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  1. Riven Mod Issue

    What are the stats on the Riven mod? I'll trade you for a Twin Rogga Riven if it's a good one.
  2. Do people who have supported Warframe from day 1 get anything for their support?

    One time, [De]Rebecca told me "Thank you for Playing". It was the best day of my Warframe career.
  3. Targeting Receptor Rank?

    Maybe it's 3.5 glaives, rounded down.
  4. So what are you doing differently?
  5. Why would we use frames if we didn't need them?
  6. Need ideas * Alliance Event 1000p reward*

    Excalibur and Skana Only, no mods.
  7. You guys are making it too complex. She was Cat-Valkyr. She swung around, she had roars, and she had energy claws. Salad 5 got ahold of her, messed up her beautiful Gersemi suit, and subsequently, the blueprints to make her. Tenno were then only able to make the defiled Valkyr after taking back the blueprints from Salad and Zanuka. Valkyr Prime's parts come from void relics, so she is originally from the void. Her powers were always the same, it's how they manifest themselves that changed.
  8. Most efficient melee

    Looks like the Nikana fan-boys have finally moved on. Personally, (I haven't tried Galatine Prime yet) I'm liking the Hirudo The lifesteal-on-crit for quick attacks is amazing.
  9. Hoe much does this riven mod sell for, and where can I sell it?

    If it only works on the Furis, I don't think you'll get much... I could always be wrong though, there are some Winds of Purity builds out there...
  10. Do you want to play Raids in Warframe?

    Not to me.
  11. Kubrows/Kavats and archwings in POE

    The community has wanted Doge-wing from the moment they introduced Archwing. If they do add it, all I want is an X-wing style astromech spot for my Sentinel.
  12. LOR( Which weapon to use )?

    Oh, duh.
  13. Valkyr's original power?

    I said this way back when Valky was first released: All you have to do is change the name and you have a different frame-feel. "Ripline" becomes "Grappling Hook" or "Divine Chain" "Warcry" becomes "Bolster" or "Divine Inspiration" "Paralysis" becomes "Thundering Shout" or "Word of Command" "Hysteria" becomes "Unleash" or "Holy Vengeance"
  14. LOR( Which weapon to use )?

    What's LOR?
  15. Something that was overlooked on Acanthus prime armor

    If you're going to make a claim, you need to provide a picture of what it looks like, and a picture of what you thought you were buying.