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  1. Well the Avalanche changes where to good back in the day, giving Frost full hard CC on it's own instead of requiring a augment mod and being paired with a slow nova for that. In my opinion(unpopular) Avalanche should have 5m less base range and ice wave 10m more so they do not overlap in function. Also the first abilities on elemental frames should make targets more prone to her elemental damage like a 500% damage bonus for 5s, making them more useful to burst down high HP targets at higher levels and giving more reason to actually utilize your themed element on weapons, like it was the case w
  2. It currently only adds the remaining HP that where left on the snow globe at the point you recast the ability inside the globe to the new one, so all the HP that where lost you have to rebuild with the 4s window or by spamming snow globe. My issue with that is that you have to rebuild a lot at the end of higher defense waves given that you will always run into some damage spikes like multiple bombards or techs hitting your globe while you are busy dealing with a eximus, nullifier or melee units that rush the globe. With the change you would no longer have to do that if you manage to reca
  3. I did all my Steel path defences and excavations solo with frost so I am not really sure what the issue is outside of not having AOE mass murder abilities or spamming 1 all day for broken melee damage.
  4. Well snow globe as far as I know takes the first 4 seconds of the immunity phase and adds all damage it takes there to the HP. This can be used to archive 100% damage immunity if you just stand on the defence target and cast snow globe every 3-3.5s. However given that I mostly solo missions I just keep a few heavy gunners or techs at the end of a defence round alive and let them shoot the gobe while you recast snow globe every time the percentage number shows up. I do this mostly given that you actually need to move around and shoot stuff if you are solo and I believe the current mechanic is f
  5. I used Frost, my Vaykor Hek(just because), my Mara Detron and did grind him down solo, same as I do with the Sorti ones(also solo), it is broing(because new mechanics actually would take effort, so DE just adds HP) but still better then the Zealoid boss that is so stupidly overtuned that you can't put a dent in him without melee weapons.
  6. The problem with Frost is the same as with Ember and Saryn before her rework, you need a bit creativity to use the abilites and understand the mechnaics, that is why DE will probablly rework him to a frame that is just a brain dead and broing as the Ember and Saryn reworks. Frost has tons of CC(hard CC, what is rare), scalable defence, a anti armor ability and a damage buff, plus the ability to create choke points on the map at high levels, what is incredible good to have as a package. What Frost really needs is a actual display of all his globes on the map, seperate HP indicators in
  7. The issue with armored targets is mostly DEs terrible corrosive status changes(because this 20% armor are still well over 80% damage reduction) and status shotgun reballance(basically nerfing the proc rate by 66% ish) making guns massively worse then any warfame ability with 100% armor strip. Futuremore the decision to apply 4 player spawns to missions that will be done solo most of the time is terrible, given makes nearly all defensive/interception type missions unplayable without lots of hard CC even if your kill speed is high. I played extra armor sortis since years mostly solo an
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