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  1. Best one yet! Thank you DE_Megan, you gave me some awesome ideas for holiday party games ^_^ Shout-out to Poutine. #1 Canada's gift to the world.
  2. Yeah, Dawn117 is on the right train of thought. The curves and accessories her armor has are also naturally feminine. You'd need to make more straight edges and remove curves to get her to look like a him.
  3. Ain't going to happen. Part of the business model is getting you to buy stuff you don't need. See: 90 Day Boosters.
  4. Correct, AdunSaveMe, but I'm trying to see it both from a face-value appearance, as well as a realistic business model. That's why I said I'm still undecided.
  5. I'm also on the fence about this. Obviously, the cosmetics and accessories should be sold for real money, and obviously the Prime parts will be available for farm, but to vault and release potentially once per year? Seems like they're slowly evolving into an EA/Ubisoft money-vacuum... But like I said, it's too early to just spit out a knee-jerk reaction.
  6. @noveltyhero - I just got back from a break :P
  7. The real question is "Are Frost Prime drops returning to the void as well?"
  8. Stopped reading at "measly legendary core" This thread smells like bait.
  9. 50% Loot you don't want 50% Spoopy Doot Doots 100% Salty forum-candy But seriously. It's a free potato in a new interesting game mode. You aren't supposed to grind your life away at it. It's not T3 Mobile Defense.
  10. You da real MVP, Reb.
  11. Thank you for asking my question Rebecca!!! Thank you for laughing at answering my question Steve!!! :D
  12. Ember will be the next FotM.
  13. I assume theres an energy drain or something? (Im not at my pc) Most people use Quick thinking as survivability... Plus tac alerts usually catch people by surprise as most don't read and prepare.
  14. Link-xcalibur was awesome
  15. Hornet Lethal Barrel Reload Speed (my personal pick) 90% (Use Primed Fire pistol damage if you have it) 90% 90% 60% Edit: (Corrosive + Fire) or (Radiation + Toxic)