairly energy inefficent) and turns sideways once you go beyond L100 solo, because of the poor energy efficency and the pure lack of weapon damage(her actual strongest point before the rework) against high EHP targets, plus spamming 3 and 4 gets old very quick for me on the frame and I would trade that in every day of the week for the old WoF(what was mostly CC at high levels) and pressing 2 to shoot stuff with my guns for very high damage. This damage is certainly not worth a 80% weapon damage nerf on Ember, given that you end up just shooting the stuff at high levels anyway. Suggestion: Throw out Fireblast, move Immolation to her 3 ability. add accelerant back as her 2. ability. Fireball: Add the armor strip to fireball and make it the heat meter drain by 5 on use, so you can use CC without opening yourself up to one shot kill damage at high levels. Also AOE armor removal is stupid in my opinion, especially on a frame that has accelerant to make corrosive/fire weapons vaporise armored targets at any level faster then any other damage frame. Make the armor reduction bound to power strenght in addition to the heat meter, where 200% power stenght should give you 100% armor removal even if the heat meter is just at 50%. Accelerant: No effect on the heat meter, does provide 250% fire debuff(pls fix it's effect on bosses when you are at it) if Immolate is turned off, zero if it is turned on. So just basic CC with Immolate on while still providing a option on Ember to do good focus target damage again with Ember at high levels and making the frame less boring to play, giving more build varity on the frame and the weapons and making player skill more impactful on the frame again, given it was one of the last like that in the game at high levels before the rework. Immolation: Only remove 20% of the heat meter if you turn it on and off instead of 40% making toggeling a strategic option. Stop the rapid build up after it is on for a bit, instead make it always constant. Remove the drain if you hit 90%, instead increase the cost on Inferno with the heat meter, so you can realistically play with a 90% damage reduction if you do not spam Inferno. In return add a real drain to it, like 5 energy per second(what is still a lot better then Ember is now for energy efficency, given that you can reduce the meter with Fireball instead of spamming Fireblast). Inferno: If Immolation is turn off, add a 40% chance(scaling with power strenght) to hit targets with a fire proc(damage can be 100 or less for all I care), stunning them for the normal duration of a fire proc, both on cast and on spreading it. This gives Ember back her CC tool what did set the frame apart form other damage frames at high levels. It should add 1% to the heat meter to the heat meter(scalable with power strenght) for every target you hit and 3% for every target you kill, making the build up quicker, especially on high power strenght builds aiming to switch in and out of Immolation a lot at high levels. Result should be a frame that is both enjoyable to play for people that liked the old Ember and high level solo gameplay as well as for people that just want to spam 1 and 4 for her damage while keeping the things that made Ember one of your best designed warframes in the hole game for further players that do not like the later to enjoy.
  9. It is rediculous spammy, and this is comming from somebody that did love the old "bugged" toxic transfer saryn where your 1 litterally was clicked more often then your left mouse button on a weapon based damage frame. Futuremore your 3 is AOE and your 4 basically hits everything you look at(with some random LOS kind of bugs to it, missing stuff that is barely behind a corner where other times going stright through walls). That is not really what I would call interesting gameplay, at least compared to a frame that used to reqire a lot of thought when it comes to builds and good utilization of the weapons you bring with you to do high damage. Ember did melt sortis quicker and more effective solo before the changes: This is a extra armor sorti survial on the Kuva Fortress what does not even affect Ember, given if you figgured out that putting fire and corrosive damage on your status weapon and utilizing a the strongest status weapon buff in the game armor scaling is more or less irrelevant for you as a damage dealer. This also worked with radiation and viral vs infested, where Ember actually was in a much better position to do damage at L150+ then most damage frames in the game, because a weapon set up to negate aura protection was very effective on your frame, not so much on other damage frames, because that radiation and viral damage is heavly resisted by the faction. Future more there is something buggy with the passive, given that I am 100% certain that I did not stand in 21 units on fire while activating fireball frenzy:
  10. Ember could easily solo sortis before, it was just quicker and more efficent with accelerant and weapons. If you believe never useing guns and being good at positioning by looking in the general direction of enemy units makes a great FPS, then your are litterally in the same "think different" camp as a developer that instead of fixing enemy damage scaling and high level mechanics believes that the correct approach is to just gives everybody god mode and buffs weapons multiple times above reasonable levels, making litterally all her content in her game a effortless boring grindfest that not even gives real motivations to get all the different weapons, frames and gear, given that it is today mostly just more of the same boring stuff.
  11. I mean that DE should remove the armor debuff from fireblast and add it to fireball(what I still think is not needed) so it works like shurikan, I do not see a reason to change the augment for it, even if I believe that flash accelerant was allready more then generous from DE to damage focused Ember players, making it the only frame in the game with 2 augments that directly buff team damage.
