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  1. That's wild, I've had a few bugs during this event but never quite the operator itself being screwed the same way. I have had my operator unable to transfer into my Necramech as far as operator bugs go-- usually recoverable by simply dying as operator, but I've also had it not fixable even after a revive, as if it thought there was still an operator in the mech, but it's probably out of the scope of this current bug. I really wish there'd be a way to just reset operator, mech and frame if it were possible.
  2. Don't know how much specificity is needed in a title, and I don't know for sure if the void dash is a key element in recreating it, or if it's related just to the transference, as the most common case of going out to the operator for me is the Zenurik energy dash (there's more bugs pertaining to that as well). I don't know just how long it's been in the game, but it's been here for a while (It was present before a miniature hiatus, back in September I believe, maybe even longer) and it's happened a lot, enough to the point where I need to condition myself not to spam transference too quick bec
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