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  1. Compressed/Tinny Sound

    I recently noticed a tinny/compressed-sound noise especially noticeable with anything metallic or when reverb is enabled. There doesn't seem to be only one specific sound effected, it seems like everything has a degree of tinny-ness. I checked youtube and a few other games. It seems to just be Warframe.
  2. Event: Plagure Star

    Yes. The event is coming on Monday or sometime during the week.
  3. Crimzian only used in 1 blueprint

    I suggest saving some. I would expect things to be added in the future that use the resource.
  4. Zaw weapons aren't that bad.

    I'll try to use small words and simple sentences: Zaw weapon damage bad. Other weapon damage good. Zaw good with good build Other weapon better with same build
  5. Infested Meteor and Operation: Plague Star

    That's how DE does their Halloween events: Start on the 31st, goes until the 5th. This year we get nothing, so enjoy that.
  6. Zaw Polearm Range Update

    I really hope this is a bug.
  7. Punch through on the Penta

    The projectile punches through. This will most likely cause shots to go through walls and floors. Probably not a good idea.
  8. Zaw weapons aren't that bad.

    You missed my point: The build is doing all the work.
  9. Zaw weapons aren't that bad.

    You can put condition overload and status mods on Ceramic dagger and it would be good.
  10. offline

    Some people post to be read. If you just want to post to get it off your chest, then I guess you're in the right place.
  11. Changing titles is a violence to my Person

    This is a global game. Chances are they are going to update it during someone's rush hour.
  12. Zaws are pretty bad stat-wise

    To be honest, when I saw that they didn't have stats, I thought they were going to make Zaws stats random like Rivens... and we were going to have to build hundreds before we got a good one. So I guess it could always be worse!
  13. Zaws are pretty bad stat-wise

    The norm being that new systems, drops, areas, etc. are always left intentionally vague for players to figure out. See: fishing spawn rates and how bait works for another good example of DE just letting us figure it out.
  14. Zaws are pretty bad stat-wise

    This is uncharted territory. There's no precedent. I'm still in favor of being able to break apart a Zaw before you gild it, so my compromise would be keeping like it is, but then allowing the player to break it apart if they don't like the stat combination. Also, if they buffed the links that are clearly worse than the others, it would promote customization, and ensure that no matter what combo you made, you'd get a decent weapon.
  15. Zaws are pretty bad stat-wise

    and those people can use the fan-made resources.