  12. Well it is not the rework that I wanted(given that Ember was much better design wise then everything DE did realease in the last few years, outside of the "bugged" toxic transfer Saryn, what suprisingly as ballanced and mechanical interesting as Ember), but the one that a community that did never understand how accelerant or status weapons work deserves. Ember as tank: Fairly poor at high levels, given that if you want to use your 3 for armor strip you are preatty much down to a 50-70% damage reduction, even if you just use if for CC you hardly will have more then 70-85%. I personaly did feel a lot saver on my old Ember, that actually had strong CC what was better then being able to take twice as many hits. Basically you are between a rock and a hard place, given how little control you have over the heat meter and that other tank frames have even more HP/damage reduction and non of them such a rediculus mechanic attached to it. Ember as damage dealer: Well you can now spam things with your 4 and 3 to death at L100 with incredible high energy use, congratiolation. However Ember is now very bad vs Infested, given that the aura protection will throttle your damage into nothing and you can not count on your good old strong single target damage thx to the removal of accelerant. The damage is not really that great compared to lots of other frames, compared to the old Ember(what was actually one of the hardest hitting frames in the game) it is just very low. Keep in mind that the upper screenshot is now with corrosive that has a 75% damage bonus against the HP of ancients, while the lower one is just fire damage. Still only 1/3 after that 75% bonus compared to the damage that Ember had before, so it is more like a 80% damage output reduction on Ember. Ember for solo farming interception, defence, excavation and other stuff where CC makes your life much easier. Basically play another frame, that has CC. A sad day for one of the most CC heavy damage frames we had in the game. Augments: Fireball Frenzy: Well acording to youtube you now should use it to buff your damage. If irony would be a object than it would be train in my case just hitting me in the face when I hear something like that after Ember lost accelerant. Honestly you can now mod your weapons like everybody else, because Ember no longer gains anything out of modding weapons around her abilities, same as Saryn lost all of the complexity with the weapon modding after the rework. Imolated Radiance: Well a 45%(more ralistically 25-35% one) does not change much at high levels. Healing Flame: Same as with Saryn, basically only useful for people that do not use life strike(what is the far far better option at high levels). Exothermic: Extra energy on a frame that becomes super energy inefficent once you spam the ability that drops them, I think I pass. Immolation does not cancel out energy regeneration for Zenurik, what is very inconsistant for a channeling ability if it is intendet or just a bug that should be fixed. While I personally hate the rework, and always will as somebody that played the frame the last 5 years more than anything else in the game, the overall design is not really apealing. - It has no interactions between weapon modding and abilities, what makes Ember just another frame where you removed build varity after Saryn. - The meter charges after some time like crazy on it's own, what is only fixable by turning your 2 on and off what is a bad design if the player is suposed to manage the resource. - The new passive is basically poinltess outside of melee builds, even with status weapons that light up targets every single shot by the to limited range. - The damage reduction is worse then on other frames, what would be ok if Ember still had her CC, but you removed that. Give Ember back good CC, for example by throwing Fireblast out(where it belongs since 5 years, given that you never look at reasonable feadback to improve it) and give Ember back accelerant as her 3. - Embers current damage is meh, I did run out of ammo at the 40 minute mark on MoT solo, what did not happen to me like forever on the frame, given that you now need to use a lot more ammo then before. Again put accelerant on her 3. - AOE armor reduction is stupid, see Saryn, put it on fireball instead so people have a reason to use the abilitiy vs focus targets. Even if I have a hard time to understand why a frame that had the strongest damage buff to corrosive/fire status weapons did need a armor strip ability. Edit: It might actually might be better to put Immolate on the 3 and accelerant on the 2, given that it always was something that you did spam on Ember, be it for the damage buff before the change or to bring the meter down now.
  13. Again how so? I stated that heat that does CC, damage and a damage dot therefore it will not need extra armor removal add to it, given that the proc that does that currently does no damage on itself, no CC and not dot: You assume that I suggested that corrosive does need damage on the proc, what is not my opinion, if that was not clear by my flaved english then I want to state here that it does not need a damage component, same as heat does not need a armor removal component. So your point is it will continue to have a place where it's status effect does not matter and giving the status effect to something that does CC and extra damage on top of that can be combined with other effects like viral will still keep it's value as it is?
  14. They do not and you do not play against the armor if you have the choice(given that even 10% of that will scale to uncomfortable levels), you simply chose stuff that is good against the flesh damage type, same as I do for solo with status weapons. Viral will give you the same damage buff as corrosive would do, while also cutting the EHP you have to defeat into halve. Assuming you are not a DE employee or a player that have more insight then what DE does publish, you do not. If you are such a person, then I do not believe that we would have this conversation here, given that there is no good reason to expose yourself to consequences of breaking a NDA. Your first post basically just states that my opinion is laughable because corrosive does work fine at levels where armor scaling is mitigated to a extend that it can be ignored by it's mechanics to modify armor on the target and damage bonuses what happens to be another level or grade of gear what all the people that did complain about armor scaling are on. I will exclude here all the Ember players, given that I know from my own observation that everybody but one person per hole year just does play her frame wrong. That still leaves us with a ton of people that have issues with armor scaling, even if it is not even a problem if you just use the tools that are in the game since 5 years. Point in case, DE reworking Ember and heat procs.
  15. How so? This is directly from the wiki and I would assume it is correct, however I have to admit I did not test it. Feel free to do a mathematical discussion, I am all for that. Lets assume for a second we do not have a conversation about "I know best and I have insults to prove that." that the internet did come down to over the years: Do you have a good argument why heat does require massive buffs(compleetly unnessesary in my opinion) and why it will not make corrosive as a damage type redundant or even just plain inferrior? You do not, same as I do not, because DE did not explain how that should work so far. Do you have a good argument why heat damage should be massively buffed? Do you have a good argument that corrosive, if you shift it's only purpose on status weapons to the element that is allready combined with it today for best for damage is not a bad idea? Do you have a good argument why all guides suggest max corrosive or radiation damage against "high" level armor are good advice? I will awnser this as well, if you do team based high level you will have 4 cp and at least one damage buff in the team at what point it will not matter what you put on your weapon, if you are solo you will use a status weapon, where it will again not matter, as it did for the last 5 years.
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